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brilliant that you got it working, and the information about the greyscale crash is great to hear - I can work on a fix for that for you. I can also look at supporting direct name png which will internally convert to the correct sizes.

I'll keep you posted :)

No problem.

FontSprite supports png files with a certain name format.

The format is as follows:


so a font with the name hello and a pixel size of 10 x 12 per character would be


There are a number of default fonts to play with in the fonts folder

Let me know how you get on, or any other questions you need help with :)

It's still around, but a bit long in the tooth.

Both assets for 'BloodCrypt' and 'SacredLands' were created with it.

Currently it needs to be completely updated (rewritten), but I have some OpenGL issues this end, so decided to pull it completely.

Are you interested or need access to Rameses?

ColorTagz Download page

ColorTagz is a fun color palette/theme app, that allows you to create color palettes from images.

Just open an image or drop one from your desktop and pick the colors.

You can copy and paste color and Tagz and save the results.

The file format is provided along with monkey2 (basic like) source code for loading ColorTagz into your own apps.

You can also export the current image with embedded tag or all tagz as images for use on the web, or whatever you want :)

Version 1.03 is now available that addresses the detailed issues below.

Here is a full list of changes:

bug fixes
fixed hiscore being duplicated when entered
fixed hiscore wrong name when entered
new hiscore update code
fixed autoplay not resetting score
fixed fruit and fruit counter being reset correctly on restart
fixed score not being reset on start
fixed MacOS Mojave display bug
dropping tnt has a longer noise when hits ground
dropping tnt hit time shortened

Great to know you liked it and also the comments.

I'll do my best to address them for you.

1. Yep. its not a cheat. you can walk left to 'take' the flowers to the shop

2.  agreed, I'll see about doing something there

3/4. working on a fix

5. agreed fix being worked on

Really pleased you like the sound design. It is a custom 8bit chip-sound emulator of kinds. The base waveforms are generated as needed and then sculpted in realtime, so there are no actual sound files. Here's a shot of the dev tool for designing the sounds:

There is also a custom song editor that eats the created chip-sounds, to make the tunes.

very nice, especially the main title track :)

I'll get onto it and see what those bugs are up to. Thanks for checking out the game and having a good time with it. Always good to have feedback :) I'll keep you posted...

Another Bloom game - brilliant work :)

Thanks for the review Jupiter :)

Almost, but not quite ;)

A Lot of the technology was developed doing this and sound needs to be sorted.

great concept. look brilliant. couldn't get any more than 2 points though - lol

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Unfortunately not. Still no arrow keys in ver 7 :(

Just thought you'de like to know. Your blog is the reason I entered this AGBIC. Very inspiring stuff :)

yep WASD worked no problem and the up arrow also worked as jump too. lol

Hi Xerra. Once again thanks for the bug hunting.

New update 1.02 addresses the keyboard issues and hopefully the getting stuck on ladders.

Question about the getting stuck. were you on the top level or the middle level, or both when it happened?

great little game. been following your blog for ages :)

arrow keys for movement don't work on MacOS though :/

brilliant for finding those. I’ll get on to it and fix the exit navigation issue and th rest...

Bloom was never a real game, so don’t beat yourself up at not remembering it. But the core concept of the falling blocks goes back to a Commodore PET game I used to play...

And it's finally finished. with downloads for both Windows and MacOS page

Bloom Page

Bloom is a fast retro inspired plat-former with 5 levels, numerous enemies and fruit  and special bonuses to collect (including the infamous Ice-cream trolly!).

You must help Squik pick flowers and arrange them in a row for extra points. collecting all the flowers leads to a bonus round and the next level. How far will you get without being hit by falling flower crates? If they get in you way, then punch them away...

Featuring accurate chip-sounds (from a custom chip synthesiser) and chip tunes.

You decide on the platform you want to play. Will it be the original arcade version, then NES version or the fabulous Atari 2600 version?

this is just brilliant :)

This look amazing - well done to get this far :)

I really like all the little touches and the cake slice on the menu - brilliant :)

bugs, debugging, sound and vision...

Yep. I'm with you there. I need to add options (for key binding) next plus sound :(

brilliant work. I really like the visual explanations showing how everything is progressing. I have much to learn...

getting complicated now.... :(

auto cycle of different screens needs uber attention

Work now begins to get everything working...

Here's the main menu with the 3 machine options

working on other screens now such as hiscore stuff:

And 2600 graphics finished:

I tried to remain more or less faithful in spirit to the Atari single color per line graphics.

Yay... Someone else picked Bloom :)

What a great little game. I really wanted it to be 'more' maybe have some enemies or a target of mandrakes to collect. but just a lovely vibe :)

Bloom arcade machine prototype - I believe only one of these was ever made?

I just had a completely insane idea:

Do 3 versions of the same game in the same game:

Atari 2600


And Arcade

Essentially the graphics are the things that would change...

LOL. I had to google that to see and now can't get it out of my head either...... :)

sheer brilliance :)


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Autoplay is now operational. So the game can play itself - great for demo mode!

i'm the 70th!

and finally some animations

Here is the bonus screen where you get the opportunity to get some extra bonus points...

And we get some extra days to really add something special as well :)