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I'd say the official answer you're going to get is "yes, of course!" ;)

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So... I have a question. Or two.
My design I consider to be (among others) in the survival genre, but it puts a heavy spin on it - no zombies or monsters, no crafting, no diseases or wound treating... BUT it has hunger and scavenging for food and shelter, trying to protect yourself from weather and enemies, (and trying to collect and care for a group of allies), and yes, surviving in what's basically a hostile environment is the key goal. Does this still count as a valid entry to the jam?

Also, is it okay if my game requires the use of gamepad and can't be played any other way?

Thanks for your response.

P.S. I tend to miss gamejam deadlines anyway so it might not be that important after all.

...wait, what? wasn't the deadline until 28th?

oh well, another thing i missed/failed at because i was too stupid. I chose the name Merror well :-D

good luck and congratulations to everyone who succeeded. May the win be just a bonus to that :)

...some people are finished.

...some people have 4 days left to do 60% of the project that's about 10%-20% of the size of others' projects in here anyway...

man, i hate bipolar disorder.

also, pretty good artstyle, looks like those whacky cartoony high-production-value flash games from around 2006-2012
(going by the menu screen at least, can't distract myself by playing stuff right now)

...apparently the answer is "use the force", in other words, pure luck. found it :-D

...any advice on how to find two 5 second sounds in a 40 minute video without having to re-watch it whole? :-D

(write down the timestamps the first time you find them, yes, i know, too late for that now)

hmmm, weird.

well first of all, the level is too bare and boxy, even for that stylisation. get rid of some of the 90 degree angles, just a bit maybe.

secondly, give the camera some ease-in/ease-out on the movement, that will probably help the feel. also, there's too much light. make it a bit darker so we can see the gradient of brightness towards the torches, to the lighting can create some more interesting color play.

looks like a crocoduckdile

ooooh, TASTY! needs a quick pulse effect along the line on the teleport, otherwise it feels kind of weirdly dry

James Trickshot? or any other first name with Trickhot as last one? Possibly with some other decorations around,like "James Trickshot, secret agent 036"

yes, sorry, should have understood or at least looked at what quixel is (btw wow, looks pretty powerful), but i was already too caught up in my own thoughts, my fault O:)

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...it seems i just can't help myself and have to play around with ALL OF THE SUFF :-D . 3d modeling, coding, then making this video (even though what i recorded doing isn't worth making video about, let alone one trying to be as flashy as this)... i can do none of it really well because i get bored trying to focus on one of it for too long, but HELL YEAH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, all of it! <3


i hope you all had a wonderful day :)

looks pretty good :)

"I'd like to have made it more cartoony, but I dunno enough about Quixel to make that happen."

not in software but in how you do it. less detail and color variations/granules, less reliefs, more flats. would need to be drawn that way though, playing around with just effects on the finished texture might achieve the goal but i don't know how exactly to tell you, i'd have to play around with it for myself

making puzzles is hard and making them for some concepts will make you doubt the concept, unless it's outright goldmine of exploration even for the designer, kind of like Braid. but I disagree, this core idea is properly worthy of a full game&release. But yes, very heavily depends on good puzzles, the gif seems like a good maybe second or third one.

But you need to quickly introduce some other physics elements see-saws, pulleys, levers... only then the mechanics will start to properly unravel and be interesting, you have one "non-standard" gravity thing (both of the players), now you have have to add some standard gravity things that people instinctively understand, and start playing around with how those two cathegories interact (possibly in interesting ways)  ;)

very cool idea, dude, a proper polished and released game-worthy :) i love toying with gravity, have some gravity-based designs of my own, but I don't think I ever thought about this :)

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so... it seems I've decided to join as well, even though i've missed the first third and originally didn't want to.

but then, yesterday night, I suddenly got an inspiration of how I would make one of my recurring nightmare dreams into a (not)game, and was like "yes, that's interesting and small, contained project, I've got to do that". and then I realized it fits the theme... so I figured, why not, let's try to jam it!

So the game will be a recreation of a nightmare I've been having since I was 8 years old.

...figuring out why it fits into the topic of "Mirror" will be... kind of equal to figuring out the point/message of the game.

So far I've got nothing specifically for it, but it's going to be low-poly, so previous night I've been playing around with/learning to make low poly stuff (related to a different game I'm prototyping), so to make this post not so boring by only having text, here's an unrelated screenshot of my low-poly experiments. Update with jam-relevant screenshots will follow next week :-D

(for anyone curious - the glow is animated, and the way it looks in motion is how I've always imagined Octarine, the color of magic from pratchett's Discworld, this neon, eye-pulling non-light, flowing around things as part liquid, part heavy gas...)

thank you :)

p.s. Even if I finished much earlier (which I doubt, as there's always things to improve so I bet I can happily work on the game up to the end of my own shifted deadline), I could hold on to the submission to a later date, more reasonable within the jam's official deadlines, so as to not demotivate other participants with the feelings of "this guy got his submission in this early? oh my god, what a slow loser am I" O:-)

Hello, I have a... eh... probably strange question.

I found this jam like... two weeks ago, and joined it then, and... couldn't help myself but already started working on the game I wanted to submit to it... despite the fact jam hasn't even started...

...but I would still love to submit it, if only to get some feedback...

So, my question is: would that be possible? I mean... even if I started before the jam start, I would watch how long I've been working on the game for, and set my deadline to keep my max working time the same length as the jam itself is supposed to last, meaning that in practicality, I'd have no more time to make my game than anyone else participating in the jam, except I'd have it shifted... well... 24 days ahead? Meaning my deadline would be December 18...?

Would something like that be acceptable for you, the jam creator, and possibly other participants? I would have creation of all of it (except first 8 hours of coding/prototyping the idea, for some reason I didn't record that) on video, in a timelapse, so it would be possible to check if I've kept my word...

Because... the thought of participating motivates me immensely, but at the same time, I'm (unusually) self-motivated right now and don't want to stop working on it and risk losing the self-drive and not finishing it just in the name of waiting for the jam to start...

So, would something like this be acceptable?

Thank you for response.

...coding can be timelapsed pretty well too ;)

...because at least for me, I noticed that making timelapses of my work, and occasionally watching them, is fun, fascinating, and... highly motivating, in a way. Also, they look cool.

So maybe you'd like to try if it has similar effect for you, and maybe I'd like to see how other people work on their games, because it's just cool to watch.

I'll post mine here as soon as I have something. :)