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Hey PixelForest - Thanks for the quick response. I understand what you mean - I'm excited to see how the tool evolves as you keep working on it :)

Hi there,

First of all - great job on the tool - it looks very intuitive and the assets are AAA quality :)

I had  a question about the license to your assets. Since export is not currently available, are we allowed to use the assets here for our own projects? In other words, can we use the assets included for commercial purposes (like a game for example)?

Also, in what format are the assets available? Are the models in FBX format? What about the textures and animations?


Hey there! Yes, thats actually the best option that gives everyone a choice :). The latest version of Unreal has an easier way to do key bindings with Blueprints so I may just add it in a future update. Thanks for the suggestions!


Thank you for sharing the template - it really does help put the word out :).

As far as a level size limit, the template has no limits, so you are only constrained by Unreal Engine's map size. If you want a really big map you will have to look at world composition and world origin re-basing. I haven't tested a massive level yet, but I don't see any technical limitations with the template itself. 

I've seen other space sim projects with maps that are thousands of Kms big and they work fine as long as you use the proper setup.

Hope this helps! 

Hi there!

I answered your questions on the Youtube video, but don't mind giving some extra details here :). The template is 100% Blueprints with all nodes well commented. In addition, I have a description (in green) on every single Blueprint that explains what the Blueprint does and its general purpose in the template. I also use drop-down lists on many Blueprints to give you choices on how to customize behaviors.

I created this template to be as easy to use as possible, so anyone can pick it up and use it. With that said, its a complex template with many components so it will take time to understand how everything works together. Also, the more you know Blueprints the easier it will be to modify the template to your needs.

I would recommend you take a look at the Creating a Game tutorial series to get a better idea of how I use the template to create a very simple game :)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi CROsteam,

Thanks for the support :).  Its funny you mention Sidescroller, as this is my next free community project lol. I will try to recreate the old Megaman X games for the SNES - check out a very (very) early vid here:

At some point I will go back and update the Third Person template with more features, but first I have to finish my current project (Space Shooter template). One of the requests is to add menus, so I will have that on the next update for sure!

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for updates on all my projects :D

Hi everyone,

I just released my entire Game Jam project for free for the UE4 community.  If you liked the game, or want to take a look at the project behind it, feel free to download the full project here -!


Interesting entry. It took me a while to figure out the movement (when I press D I expect them character to move right). That would be my only suggestion - improve the controls a bit :)

Yeah thats what I meant. I found myself having to move the camera first and then the character in the direction I wanted. But its no biggie, just my preference in this case :)

Thanks for the feedback randomphantom! I got similar comments about the puzzle in level 2 (too hard / confusing) so I made it easier before I released the game but didn't test it. Its a shame you got stuck because it means I still wasn't clear enough :/. I may release an update to the game to include a few things and I'll keep this in mind :).

Did anyone else get stuck in Level 2?

I liked the pixel graphics. I wish you would have made Space the jump button, using W and then A or D gets a bit awkward at times.  Besides that neat concept!

Pretty neat. Wish it was a bit longer to explore the mechanic, but I think thats a good "problem" to have :). A small suggestion -  I wish the character would have moved with the mouse (so the camera is always behind the character). 

Loved the art style and the characters. I think this has potential if you wish to expand it in the future :)

Nice, simple gameplay that fits perfectly with the theme :). The art style was great and the music fit the mood. Overall, a great little game :D

Thank you for the comment and playing the game. I'm thinking of making an update to the game to include a few things , so ill make sure I improve the air control.

If you don't mind me asking what part of the game was confusing?

Thanks again for the comments :)

Hi Fobok!

Thanks so much for the comment! I'm not sure whats going on with the menus, but will look into it. As far as the keybinds, I always try to keep usability in mind - for your situation what key would be a good sprint replacement? How about 'Q' which is next to the Forward key? 

In the meantime, you can plug in an Xbox controller and the game should work. I mapped all the keys to a controller but didnt include that info on the tutorial :/.

Anyways, thanks for checking out the game! :D

Thanks Poknh! I'm just glad I got to finish it lol. I really like your game concept as well - cant wait to try it out :)

Hi Atornity,

If push comes to shove consider finding another dev that is willing to compile the game for you - you can just send the project files ready for compilation. I would volunteer to do this, but Im traveling until early next week so I cant do it in time.

Just something to consider :)

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Hi everyone,

I just submitted my game Verto Machina to the Mirror Game Jam here -

This is my first game jam and the first game I release  to the public. I would love some feedback / suggestions if you have a chance to play it :)

Download Verto Machina Here -



Finally got it done! You can check out the game here -

At the end, I had to cut down from my original plan of having 10 levels to just 4 :/. I also ended up making the levels easier as I got comments on the difficulty of level 2. All in all, it was a great experience and I cant wait to try out the other games.

Please check out my game and let me know what you think :).

Final push! Have 2 more nights to work on this as I have to submit it by tomorrow evening.

Good luck everyone!

Level 3 preview:

Awesome! Cant wait to try it out!

Very cool!

Mircea you are a life saver!! Setting simulate physics after the level loads fixed the issue for me :). Thanks a lot for the help!

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help me or at least give me some ideas on this issue I recently found - I'm using a standard physics handle to grab and drop a cube in my game. Everything works fine as long as I open my level directly in the editor. However, if I load my level from my main menu using Open Level, the cube doesn't move :(.

This is basically stopping me on my tracks - I would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to look at the vid and see if you've seen this before.


Wow! Very cool mechanic!

Update 8:

-Interactive music - a 3 layer track randomly fades out 1 random track every 20 seconds allowing for a random (yet cohesive) track that is never the exact same!

Hi Fobok,

A lot of us are doing some kind of mirror reflection mechanic in our games - if you are struggling post a vid of your issue and we will try to help you :)

Thanks :). I just hope its actually fun to play when I'm done!

Wow! I feel like all that experience would translate into better using / modifying other engines if that time comes (like better understanding rendering techniques etc so you can modify UE4's source to your liking). Keep up the good work!

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I wish I was using black magic tbh - its taking a lot longer than expected to make these levels lol

I would suggest adding more contrast with the colors so things stand out more. I would also look at making the movement a bit smoother so the character doesnt feel so "jerky" if you know what I mean.

Another thing, I would add a border to the mirror to make it clear that its a reflection from a mirror :)

Very impressive! How long did it take you to make your own engine? Are you using any libraries at all?

I had a similar issue a while back when I was switching between 3 characters. Basically the issue is that the movement mode for the Character class is static, so its shared between all characters on the level.  So as you switch characters, the new movement mode is propagated to all children of the Character class (see the floating below).

The only "real" fix would be to modify the character class itself. I ended up restricting the switch to when the character is standing (Movement Mode Walking). Does your solution fix the issues on the vid?

Very nice!

Update #7

  • Added a save / load system that keeps track of all the levels completed and allows you to select your levels from a list
  • Added 2 new hazard mechanics
  • Added tutorial messages to give the Player hints
  • Worked on level 1 (almost done) and started level 2

I like both ideas! Though the FPS one is definitely easier to implement :). Looking forward to more updates!

Cool mechanic! We've seen the players shooting laser towards static mirrors but this flips it around by having the player move the mirrors. Looking forward to your updates!

Hi Maxram0,

Im glad you like where the project is going and THANK YOU for helping while being so busy :). Yes, you are in charge of the creation of the main character. I'm creating all other static meshes (easy!) and already started creating the initial levels.

I had in mind a futuristic character (could be an android but it doesn't have to be - whatever you feel would go with the mechanics and aesthetics of the game). Please use the UE4 mannequin as a guide for the proportions and the UE4 skeleton so I can reuse it later :). As far as animations, they should be simple - walk, sprint, jump, hold / carry(for the blue cubes), and hold a gun.

Do you have an email I can use to contact you? I'm working on an early build of the game to send to the composer so he can get a feel for the game play while making the music and would love to send it to you as well :).