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I would like to know this too.

I'll have to look into that. i'm on mac

Hi, I didn't get an update message, but i saw there was an update so i bought the app again. Only problem is it won't open. i have closed the other one.

it is this build  FlowScapeMac1.2

Yes, i would love to be able to createe backgrounds for my scenes in my other 3d software. I use poser.

Sorry I asked this same question in another post somewhere.

You should charge more for your software!

oh okay.   Thanks.  You know you could charge more for this software than you do don't you?

Can it make renders eg export a spherical render to use in 3D software as a background - preferably HDRI?

And are there any restrictions of use of the render for commercial purposes eg a screen cap as a background in a commercial comic for example.



Hi PixelForest,

I just want to clarify. If I make  a render using FlowScape I could sell the render eg for a xmass card design or graphic novel cover, or background in a commercial comic etc and in other words the render would be mine to do with what i liked, even if i use assets that come with flowscape to make that render?