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This will be a fast one... I've got an idea and a title - so at least thats a start ;)

I did work on an initial windows version, but had issues with the 3d display code. But I am toying with Rameses 2 in the near future ;)

well nice. pity you can't use the control keys to move though

Currently no.

What parts are you most interesting in?

FontSprite has been updated with stability fixes

New features:

- now remembers the size and position of the window

- file icons now live at the top of the panels

- new stroke and fill options

- added black, grey and purple background so you can view sprites on different colors


Thanks for that. Definitely My Bad Day... LOL


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Now up to V1.06 and includes sound creation. use preset waveforms or 'draw' your own and instantly hear and See the results.


Edit sounds using in/out points. trim, cut, copy, alter volume, smooth and seamlessly loop sounds.

Loads wav, aif, ogg, Amiga, Fairlight, PPG, Roland, Akai, Emu libraries and more.

Saves as 8,16 bit mono and stereo

save is now fully enabled

We're in the dev (alpha) stage at the moment, so things can change. What would make the cell assigning better more transparent to use?

Midi is an option for me to think about.

It's not written in .net, but thanks for the suggestion ;)

currently there are no plans to release the game until I can work out where things went wrong. It's all been a learning process so nothing wasted.

Hopefully the game issues can be solved and I can think  what to do later ;)

it's a fairly new cross platform language: Monkey2 with a custom opengl renderer by me ;/

It is with a very heavy heart that RogueTable 30 will not be entered into the Jam ;[

It is completely finished! works very well, has all 8 levels, and everything you have seen.

The issues started this afternoon while trying to recompile for windows10. Nothing went well. and it has taken until tonight to get the compiler sorted and the sources working.

Then I came up against and unknown opengl error and it looks like part of the display is now missing!

Testing and debugging was started. but I tried a second compile for the mac. Similar issues occurred. I am not exactly sure where the problems lie, possibly memory and also OpenGl faults (which cannot be solved in time)

The dev system is a big mac with lots of memory and special source and a few pickles thrown in as well, so it may be that there are issues to do with that.

On running on the lower machines I also found the speed was taking a big hit as well.

With all of this taken into consideration. I have to pull out.

I am not exactly sure what to do now, but I have an idea to drop the entire programming language and move to something more stable and predictable like Unreal!

I am also sorry to all and any of you who were waiting to see the real thing in action. I think you might be able to understand my own disappointment in this too. ;(

Brilliant luck to everyone who takes part though. We all deserve some sleep and thanks for all the hard work.

Signing off now... Goodbye Dave... Daisy, Daisy...

This is the final WIP pic - Yep still in dev mode till the end...

This is level 8 (of 8). Looks like this isn't going to be a walk in the park. more like a walk near the swamp and the big ole tree surrounded by bugs. ugh!

1 Relic, 8 Segments, 30 seconds. FIGHT!

Last one for the day. possibly the last one...

The Room is found and the Nomicron has opened with the cards of evil!

The logo is seen, and there is a nice big button to press.

I hear the wind and in the distance the mournful bell tolls...

Such a nice glowing red button! I wonder what it does?

So, we're in the final segment now and the pressure is on for all of us ;)

Looks like the same for the Nomicron as well...

Yep agreed. I was looking forward to this one. ;/

just because you asked so nicely, heres a shot of some of relic screen in dev

Superb work on the breaking cubes - well done.

Really interesting mechanic about moving in two time frames to complete. Got to say the look is great - especially the slightly shiny paint.

Unreal or Unity?

So, today there is no pic ;( Basically nothing new on that front as I have been hard at audio production. Everything coming together slowly.

I need to work on a beginning, and ending now. luckily I have ideas of how it should go.

There should be something ready for the end of the Jam, but I'm not saying it will be (so far) completed. You'll just have to take it as it is...

But it is currently fully playable now :)

Still a way to go. but thanks for the encouragement ;)

I'm more or less happy with the flow and feel. I need to get a main menu, and sound sorted now... 

LOL, you beat me to it. Definitely Super Mario - in a good way.

Definitely has something about it that is interesting. would be a shame not to get it to a more playable state.

Here's a graphics tweak for you to think about. place a graded dark sprite (going from grey to transparent, below your figure for instant shadow effect. Stops him from looking like he is floating a bit .:)

Here's today WIP

adding some spice to the display. also some more mechanics to do with doors... and rooms... and lighting...

so, for todays WIP:

initially it looks like there is nothing new. But wait. there are blood splats and numerous monsters. So it looks like the battle system is now functional ;)

Been bug hunting and getting timings right so it doesn't feels slow.

so, the essence is 30 seconds to get the relic and 30 seconds to get out. Fighting monsters will either remove a heart (they won) or give you a few seconds extra to play with (you won)

Hopefully Matthew can access the above video from youtube as well ;)

Looking forward to playing everyone else's games  as well.

very nice 'gritty' look to it. Well chosen materials.

yep. the engine is definitely a WIP. but it is very stable. programmed in OpenGL with custom shaders. 

LOL Sorry for spamming the site with youtube again. Can't seem to get my browser around it

↵ Use original player
← Replay

Today's Pic is the battle arena:

Pink Knight is using a fire attack and has 3 hearts, the blob has a water shield and has 2 hearts.

So... I suppose a water shield would stop a fire? No damage to either side

Great concept. Here's a thought for you. Increase the scale of your 'man' 2-3 times (maybe more).

You won't have to change anything apart from the scale parameter for the man model, but it might make everything a bit cleaner.

love the way the lights change from green to red - very cool

ok, you got me. how the hell did you do it?

I'm a complete noob at the youtube stuff ;(

Matthew, can't you just use the gif animations instead for the preview????

↵ Use original player
← Replay
↵ Use original player
← Replay

So Todays WIP is animated (yay, but they didn't appear in the promo vid?) I'll need to create a utube account I suppose??

This has been gamma corrected so it isn't so dark. But it gives an idea of how the battles will be fought, models are now bigger and brighter and show their respective health.

You also can see how the view will flip from one side to the other giving a more dynamic feel.

I've worked out how the attack cards will operate against each other, so just need to implement it all now


Really, really nice looking 3d art you have there :)

In the opening menu screen, the text might stand out a bit more if it was outlined in black?

Also watch the size of the flying leaves (which are a nice touch). you don't want them looking like big things - unless you too ;)

But nice work. I like it a lot.

I usually use a _gameMode:int to decide what I am doing. but I found that a lot of it became time based, so instead of GAMEMODE_PLAY and GAMEMODE_MENU I needed GAMEMODE_MENUTOPLAY, etc

You then end up with a lot of big case/switch/if statements to pick which mode you are in.

Currently everything is being controlled by time and timelines. I trigger a timeline and it returns a value from 0 to 1. 0 being one state 1 being another state. everything in between is some form of transition.

E.G. I am currently going from play into battle modes. and just set a transition for 2 seconds. but it was too long, so I kept tweeting the timing variable until it felt 'right' As it is time based, it will run the same on any platform or computer.

Think of it as sort of invisible events. You can trigger a defined time - read the position, and be notified when it reaches the end.

I am not sure if Unity or Unreal have these things as default, but I am sure they could be quickly knocked up. Maybe think about it for another time ;]