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Pretty neat. Wish it was a bit longer to explore the mechanic, but I think thats a good "problem" to have :). A small suggestion -  I wish the character would have moved with the mouse (so the camera is always behind the character). 

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Thank you for the feedback!

I am guessing you mean that the character turns with the camera and A/D do a side step type movement and S does a walk/run backwards animation?

I did some looking on 3rd person cameras and found some did it the same way I did and some did it the way above.  I would have to try both to see which worked better for the game.  The way above seems to match 3rd person shooters.  The way I did it matched things like Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero dawn.  I do think the later two do do something like the above when aiming a ranged weapon.  

Definitely something I would try out and compare for any future game like this and see which plays better.

Yeah thats what I meant. I found myself having to move the camera first and then the character in the direction I wanted. But its no biggie, just my preference in this case :)