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I might have met him when I tried to get on one of their courses at that time - Electronic musical instruments..

yep - damping is the Fairlight version of Release. Another way is to use a function with the input as KEYTIM (key time). you can then use tracking to speed up/down how fast it tracks...

Midi with QB is a bit primitive. it only receives midi. There are 3 modes:

1. accepts midi from any channel. into the current voice (or voices if polyphony if being used)

2. accept sys ex

3. accepts 16 mono channels and routes them to each of the first 16 voices

mmm. interesting. I'll get back to you on this - QB is compiled on a windows 10 machine..

is the pc 32 or 64bit? which os?

just download v1.36 and use that version

known error ;)

No problem. Make sure that 'RECORD' is highlighted :)

have you downloaded the cookbook and the guides - there is a whole lod of information and demo files including all the sounds :)

you need to use PAGE 2 to load sounds first.

it's not a plugin so wont directly integrate into a daw. but you can use MIDI to control the 16 voices. 1 channel per voice

i'm looking into this. ;)

everything is custom written from scratch

the linux development was not moved further because of the midi issues

I can see what can be done for you ;)

can you post a video of this?

do a quick test with alias for me. run it. press space to select default audio. and then press z to m. you will get the default sound - is this distorted, dropouts, etc?

catalina does seem to have some issue.

Re the info on newer pages, etc. I'll see what I can do about documenting them :)

I'll check it out for you - what os are you using?

what are SDMX SOUNDS? give me a list of the file extensions and I can see what is going on for you? :)

I wouldn't have thought so - it was developed on the latest macos :(

thumbs up for soundflower ;) Yep. I'm looking into having multiple channel outputs in the future

yep. I'm working on an editor which should solve a number of the issues with windows :)

Thanks Skid ;)

Thanks I was knackered after - lol

yep. there is a version that fixes all of these things after the jam ;

there is an updated version that solves most of the issues. but it will be released after the jam voting. Some of the assets were pre made. but most were created during the week. Thanks :)

it opened to a black screen - nothing else

it ran in a very small window

unfortunately there was nothing to do with the window. no mouse, no keyboard n instructions, nothing :(

it ran in a very small window

unfortunately there was nothing to do with the window. no mouse, no keyboard n instructions, nothing :(

A very nice entry - probably the most traditional of the bunch.

I got caught for a while in a short street until I found the 'hidden' puzzle button.

the only negative thing is the lack of enemies - I know they are around cause I heard them in the really nice looking forest :)

it started - that's all I can say about this. There was some worrying popups about wanting access to the network and new connections:

a. you shouldnt ever need this

b. if you are doing it - then I would suggest finding a way not to do whatever you are doing.

c. Remember that user tracking and logistic following of users is completely illegal in Europe...

Started great - nice animations.

The on to the initial level where you need to find a code - never found the code never got further.

Whilst it looks great. It has the feel of a load of bought assets with not much other thought - which is a shame :(

Instantly liked this - windowed and gives you the keys to use - so excellent :)

And then you went up the wall - Terrific \o/

My only complaint is its so easy to become disorintated and not know which way is up or anything - that spoiled things quite a lot. My thoughts would be to limit to just walls and to maybe have some different texture so you know what way is the floor, etc.

But I loved the puzzles and the bow and everything else ;)

Yup - I liked this one. a bit slow (speed wise in movement). But the general look and feel is spot on.

I loved the look - it really captured the old ship vibe - great work :)

Didn't run on windows 11 - I was looking forward to this one :(

Couldn't get past the wierd shop thing at the start.

But I liked the face it ran in a window \o/

Really like this one from the moment it started.

Took a bit to get round the controls - not obvious about using the mouse with the keys.

But it looks amazing. I really liked the look down the corridors into the dark with the lights - very cool.

I also liked the way the computer shut the doors.

There is a nice Alien vibe going on here which could easily be added with some nasty beasties hiding round corners etc.

Loved it :)

It was ok. all worked find, just doesn't grab you

Really like the visuals and look of this game. maybe a touch slow (speed cpu?)

The visuals give it a really nice feel and something that could be expanded on into something interesting.

enjoyable and what is there is good :)

Looks great - plays like a pig - it's sooooooo slllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

But I love the atmosphere and everything about this. fix the speed and it might be playable and have something :)