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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Custom Terrain?

A topic by Plasmididdlydoo created 82 days ago Views: 444 Replies: 8
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First off, I absolutely LOVE this program. I've never seen something so simple with so much power, and this was absolutely worth the $10 I blew on it. That being said, the one major thing that sticks out to me is the inability to create your own terrain, being only able to use the presets in the third box down on the right. Are there any plans to add a feature that allows for terrain sculpting? Thank you!

P.S: I'm here from r/DnD


I actually had a simple prototype running, but i couldnt for the life of me work out how to affect the sides of that nice box around the terrain, so i gave up on it.

I might end up just adding it as a flat terrain option with no sides

I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. I know I wouldn't, seeing as I'd be using it for the purpose of DM'ing. Thanks for replying so quickly!

I agree! While the preset landscapes have some variety it would be nice to have more shapes of rivers and coasts especially. 

I second terrain sculpting! That is the one thing keeping my from building my DnD world map exactly how I want it! Being able to carve out my rivers would be amazing.

Procedural terrain might be 'good enough' for a lot of people and easier than sculpting.

Well yeah, the game as it is now is probably "good enough" for most people. That's not what this thread is about. A whole bunch of people have a whole bunch of feature suggestions, this being one of them, and the creator has been very responsive about considering them.

I'm suggesting procedural terrain, a similar feature, as an alternative to this feature. I don't see how this comment doesn't belong.  

Some simple sculpting tools would be nice, but the current random procedural tool can give some nice landscapes.