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Something Missing - Thoughts?

A topic by Adroit Conceptions created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 140 Replies: 5
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Short walk around the first level area -> something seems missing (besides sound), but I am not sure what. it seems to 'sterile.'  Any thoughts that might make this feel less sterile?

hmmm, weird.

well first of all, the level is too bare and boxy, even for that stylisation. get rid of some of the 90 degree angles, just a bit maybe.

secondly, give the camera some ease-in/ease-out on the movement, that will probably help the feel. also, there's too much light. make it a bit darker so we can see the gradient of brightness towards the torches, to the lighting can create some more interesting color play.


I suggest adding a little bit of colour. The entire room is just gray. Maybe make the bricks red and the floor Marble or something. And then maybe add some decals They will break the repitition. Turn down the light a bit and i think it will look amazing.


I would suggest adding more contrast with the colors so things stand out more. I would also look at making the movement a bit smoother so the character doesnt feel so "jerky" if you know what I mean.

Another thing, I would add a border to the mirror to make it clear that its a reflection from a mirror :)


Thanks all.  I spend much of last night trying to get the lighting worked out... Finally figured out that I needed to create light UV maps and bake  lighting. 

The lighting change actually made the mirror look glassy, which was nice.

I will look into the decals and more shaping. 


I figured out how to get my lighting to bake correctly (mostly - getting some artifacts in a few locations).  Added some pillars, moved the lights around.  Feels better.   Not quite 100% of the way there yet, but better.