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heres the actual CGA spec

wiki link

There are a number of different modes depending on the resolution used, even a 16 color mode.

so... It would probably be a good thing for you to look at the spec and decide resolutions that should be used?

This was a great jam, and thanks to everyone who took part and voted.

I had a great time developing and doing everything about it :)

#1 gameplay - !!!!!! Accepts big blue sash

failure during startup, see javascript console?

Not 1bit, but 2bit - failed.

Tested on Safari. MacOS.

loads, then displays a black screen with a grey box with the text:

"Failure during startup, see Javascript console"

failed on startup ;(

if anyone has problems with the windows version and dll.s can you let me know - especially the version of windows you are using

I really liked th graphics in thus and the gameplay - well done ;)

Cripes... Coming close to being finished and generally bug tested.

No time for tunes, but chip-synth fully operational along with new menus and unlockables...

Next up is recompile for windows and.......

Menus, Options and Unlocks - oh My...

Monsters now show their health as a little heart above them

Checking and double checking/bug hunting now bing done

superb graphics and use of UI

Brilliant graphics...

lol. I can't really complain, I've got all sorts of palette colors here. but black/white will be my stating point

although not strictly a clicker - more an idle game...

Yay, chipsynth bug sorted. Now onto zapping and bashing things...

I love the acsii graphics - very retro and cool :)

Looks good - only thing is... It's not 1bit. looks like at least 3bits!

You should be using one color, no alpha, no variations. just one color

I used to have a brilliant amber monitor. 11" if I remember. used for wordperfect...

should be ready for the deadline. working on the chip synth currently...

yep - almost the same...

I love the look - brilliant choice of colors

Heres a Dev-System screenshot, showing color labels... which are then converted to mono later.

Added some basic instructions and help. you now have a goal - find the key and get to the exit. Now where are they both?

nice looking graphics. I like the settings inside the rock.

I like the look of this :) Great work so far...

ok, here goes...

Most of the screen now complete with animations in all it's 1bit goodness...

base movement also complete along with some sneaky pathfinding

Excellent suggestion. Working on an update currently ;)

Really like the graphics style you got going here :)

treasure card back

Thanks for the encouragement. Main map is complete. working on some weird game play mechanics now... entered around cards and conveyor belts:

1-Bit Clicker jam community · Created a new topic M1cRogue

Where to start. Still not got a game, but got the graphics and base screen layout.

Here's a sneak peek...

bad luck - hope the PC is working now?

yep OSX only i'm afraid. my bad. I've edited the page so the apple logo is present.

interesting game. didn't like the music though

Congrats Jupiter. I am also 21, but only in my faded dreams...

brilliant look :) Couldn't get past room 2. I must be dumb!

Sorry I don't work with android.

Posted in Thanks Everyone

Hopefully next time I will be able to submit a game and not a tool