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thanks for that. I'll look into all the issues I didn't have time to finish within the time. 

Finally I've finished, and I'm also finished. LOL


There are probably bugs and stray sheep. Sound has been included but not what I really wanted as the code just wasn't finished properly - No Libraries to help me, all custom written ;/

All and any suggestions welcome and I'll even tell you about the code if anyone want's to know...

Phew - I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room now....

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Getting tight. no sound. menu design in progress:

Looks like there are going to be 6 maps to play with as well... Yay!

Thanks for the review Jupiter. Next time - walk 'don't run' and watch for those switches ;)

Thanks for that. It's given me an excuse to further develop with the 3d side of things

very enjoyable side scroller.

fun but need some enemies or something else to make it more interesting ;)

Kept crashing at 'press start'

liked the graphics - font was very hard to read though

Couldn't get past the horrible music

really interesting idea here

Not using CGA color...

a fun game. needs better AI though

Beautiful looking game

nice n simple - well done :)

looks excellent. love the use color and half toning

looks brilliant

Really like the palette swapping here

palette looks more or less ok - dark palette 0 = black, dark green, dark red, brown ;)

Brilliant little pico-8 game

pretty sure you're using more that the 4 colors allowed onscreen at any time?

Agreed. your using loads of colors and not the specified 4

You can't mix the palettes - just one at a time

nice n simple with great use of the palette

Love the style of this

Brilliant review - thanks Jupiter ;)

Thanks. Anyone having any issues please let me know :)

absolutely not 1bit ;/

Brilliant - superb. I loved it ;)

Thanks for that. Wasn't sure I was going to finish in time. Would have been good to have had music as well, but other stuff wasn't ready

thanks for that. I'll look into it and see about changing thing and report back.

definitely a great finished product - well done. great feel to the graphics

Thanks for that I'll check it out.

What didn't you like about the sound effects. any suggestions as to what might be better?

gorgeous, but hugely annoying (in a good way)

nice sound a graphics - especially the particles.

Gameplay is really not that good though.it kinda feels like there is nothing to do, no challenge, no aim. Sorta flappy bird without any charm.

no sound. Didn't like the main sprite, specially the constant wobbling movement. All the graphics jarred each looked like it was done be someone else - consistancy.

Hugely annoying play mechanics

I liked it. sounds a bit minimal, but great. would have been nice to have bigger sprites. can'\y fault anything :)

brilliant colors and look

Thanks Jupiter. Hope you had a great day and everything else :)

Very good review. Thanks Jupiter :)