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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

HDRI screenshots?

A topic by braj created Jan 28, 2019 Views: 1,054 Replies: 10
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I have no idea if this is possible, but for using your backdrops in other apps, getting the lighting right, it would be great to be able to make HDRIs inside Flowscape.

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I will have to have a look into that, i remember not using hdri for the game because you had to use deferred rendering for it, im currently using forward rendering which allows me to use hardware 8x msaa so im not even sure if i can save out hdri

Disadvantages of HDR

  • Uses floating point render textures  (rendering is slower and requires more VRAM)
  • No hardware anti-aliasing support (but you can use an Anti-Aliasing post-processing effect to smooth out the edges)
  • Not supported on all hardware

Firstly, this a cool little game, 

and impressive

I tried recreating a scene of the same magnitude in iClone 6 and just kept crashing it!!!

and Unreal Editor,   well    lets just not go there  ..

sadly Unity and I never got along well but I love stuff people make with it, I cannot code I just play with pretty 3D models I mostly buy from DAZ 3D 

anyway on this topic, 

I hope the OP does not mind, I did not want to litter your forum with threads on the same thing

I don't mind if it is just a spherical 360 render but it would need to be a big resolution for a snapshot if I wanted to use it for a render background

i can create my own HDRi in Picturenaut if needed 

but my favourite 3D softwares Carrara and Octane render will use any image for IBL anyway just being able to save that camera view would be cool in itself even to just do 360 images for facebook.

I can also then use Shadowplay and the Google 360 metadata injector to create little VR movies

anyway keep up the good work, I don't need to put models in or export anything as know from my experience with other software what a PITA that is, compositing tools is what I desire, anything to mask and add BG transparency is great.


Hey Wendy

I think i saw your videos :) very creative

So i doubt i can do HDRI as i mentioned earlier, but a 360 shouldn't be too hard.

I will add it to my list and see what i can do.

I only have made shadowplay captures so far, just got it but do intend compositing some 3D characters into fixed camera shots, sadly my vacation is over back to work Sunday so my CGI fun will be less frequent.

Actually I don't need an HDRI per se, what I leed is that 360 degree image of the veiw, which you might be generating for VR, I dunno anything about all of that, but it just needs to be a texture that works with iClone's sky dome. This is an example of the aspect that it requires.


Ahh i get you, you want a 360 panorama, thats easier than what i thought you wanted haha


Hi from another iClone user, this is a great little game isn't it 

Yes, indeed it is. It actually got me rethinking how I work, so now I am planning to use this in conjunction with Hitfilm and rely on that more for big layered scene building, along with iClone, of course, but that way iClone can be more simple and svelte. Anyhow, I love where this little 'game' is going, where it is already really. Even if it never gives me full HDRI renders ;) I'll survive.

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I too use Hitfilm Express it rocks, one day will buy pro but keep buying other stuff.


Hi, new user here, and very impressed so far. Just to reiterate what I think you have already figured out, HDR and HDRi are not the same thing. An HDRi is a 32-bit per channel spherical panorama that can be used for lighting 3D scenes. 

Irregardless of whether the output is 8 or 32 bit, probably the easiest way to implement panoramic output is to just drop in nVidia Ansel support.