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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

360 camera

A topic by wendyluvscatz created Feb 15, 2019 Views: 709 Replies: 16
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it won't embed so you need to click it and view on facebook

for now I did a series of screenshots and stitched it with Microsoft ICE

but a spherical camera would be awesome!

another one and the flat images


awesome work, Wendy!

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Thx Phil, here is how I did it

I removed the moon in Gimp as looked odd

thanks. You never see the moon underneath the clouds, no wonder it looked odd!

Wendy, They are stunning.  

I have been reading about Nvidia Ansel but sadly have no games that have it to test, I know it's Nvidia only but still wonder how hard it would be to maybe add to the game as an option for those with Nvidia cards so they can do ALT F2 Ansel snapshots in 360.


Press Alt F2 in the new update, might have what you need

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I would love to have Ansel support. From what I can tell, adding it should just be a matter of adding the free plugin to the Unity project, enabling it, and then rebuilding. I have not done this in Unity, but I have in Unreal, and it only take about 60 seconds.

Ansel support would be awesome.


Ansel support has been added in the latest update

thank you, looking forward to trying it out, your additions look awesome

I tried the Ansel 360 and it works well. Just remember to hide the interface before hand so the blue placement dots don't appear in the image

yeah excited sadly my download failed almost completed so impatiently trying again, prob my fault for browsing away

Yes, i would love to be able to createe backgrounds for my scenes in my other 3d software. I use poser.

you can now with ansel but you need to run it in windowed mode to capture

I'll have to look into that. i'm on mac