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Let me know how you get on.

Also If I can be of any help with anything else, just ask...


yep. fully tested for win10 :)

it's possible, but not currently. I know that wine supports it very well though.

Excellent - thanks you for the article. If I can be of any help, let me know :)

Thanks for all the great comments :)

thanks for that. The chip-synth is still a work in progress as is the sequencer. the next step is to activate the external sample parts...

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let me know any suggestions you might have :)

it's being looked at ;)

Completely bonkers. And very addictive. I love it :)

Brilliant vlog - Really pleased you like it and enjoyed playing it. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions :)

Well. I tried to make something that triggered peoples memory.

Thanks, what a great way of putting it. Much appreciated

Thanks - I tried to give it that old arcade feel. I'm especially pleased you enjoyed the sounds :)

Some really good comments. Great that you enjoyed it :)

Brilliant video. I had a blast watching you both play and have fun. I really liked that there were two of you and you both enjoyed the experience with each other. I'll take on-board the "quit" while playing and also jumping... Maybe a syntax bomb 2?

Thanks - let me know if you have any thoughts or issues :)

Very good - I enjoyed this :)

Have you thought about working with a programmer to see about transferring some of the ideas from cards to computer?

let me know how you get on :)

Greet to hear you liked all the sound and music. I worked hard to get it all working together as all the sounds used a brand new chip-synth system.

"And another infortunate constraint for the color-picking is the spectrum of what-could-be-printed well (with low-budget printing).
So, a lot of "hot colors", no greens, and very clear blues."

AMAZING. I used to work with high-end printers dealing with color, absorption and how different paper stock causes different colors (CMYK vs RGB) etc. You're the first person to come back with coherent knowledge about that - Kudos to you :)

Seeing all the colors with the different backgrounds makes everything clear now - it looks very crisp and clear :) I like it a lot...

Have you considered tweaking the colors slightly? That would really help make things 'pop' and be very eye-catching.

E.G. (apologies for my quick photoshop edit)

I've taken the 3 and 4 cards, slightly deepened the backgrounds, given the numbers a good contrast color and made two distinct sides. ivory and blue

this is all just seriously cool!!!!

yep - I really like the colors. It has a great feeling of speed like the old afterburner. I can image everything rushing by at break-neck speed :)

I really like the card design here as well as the minimal colors used - very cool looking :)

Thanks - Glad you enjoy playing it :)

i'll have a look and see what I can do :)

are you on MacOS or Windows?

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Full screen is fully supported on both platforms - just maximize the window, or draw the window to the size you want :)

@ Skid - What are your suggestions for making the joystick configure and menu issues simpler? I can try and resolve all and any issues :)

@ crypticHybrid - Thanks for the video. I had great fun watching someone else play it, especially your different approach. And it was almost as good as playing it myself - I shouted at the screen a few times with you :) Excellent... Thankyou

Thanks for that StevieG

thanks - let me know if there is anything you think might improve things :)

That's it I'm done and finished. Took 2 months and long nights. 320x200 16 color retro action.


Programmed in Monkey2 but with a lot of custom additions.

This will be a fast one... I've got an idea and a title - so at least thats a start ;)

I did work on an initial windows version, but had issues with the 3d display code. But I am toying with Rameses 2 in the near future ;)

well nice. pity you can't use the control keys to move though

Currently no.

What parts are you most interesting in?

FontSprite has been updated with stability fixes

New features:

- now remembers the size and position of the window

- file icons now live at the top of the panels

- new stroke and fill options

- added black, grey and purple background so you can view sprites on different colors


Thanks for that. Definitely My Bad Day... LOL