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Thanks for that. The code (as stated won't compile, but you might find something of interest in there :)

oooh, thanks for that one :)

looking good there :)

I'm sorta working on a space rts at the moment too - Come and have a look at worklogs>strata nova. got the planets and general operation and now moving into AI and space travel - would be great to have some of your thoughts :)

I'm using MX2 which is derived from Monkey2. plus a couple of shaders as well - to get the spectrum single color effect - that way I only need to do the next 16 color graphics :)

excellent. Really glad you liked it :)

I've got a tool-chain fo sorts here, so I can switch things up quickly. spritefont in one tool, maps in another. Everything linked. It's just the code logic that needs the real work, plus the ideas. Didn't you used to used Blitz a while back?

I would be lying if I said the concept was all mine! But it was a very quick turn-around from start to finish (5 weeks from start to finish). I was pleased when the sound all came together as that was a lot of work writing all the new sound system.

Thanks a lot. I will be very interested in your thoughts :)

Atic Atac was one of the concepts behind Viva Mortis - but with a twist...

I'm up for any chats about the system I used as well

No problem.

It's written in a custom version of Monkey2 (called MX2). This is a version of BASIC.

The audio is a custom written system called QasarBeach, which provides all audio, synth  and sequencer functions. In essence it is configured as a 16 voice synth with samples, wavetables, modulation etc. QasarBeach has full sequencing features, so it was a case of getting the right sounds (single sound for 48k, 3 sounds + noise for 128k, and 8 sounds for Next) These all reside together and depending on the spectrum type, sounds are muted and not played.

The graphics were done in FontSprite using a ZX-Spectrum palette. This gives 256 ''characters' to play with. There are multiple fonts being used with the general character size being 16x16 pixels.

The map is created in FontMap. And uses multiple layers to create the map and item locations. There are read in and partly randomised so that each game has different locations for items.

Thanks for that. Glad you're enjoying it :)

its compiled on linux mint - you will need sdl and openal and opengl installed.

A Pi build would be great, but it need very special compiling, so at the moment not possible  - but it is a thought :)

Yep. It will be the V1.03 update that hopefully wiull have a fix. I know what the error is, I just have to figure out how to deal with it :)

Brilliant. can confirm this is a 10.14.4 issue - just upgraded and I've got the same, so I'm working on a fix :)

No, it all fell apart when the forum was taken down ;(


what MacOS are you using - can you see anything??

I'll work on a fix immediately

Just to say I'm really impressed with this. Great work.

I you ever need a hand in anything let me know :) page

Created to replicate the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum both in look and feel but also sound using a custom sound engine QasarBeach.

You are Mortis: Overworked minion of Mr De'Ath. His runes have been nicked and it's up to you to find them against the clock and hampered by meanies all in a retro isometric map.

First there was SaberWulf, then there was KnightLore - now there is VivaMortis!

Thanks for that - it took a while but I got there in the end. Let me know how you get on and any comments you've got :)

let me know how you get on - suggestions, etc :)

This is brilliant. Creative and simple to pick up. Well done

That's really great - thank you :)

Hopefully there will be something new for you to play at the end of March...

Excellent you're enjoying it :)

brilliant that you got it working, and the information about the greyscale crash is great to hear - I can work on a fix for that for you. I can also look at supporting direct name png which will internally convert to the correct sizes.

I'll keep you posted :)

No problem.

FontSprite supports png files with a certain name format.

The format is as follows:


so a font with the name hello and a pixel size of 10 x 12 per character would be


There are a number of default fonts to play with in the fonts folder

Let me know how you get on, or any other questions you need help with :)

It's still around, but a bit long in the tooth.

Both assets for 'BloodCrypt' and 'SacredLands' were created with it.

Currently it needs to be completely updated (rewritten), but I have some OpenGL issues this end, so decided to pull it completely.

Are you interested or need access to Rameses?

ColorTagz Download page

ColorTagz is a fun color palette/theme app, that allows you to create color palettes from images.

Just open an image or drop one from your desktop and pick the colors.

You can copy and paste color and Tagz and save the results.

The file format is provided along with monkey2 (basic like) source code for loading ColorTagz into your own apps.

You can also export the current image with embedded tag or all tagz as images for use on the web, or whatever you want :)

Version 1.03 is now available that addresses the detailed issues below.

Here is a full list of changes:

bug fixes
fixed hiscore being duplicated when entered
fixed hiscore wrong name when entered
new hiscore update code
fixed autoplay not resetting score
fixed fruit and fruit counter being reset correctly on restart
fixed score not being reset on start
fixed MacOS Mojave display bug
dropping tnt has a longer noise when hits ground
dropping tnt hit time shortened

Great to know you liked it and also the comments.

I'll do my best to address them for you.

1. Yep. its not a cheat. you can walk left to 'take' the flowers to the shop

2.  agreed, I'll see about doing something there

3/4. working on a fix

5. agreed fix being worked on

Really pleased you like the sound design. It is a custom 8bit chip-sound emulator of kinds. The base waveforms are generated as needed and then sculpted in realtime, so there are no actual sound files. Here's a shot of the dev tool for designing the sounds:

There is also a custom song editor that eats the created chip-sounds, to make the tunes.

very nice, especially the main title track :)

I'll get onto it and see what those bugs are up to. Thanks for checking out the game and having a good time with it. Always good to have feedback :) I'll keep you posted...

Another Bloom game - brilliant work :)

Thanks for the review Jupiter :)

Almost, but not quite ;)

A Lot of the technology was developed doing this and sound needs to be sorted.

great concept. look brilliant. couldn't get any more than 2 points though - lol

(1 edit)

Unfortunately not. Still no arrow keys in ver 7 :(

Just thought you'de like to know. Your blog is the reason I entered this AGBIC. Very inspiring stuff :)

yep WASD worked no problem and the up arrow also worked as jump too. lol

Hi Xerra. Once again thanks for the bug hunting.

New update 1.02 addresses the keyboard issues and hopefully the getting stuck on ladders.

Question about the getting stuck. were you on the top level or the middle level, or both when it happened?