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Really, really nice looking 3d art you have there :)

In the opening menu screen, the text might stand out a bit more if it was outlined in black?

Also watch the size of the flying leaves (which are a nice touch). you don't want them looking like big things - unless you too ;)

But nice work. I like it a lot.

I usually use a _gameMode:int to decide what I am doing. but I found that a lot of it became time based, so instead of GAMEMODE_PLAY and GAMEMODE_MENU I needed GAMEMODE_MENUTOPLAY, etc

You then end up with a lot of big case/switch/if statements to pick which mode you are in.

Currently everything is being controlled by time and timelines. I trigger a timeline and it returns a value from 0 to 1. 0 being one state 1 being another state. everything in between is some form of transition.

E.G. I am currently going from play into battle modes. and just set a transition for 2 seconds. but it was too long, so I kept tweeting the timing variable until it felt 'right' As it is time based, it will run the same on any platform or computer.

Think of it as sort of invisible events. You can trigger a defined time - read the position, and be notified when it reaches the end.

I am not sure if Unity or Unreal have these things as default, but I am sure they could be quickly knocked up. Maybe think about it for another time ;]

So, what's todays WIP I hear you cry? Today is about transitions. from a play state to a battle state. This means the current map of tiles must go away and a new 'Battle arena' brought in...

So the clock is stopped and moved out of the way, the current card are hidden and a new battle deck brought in, and new battle tiles are dropped in place. plus the lighting is lowered and color boosted.

The FPS is wavering because of the screen capture, just so you know it's not the game :)

LOL, still lots to do to get it all working.

Heres a TIP for you:

Lets assume we have 2 modes ( play and battle ).

and we have a boolean IsInBattle:bool (yes/no variable) to decide which mode we are in.

instead of using a bool, use a float. and check for <=0 is in play >= 1 is in battle.

You now have a slider which you can use to morph/fade/do some transition between play and battle.

very nice looking sprites - they have a real personality about them :)

Final one for the day - and animated.

this shows the Battle Arena and battle cards. in the distance you can see that the enemy has already placed a water shield card. so if we played anything with water it would be shielded!

in essence the card system is nonoperational with a proper ransomed shuffle, pick from the top, etc. this is all being done in the background. the visuals will now need to match.... <grins>

Agreed, the camera works really well. I love the way the lamp stays on when it's knocked over as well. Getting your head around 3d vectors and cameras and stuff is not simple stuff. You look like your getting there. Half a day is not slow to make this jump ;)

Remember. even if it's not (strictly right) go by the way it works and how it looks to you. My cameras are completely NOT right, so I adjusted everything so you don't know they are not right. Much quicker than trying to work out where I went wrong. Time is a bit more precious with game jams...

Keep up the great work.

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Here's a much more interesting dev pic:

This is me trying to work out how you will fight battles, what the cards will be how they will integrate, etc.

From this You can probably surmise that there will be a deck of cards, which are dealt out each round. The deck will have battle and shield cards plus one fatal card.

You play a card, they are compared and someone wins the round and someone looses a heart life. continue until one of you is dead - hopefully not you!

This would also mean (much later on) there could be different decks, or deck building?

Todays WIP is the Battle Arena. anytime you meet a monster, you do battle!

The cards change to the battle deck. Still working out how the cards will operate but i really like the concept of there being a single 'fatal' card in the deck. if you get that it will give you a fatal blow to your opponent.

Unity and Unreal are excellent packages. just take everything one step at a time. it will all suddenly 'click' for you ;)

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2 answers for this one.

1. It's made in a new language called Monkey2 - a version of basic that is compiled down into c++.

2. currently monkey2 3d is being developed, so all of this is actually custom programmed from scratch in OpenGL. That includes the 3d editors and everything else. I'm sort of working with a new timeline system I'm working on to provide lots of interaction and animation. I also did all the particle stuff, etc, so there is nothing that is actually used off the shelf.

Here's a current pic of the animated lighting for the Battle Arena

I know it looks a bit dark, but it's a work in progress...

For Todays WIP. It's the base GUI

You can see there is a top line with you health (hearts) the clock and how much gold you have collected.

Looks like there is something strange going on with the Relic Card as well...

Todays WIP pic

The game finally has a quest: Get the 8 relic pieces!

so... 30 seconds to get in and then 30 seconds to get out, what could be more simple?

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oooh, These look excellent. very atmospheric with the sun behind them and the glowing eyes.

Looks great. I like the use of lightning

thanks guys. working hard to get it all done ;)

End of week WIP. We've got movement....!

The time now counts down only at certain times when you have to make a decision. So you have 30 seconds to get from the 'start' to the 'end'

Lots missing at the moment. to do with enemies, treasure. but the basics is now functioning and playable

Todays WIP is also animated and is about movement:

It basically shows room cards. pick a room card and a position. The room tile drops into position and the figure moves.

This is the base core concept finished. it's in a very raw state, but shows the idea behind it.

The movement was achieved by using a timeline system

Lots more work to be done......

so todays WIP pic is animated... Yay!

I think you get the idea, but... if you don't. There are 5 cards, select a card and it becomes highlighted and the possible positions are also shown in red on the table.

So. Todays WIP Pic is all about cards...

You can see the card edges have grown a bit.

This is all still in dev, but there are 2 different 3d views being used; one for the table and one for the cards - think 2 camera being used at the same time.

You can also see the cards rotating around the z axis giving a feel that they are 3d and not flat.

It's sorta coming together a bit now...

originally they were done in photoshop as 2d art. I was going to use the same system here, but went totally 3d. I took the 2d elements I previously did and added them to my 3d asset sheet. All the graphics are a single 64x64pixel sprites packed into 16x16 (256 in all). I use some custom shaders to decide which is the starting graphic and the size and width.

I also used a custom written sprite editor to draw some of the the other textures. There is a custom 3d app that takes everything and also allows me to create lowpoly models and texture map them very fast.

The shaders also allow me to use different colours when rendering so most of the graphics are in grey. Using this way means I can use the same graphics in different colours giving totally unique looks without loads more work

So (after a weekend break) here's todays WIP Pic:

alarm clock in the background showing time ticking down and yep the clock goes nuts...

'red' things are a test of 3d clicking. possibly how you will place tiles. but not sure yet.

And centre is a card! Originally these were going to be 2d. but I decided on 3d with hand drawn 2d graphics. they fit much better using this style...

I like the fact they are hand drawn but NOT flat. they have a lovely 3d quality to them. Not sure how they will all fit together though

ok. I'm assuming you have a basic array. 1(start),2(room),3(keyroom),4(room),5(room),6(boss)

this always gives you a linear progression 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6

randomly pick from 3 to max-1 (3,4,5) and make it connect to two rooms previous. E.G.

room 3 is connected to room 1 and NOT room 2 (a branch)

This would give you some variance and not a linear progression (and more interesting to play)

Bugger - that's good! I'm going home...

OMG. That's a well cool looking room. Unreal?

Day 2, lets have another animated pic...

This shows 4 'tiles', one is a glowing red fluid and 2 have torches with particle fire added along with lighting, etc

If you look closely you can see the multi-show system casting shadows and moving as the light moves.

Currently working on the timeline system - still no game yet though.....

Very nice.

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So todays (no moving) pic is related to time - I know all of the stuff I've got is very (i'm not sure) low poly - realism?

But if you only have 30 seconds, then you are going to need some way to see the time. I like the thought of the bell going nuts when time up up....

You can actually see the room everything is in this time as well, although it is a little dark.

I thought for todays pic I'd show something moving....

I now need to start work on writing a timeline control. at the moment the opening is controlled by the x mouse position

Great low poly tree. watch the scaling though. might look better a bit smaller?

Also check the shadow on the man. looks a little like he is hovering. Not sure what the shadow controls are called. but in 3dsmax it was 'Bias'

PAAANNDAAAA! That's it you're top of my tree now!

for todays pic. I thought I'd show something completely different...

work in progress from paper idea to 3d:

This will be the 'Nomicron', a triptych containing 'stuff'. don't know what stuff, but it will be the base portal into the game, a sort of magic box of things.

What is nice is this gives everyone an idea of how simple the models are. I haven't even thought about how it will all fit together yet, but you can see the hinges and how the box is supposed to work...

I had to google Paper Mario (I haven't played it), but yep, there are definite visual similarities. (Note to self: Don't try and copy Paper Mario, lol).

I like your grass texture - making repeating textures that don't 'jump' or have seams is not an easy task, Keep up the great work :)

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it's all a work in progress. Just took time off to work on the title, logo and icon

but this is a test of character design:

It's sort of 2d in 3d.

If you look closely at the archway you can see the floor textures being re-used as stone textures

First shot of the new engine:

I'm aiming for a rock solid 60fps.

The engine now has dynamic lighting and weird shadow casters and cube maps. You can see in the above image the lighting and shadow debug images top left.

So in the above shot you can see some trees and a torch stand with dynamic particle fire.

Everything is custom written. there is no unity, no unreal, no 3dsmax or maya

Posted in Game Jam Theme

brilliant theme. I love it!

Character base design

Work on models

very low poly, but using textures this time around

I'm up for it. Maybe more than 4 people will actually look at what I'm doing this time and vote...... Or not!

I've been working on the game engine since the mirror jam. It's got new lighting, and texturing this time round...

still cooking the textures. but shown above are 3 32x32pixel character textures (using different model colours) plus a new fluid shader I'm working on.

thanks for that. I'll look into all the issues I didn't have time to finish within the time.