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You can do it !
Programming is an art, that every1 can learn, and tehre are tons of tutorials and forum posts, which can help you onto your specific problem :)

Thanks :)

and of course. This is just a miniature of the level, so later when the level is done in its' real version, i will have different colors :)

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So today i start off with the Game Jam. Came up with some cool ideas over the last days. Unfortunately Matthew had the same basic idea. SO i will see how i'm going to make my game unique. The following picture is just a simple 2min voxel of one of my levels, to get the idea how i want to make it.

Good luck everyone !

Uhh i like it !

And heres what my friend already designed as teh 'mystical' enemy !

Especially the hoe looks ways better than my design i made earlier.

It gets especially interesting when i add particles inside of UE4, bc then this dude will look bad ass :D

Looks amazing!

But u mentioned it took too long, so i got a little tip for you (you can use it or not, depens on what u wanan focus on and what u want to create in terms of game mechanics), which u already at least partially got yourself.

Keep the artwork level of items that do not have an actual function, like just standing around, low and put the time u gain into the  important artwork (game chars, enemys, items u can actually use), because changing these later on can be much more work, than just changing some assets that have no function in terms of gamemechanics.

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Sooo finally got Animations working. Sometimes i hate blender... especially if u miss 1 thing and your whole animation does not work.

But here it is ! My first Idle Animation for the female Character. Guess i can add that to the male char too.

And a friend of mine joiend me onto the artworks, so i can try more gameplay mechanics !  :D

We already thought about creating random levels, when the basic mechanics work !

It's like : when you post something every1 knows there has been big improvements and a lot of new stuff implamented since the last post :D

I like his beard :D

This bug can have multiple reasons, but most of the time it happens bc the lightmapresolution of your mesh is not big enough. You should try a resolution of 1024 or 2048.

If you think about it. With a horror game i wanna make, it is a pun, which was unintended at the time i posted the picture :D

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I switched to double the amount of blocks for every character, so that i can add more details, and create non human characters, otherwise it would be difficult to create a skeletons. I also came up with a pretty good game mechanic that i will try to get working. But the basic game concept would be a horror game. 


Because in soem cases this does not work, here is a 100% way to get it work. Copy the Pictureadress and then add a video to your post. Normally you should a a link to a video, but it also works with pictures. So paste the link into it and the picture will appear !

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Got a new Charakter done. Somehow still not happy with the hoe..

Came up woth teh same idea, but somehow, could not push the idea further. But yours looks quite good ! 

Nice !

One small bug, that i discovered appears when you marked the platform and teh cube, teh platform stops. Don't knwo wheteher tis is intended, but didn't sound like it should do this.

Me Too boyZ, lets rock dis  !

The good old time man, the good old times !

Thank you man ! :)

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Just started messing around with Voxel Characters. And my Recreation from the tutorial is quite good !

And yeah, till i come up with an actual idea, what i could do with Mirrors, i will keep creating chars and enviroment and stuff:-)

Oh it looks cute :-)