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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Asset license clarification

A topic by coquigames created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 1,761 Replies: 13
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Hi there,

First of all - great job on the tool - it looks very intuitive and the assets are AAA quality :)

I had  a question about the license to your assets. Since export is not currently available, are we allowed to use the assets here for our own projects? In other words, can we use the assets included for commercial purposes (like a game for example)?

Also, in what format are the assets available? Are the models in FBX format? What about the textures and animations?



Hi coquigames

FlowScape is a standalone app, there is no way for you to extract the models at the moment.

I may look at this feature in a future build, but as a lone developer i cant promise when this will come as i have quite a few other features to implement

thanks for stopping by

Hey PixelForest - Thanks for the quick response. I understand what you mean - I'm excited to see how the tool evolves as you keep working on it :)

Importing our own assets would be nice also (Just got it so I'm not certain if it can be done already)...  : )


Hey hentsteph

I have an fbx importer working. Trying out ways to implement how you can pick your own models, as a Windows Explorer style interface seems to be beyond my skill set. Maybe if it sells well enough I can hire someone who knows what they are doing to write that part for me :) 

Great, thanks  : )

The tool looks great! I'm curious about the use of these assets for reference images, not exports. Reference still falls under copyright and require property release forms similar to a model release for people. If this tool is designed for digital artists that is something we will need cleared up.


Hi Sean, while some of the models used in FlowScape do come from a 3rd party, there are no restrictions to use with images

Hi PixelForest,

I just want to clarify. If I make  a render using FlowScape I could sell the render eg for a xmass card design or graphic novel cover, or background in a commercial comic etc and in other words the render would be mine to do with what i liked, even if i use assets that come with flowscape to make that render?



You absolutely can Esther

You should charge more for your software!

Sorry I asked this same question in another post somewhere.

This software is wonderful! I bought it when it was released and I am thrilled with the regular updates and improvements. You should increase the price because what you currently offer is way more than what I paid for. Congratulations on a great product! Looking forward to see how this is going to develop in the future.


glad you like it, im more about accessibility with an affordable price point, FS is still very lackluster compared to advanced 3d packages, so i dont want people to get the wrong idea when they buy this. The current price reflects whats on offer