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level 4 is now being worked on with new enemies and lots of new stuff :)

just upped V1.03


Second update

minor sound volumes tweak

sound issues with clicks fixed

crash if pressing keys at start fix

escape triggers menu when only in game

minor map edits

thanks for the support :)

I've just updated the release to V1.01

First update. this focusses on adding full keyboard and joy support on all menus including the shop!

Also added is ability to add initials to your hiscore.

Some graphics have been changed - made slightly bigger and colors altered

general bug hunting

re balancing of game to make it a bit fairer - but don't worry it's still as brutal as ever.

Difficulty setting are now numbered so you can see which is the lowest and highest etc.

great suggestion. it's now added to the install info :)

Feedback is coming in and I'm working on better input controls :)

and for today....

It's finished!!!!! page

The PostMortum will go here :)

Today is all about music and balance...

Got the difficulty setting working, so that's something...

New enemies - lets just call them all "lil' basterds"

New level but it needs a boss...

Nothing to show as I am writing all sorts of wierd input systems:

getting the joystick to function as the keyboard
getting the keyboard and joystick to control menus as well as the mouse
getting everything loaded and saved correctly

today is about menus

Working on the shop:

Nothing much to show. I've been working on powerups, how they operate. plus starting to integrate some sound.

Page 3, Voice

it was changed as this is where the IIx keeps it

Today I have been trying to work out powerups and how they work.

For show and tell here is the main palette plus a bit of the sprite work:

You can see i've used the sprites to show the paths - these are used so i can visually see a level with paths etc :)

nice cute graphic style - I like it :)

Erm... Yep. It's mine from UI to soundcore. it replicates this:

This was recorded live, showing some of the functions:

So today is all about sound editing

This is all  very impressive. I was working on doing something very similar, but taking pico-8 as the concept and building it as an integrated OS with programming language:

Thanks - it was originally meant to be in 3d. but the system failed and I had to convert the 3d to 2d:

I did use my own 3d editor to construct the robot and some of the sprites:

These were then converted into 2d and the sprites created from them.  8)

so today I worked on the UI tiles:

And a robot shopkeeper...

today I have been working on IK and how stuff that is connected can move:

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So today I worked on the paths.

Basically I took a set of lines and used a smoothing algorithm to create new points. then repeated the process until I got what I wanted:

And here is he final showing the ship background and lots of paths for enemies to follow:

OK. You win purely on the title alone - it's brilliant. It gives me an old 50's B moview vibe and I smile every time I see it :)

Beautiful art work - I really liked seeing the background sketches showing the construction and your talent :) 

Hera another take on the issues you are having:

have a deck of cards.

each card has a number for moves and a number for rotations (say up to 3 for each)

player picks a card with 2 moves and 1 rotation. they can move for 3 and rotate something for 1

enemy also picks a card and does the same.


ooo looks like we're both doing a space shooter :) Looking great so far. I've just implemented enemy shots... LOL

so for today dev is all about the map

a level is made from map tiles. These are put together in a map/tile editor and 10 maps will equal a level.

The ship will get damage if it hits an occupied map position

Heres a shot of the ship with the map and a parallax background:

lovely looking graphics :)

This is a very neat concept. such a lot of room to do all sorts of interesting mechanics :)

@electricbabushka Thanks for that - do you have any experience with QasarBeach?

OK todays is all about enemies. some will be first draw in 3d and then transferred into 2d and painted:

And some will be created directly in 2d:

Enemies will follow paths so I need to draw the base path and then smooth things out:

(2 edits)

Who am I?

Just a lone coder with a passion for music, tools and game development

Why am I doing this jam?

Because it's great. Entered last year so this is my second go :)

What’s Axonite?

It's a love letter to the 80's. and Xenon 2 in particular. In a nutshell it's a brutal top down space shoot-em-up made famous on the Amiga for it's visuals and sound track. I am going to attempt to replicate the whole experience. so expect some tight pixel art, frantic action and a stonkin sound track.

What dev tools will I use?

language wise I will be using MX2. this is a customised version of the Monkey2 language.

Sound will be created using my own sound tool: QasarBeach

And the graphics tools will also be mine including pixel editor, palette editor and map editor.




All of these tools are free, so knock yourselves out.

Along the way I'm sure that I'll bump into some custom shaders, particle and other such nonsense...

I don't use social media either, so I will be using this community to post - so feel free to do the same :)

what os are you using?

check the new PAGE O: Output mix and reset the faders - they are the new live master volume. Let me know if this works for you :)

It's being worked on :)

thank you for the kind words. there is a facebook page where you can find others to provide more support and help :) page

Yep. Bloom is back. Help Squik collect flowers and avoid those pesky crates...

 Play it as it originally looked with options for Atari 2600, Nes or Arcade

Get the high score and see who can beat it?

You know you want to :)

And if you like it - let me know...

And if you hate it - let me know why and I'll fix it for you :)


(it's .VC not CV). cmd+z will undo one step on most pages. polyphony is not part of a voice. a voice is a single voice. polyphony is many voices. save them as an instrument .IN. :)

Re quit - just close the window :)

Please keep me informed if you can replicate a crash 

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QB is 64 bit, and requires openGL. Do you have security software that might be blocking it?