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no problem. it's great to be given a task and be able to track, and fix it soo quickly for you :)

I've taken a look and made some change to hopefully sort this out. can you report your findings back to me please? V1.32b macos build

currently that is normal behaviour, so I wouldn't be too concerned. there is an internal garbage collector that is doing stuff behind the scenes. But I'll look into this :)

thanks for saying that. It took a lot of work to get it to look right :)

it should run on low end systems fine :)

Check out PAGE 8 - sound sampling. You can sample the internal playing voices to a single voice and then save that as a wav ;)

really good points - I'll see about opening up the field of view more :)

I can add directions for the exit - it's there. you just have to find it ;)

you should have no problems 😀

QB is much happier on macos... what version macos are you running?

go to PAGE 2 and then go to a folder with sounds in it.

These must be uncompressed

selecting a sound will load a preview of it and your should be able to play with the keyboard - this might need to be activated - check PAGE S settings :)

Mediocre Axe \o/

hmmm. It's not something I've come across before. QB is general so give it a go and let me know how you get on?

Had to write and tell you I am very impressed with this. simple but such a good story and atmosphere - well done \o/

currently it's the same as previous. but a new version is coming ;)

A brand new version is being worked on - so you will get to dive ;)

yep. It's a very tecnical issue i'm afraid

I feel your pain. I'm busy reworking the 3d core, so you will get to try it...

hmm, should work as tested on 64bit version 😢

32 or 64 bit version ?

windows 10 bug - I'm looking into it...

nicely done :)

windows 10 bug - windows 7 works. will look into this

it's now available \o/

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Windows version is now available

yep - some technical issues, but will be up within hours :)

all of the dev tools are - sprite editor, map editor, sound editor, etc. The actual engine is all code based

I wrote my own engine ;)


I've never written a dungeon crawler style game, so I'm going to give it a go. I've got an idea, not sure if I can pull it off though - it's called "Sunken" so it might give an idea of what I'm aiming for...

This was started about 2 weeks ago, I just din't join thinking it would be later... But oops!

OK. It's going to be a horror/ survival/ exploration game. Heavily influenced by the 80's films of John Carpenter - 1 in particular.

Set on Antarctic Research Base 'Panda' You have to explore and find out what happened...

The engine is completely my own and is 2d/3d based. everything is custom written including the realtime sound system.

OK. Here are some in work screen shots - the first is Panda Base being constructed:

And the finished in game shot:

And here you are meeting something unpleasant...

I will work as hard to get something finished and fully playable for the end of the jam. but now you have the bones of what I'm working on, so let me know any thoughts, etc ;)

the current version is 1.29. you just download the one for your os (marked with 129g). there is no install ;)

thanks for that. I'll see what can be done ;)

linux midi are known, but not yet properly addressed. the base system being used is PortMidi. Exactly what is not functioning ?

It's possible for the Spectrum Next, but not to convert down to the old 48k rom sizes

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Agreed, but unfortunately the issue is to do with people using QB with touchscreens. They don't quite work that way with capacitance. It also breaks the general Fairlight design. The mouse wheel was an easy thing to add.

But an excellent suggestion I can look into for you ;)

no problem I'll go into the code and see what can be done for you :)

PAGE 2 is just for previewing sounds from disk - it uses a slightly different sound setup. does the issue occur when you are NOT on PAGE 2?

mac, pc, linux?

Be aware that you are actually dealing with 16 mono voices. so you will get clipping of sounds.

To use multiple sound = polyphony, you need to

1.  pick and sound and get it right (PAGE 7)

2. use PAGE 3 VOICE to allocate the voice to multiple channels

3. Use PAGE 3 KEYBOARD to remap midi inputs