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I finally have something to show.  This is my game so far.  I still only have placeholder graphics.  This is my endless dodger game.  You are the blue cube on the right and the left blue cube is your reflection.  You move up, down, right and left on the screen avoiding the monsters (other cubes for now) that are coming at the screen.  Your reflection will moving up and down with you but will move left when you go right and move right when you go left.  So far I have three types of monsters.  Green cubes are goblins and also have a reflection on the left of the screen.  A vampire (black cube) and does not have a reflection on the left.  A ghost (white cubes) only have a reflection and no normal form on the right.  If either you on the right or your reflection on the left get hit a monster the game is over.

I am still trying to figure out a good spawning rate for the monsters with a nice mix of them.  I also have a few models to make in Magicalvoxel.  I am no artist but I hope to come up with something that will pass.  :)