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Not sure if this is on my end or not. I've tried out Ansel, and I can only get it to work in Windowed mode. If I try to bring it up in full-screen mode the UI minimizes and just shows the Ansel overlay over my desktop.

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I would love to have Ansel support. From what I can tell, adding it should just be a matter of adding the free plugin to the Unity project, enabling it, and then rebuilding. I have not done this in Unity, but I have in Unreal, and it only take about 60 seconds.

Hi, new user here, and very impressed so far. Just to reiterate what I think you have already figured out, HDR and HDRi are not the same thing. An HDRi is a 32-bit per channel spherical panorama that can be used for lighting 3D scenes. 

Irregardless of whether the output is 8 or 32 bit, probably the easiest way to implement panoramic output is to just drop in nVidia Ansel support.