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yep NeoOverdrive:

and for tools:


just check all the downloads - there a very comprehensive guides and cookbooks with loads of tips ;)

brilliant words - thank you :)

External usb sound devices will cause issues on windows...

Many thanks for the feedback. I'l see what can be done :)

OK. Here goes ;)

1. load a voice.

2. goto page 7.  Press alt/ctrl+x to copy. select next voice. Press alt/ctrl+v to paste this voice as a reference - do this 4 times so voices 1,2,3,4 are the same

3. goto page 3 voice. you should see the four voices. click to select the first voice. At the bottom SET NPHONY to 4 - voila you should have 4 voice polypony

That is very interesting. The previous versions had a slighty different dev chain. I'm looking into going back to this one... I'll keep you all posted :)

hi could you give me a bit more info. does it crash, freeze, etc. What sort of samles are you using, etc ..

.vc is just the current voice, .in is all the voices, .rs is just the sequence data and voice references. if the voices are in the same location as the .rs file is will load them, if they are in different locations then you will get a list of missing voices.

What you are looking for is .sy. This is the current system including voices, rs data, system setting - the entire lot :)

yep a video would help :) The internal seq shouldn't have any timing issues, so show me what you got ;)

Hmmn. I've looked into this for you and I've found some latency with midi. another thing is to make sure the sample you are using has no lead space. even use PAGE E to cut the biginning out - let me know your thoughts :)

what os are you using? you must have opengl :)

Yep - the underlying engine just wasn't complete enough... :(

You need to use a function with an input of KEYTIM. Adjust the tracking to give different timings :)

what os and specs please :

It's a full ide for the programming language Wonkey

there are manuals and other help files - look for the cookbooks ;)

I've checked out the files and heres the correct answer:

files come in 2 type 16k sample & 21k sample+harmonic data

the loop points are found in the corresponding .CO file - which you will need to load manually.

To do this. locate the .co file with the same filename. click the voice to load this info into (usually the same as the voice file) then click LOAD. that will load the loop points and any other data into page 7 ;)

alias uses different loop settings. much more like the series III.

You load a sound and then go to SAMPLE EDIT to set the loop and end x-fade

1. no - just the same single output

2. yes - it uses the exact import routines

3. currently not at this time

4. it is a completely different sound core, built for speed, synthesis and enhanced effects

yes and no. the .vc format come in 2 varieties. 16k which is just the sample and 21k which is the sample plus the .co data with the loop pointsQB should read those. I'll check and get back to you  :)

The other version is compiled on a different machine with backwards compatibility. This is the dev version and not compiled yet for backwards compatibility - this will be done next :) But good call \o/

I looks like there is something missing from your system. Please be aware that this is pre release.

Not yet - I'm looking into this ;)

I might have met him when I tried to get on one of their courses at that time - Electronic musical instruments..

yep - damping is the Fairlight version of Release. Another way is to use a function with the input as KEYTIM (key time). you can then use tracking to speed up/down how fast it tracks...

Midi with QB is a bit primitive. it only receives midi. There are 3 modes:

1. accepts midi from any channel. into the current voice (or voices if polyphony if being used)

2. accept sys ex

3. accepts 16 mono channels and routes them to each of the first 16 voices

mmm. interesting. I'll get back to you on this - QB is compiled on a windows 10 machine..

is the pc 32 or 64bit? which os?

just download v1.36 and use that version

known error ;)

No problem. Make sure that 'RECORD' is highlighted :)

have you downloaded the cookbook and the guides - there is a whole lod of information and demo files including all the sounds :)

you need to use PAGE 2 to load sounds first.

it's not a plugin so wont directly integrate into a daw. but you can use MIDI to control the 16 voices. 1 channel per voice

i'm looking into this. ;)

everything is custom written from scratch

the linux development was not moved further because of the midi issues

I can see what can be done for you ;)

can you post a video of this?