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and the end nears quicker...

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 07.56.34.png

Thought I'd show something a bit different today. music and production method.

The sound is being provided by a custom written system called QasarBeach. so everything you hear is being created in realtime.

Here's a look at QasarBeach editing some sound:

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 07.37.35

And here editing part of a music track:

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 07.38.12

Who killed the boss?

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 08.34.10

today is all about crates - I've got a sokoban vibe going on with them...


Really beautiful 2d graphics you got there - well done :)

just been messing with sound... Very funky!

working on a boss - not sure about it though (looks too blocky), but I'm happy with the look of everything else :)

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 07.19.08

I work on both art and program at the same time. But I now try to start with a basic game idea (usually to get movement and basic design finished). then I work on adding the graphics and let the game play emerge with it. I take breaks to work on other stuff and then come back too.

walk cycle finished :)


Great stuff your posting with each post :)

first screen i'm working on

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 11.54.54

and some animation frames:

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 06.06.00

Need to get it all together so I can test the walk cycle :)

Really nice. We're both using the same type of grid movement :)

Main character is a bear called Redd. and now i've got a wasp for him and a basic play area:

lots more graphics to design:

plus the title:

today is all about trying out animations for the main character:

Really nice pixel work you got there :)

got some candy corn as an enemy now :)

working on graphics and basic movement:

I'm making a sweet/dessert based rpg called honey things:

Thank you for everyone who enjoyed playing the game.

Lots of love Adam

definately something I would sit for ages with on a tablet :)

clever mechanics and nicely done :)

Really, REALLY like this. Very slick. nice and simple, pure gameplay and well done all round :)

The language is very mature and stable - but development seems to have stalled. I forked it into MX2 because I needed to add a lot of base functions for graphics and sound.

What a brilliant and unique way of approaching sound. Well done :)

looks brilliant :)

From someone really old. Great news and keep at it :)

Brilliant that you are enjoying it :)

the fruits add more time to the counter

the bigger bonus items add lots of time or health

Thanks for that. The code (as stated won't compile, but you might find something of interest in there :)

oooh, thanks for that one :)

I'm using MX2 which is derived from Monkey2. plus a couple of shaders as well - to get the spectrum single color effect - that way I only need to do the next 16 color graphics :)

excellent. Really glad you liked it :)

I've got a tool-chain fo sorts here, so I can switch things up quickly. spritefont in one tool, maps in another. Everything linked. It's just the code logic that needs the real work, plus the ideas. Didn't you used to used Blitz a while back?

I would be lying if I said the concept was all mine! But it was a very quick turn-around from start to finish (5 weeks from start to finish). I was pleased when the sound all came together as that was a lot of work writing all the new sound system.

Thanks a lot. I will be very interested in your thoughts :)

Atic Atac was one of the concepts behind Viva Mortis - but with a twist...

I'm up for any chats about the system I used as well

No problem.

It's written in a custom version of Monkey2 (called MX2). This is a version of BASIC.

The audio is a custom written system called QasarBeach, which provides all audio, synth  and sequencer functions. In essence it is configured as a 16 voice synth with samples, wavetables, modulation etc. QasarBeach has full sequencing features, so it was a case of getting the right sounds (single sound for 48k, 3 sounds + noise for 128k, and 8 sounds for Next) These all reside together and depending on the spectrum type, sounds are muted and not played.

The graphics were done in FontSprite using a ZX-Spectrum palette. This gives 256 ''characters' to play with. There are multiple fonts being used with the general character size being 16x16 pixels.

The map is created in FontMap. And uses multiple layers to create the map and item locations. There are read in and partly randomised so that each game has different locations for items.

Thanks for that. Glad you're enjoying it :)

its compiled on linux mint - you will need sdl and openal and opengl installed.

A Pi build would be great, but it need very special compiling, so at the moment not possible  - but it is a thought :)