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Wow - this update is going to make a lot of people very happy! Incredible progress you have made (and continue to make).

Iwonder if a different app which focuses on city scapes rather than landscapes would make things more streamlined?

good news that this is coming!

thanks. You never see the moon underneath the clouds, no wonder it looked odd!

awesome work, Wendy!

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while trying this on my laptop, I discovered that I can do a scroll gesture by using two fingers on the trackpad - I’ve had this machine for two years and I never knew! Useful in many of my programs - but for some reason, it still doesn’t work in Flowscape. Please could you add a hotkey option? Your current option that affects brush size, still affects brush size when these tool are active.

Some simple sculpting tools would be nice, but the current random procedural tool can give some nice landscapes.

wow, that is some update - many thanks!


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thanks for all the help and advice. I had an Amiga as well.

Thanks for the response and help. I am using it on a laptop with a trackpad, so no scroll wheel. Is there another way to resize the brush? looking forward to where you will take this.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Thanks!

First off - what a great program! I have been using 3D landscape programs since the 1980s including Vista (remember that anyone?!), Vue, Carrara and even once wrote my own fractal landscape generator. You have managed to capture a huge range of possibilities in a fun and easy to use interface. Having said that, can I ask a few questions:

- is there a hot key to take an image? Is there any control over the resolution of the image that is captured (although I was pleasantly surprised that it is higher res than the viewport).

- I have seen a number of videos - are these captured by screen recording, or is there a way within the program itself?

- Is there any possibility of an iPad version? I know that some iPads are lower powered, but with a more modern iPad or iPad Pro, this would be great to use on that!

- Can the size of the paint brush be varied?

There are so many possibilities for extension of this concept - I hope that you can do this without making it overly complex as the ease of use at the moment is one of its big points. But just a few ideas:

- I know that people have asked for export. What about integrating it in something like Daz Studio? Not sure if that would be possible or practicable, but it would be a huge seller if it could be done.

- I also know that buildings have been requested, which is great. There could also be roads / paths? Randomly generated landscapes? Landscaping tools to build up or flatten areas?

Added vegetation choices - trees in blossom, bare trees for winter scenes (and even snow?!). Autumnal trees.  Other animals. Maybe some of these could be extra purchases, as the core program is such good value.

I could go on, but I think you can see that you have fired my imagination! I hope some of these ideas are useful. And thanks again for making this.