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Update Post 3:

I've basically spent almost all this time making assets till now... I roughly work 2 hours a day on this project, still gotta maintain that social life.

Here's the rough list of things i've done;

  • Done the player movement script; this is a really simple script. One of the characters moves, for example - Right (A key), the other one - Left (still A key), this also contains basic jump mechanic, still need to tweak that though.
  • Started to make some levels; i am going for a 'World 1-1' sort of style.
  • Started to roughly sketch out the menu; level select and that sort of thing.
  • Added a little bit of personality to both characters;
    • The story is that... There once was a cube named 'Green' who lived in a gameboy colored world. But one day he was split into two 'Yellow' and 'Blue' (these colors make up green). Now he tries to get back together but everytime he tries, it fails (basically you end a level by getting back together, but instead of ending the game you go to the next level ). 'Yellow' is the optimistic part of 'Green', but 'Blue' is the pessimistic side ('Green' just doesnt give a ****). 

    Planned mechanics;

    Note; these are the mechanics yet to be added, these are just mock up images...

    This has a lot of potential

    Ubuntu master race? P.s Looking good !

    This is so cool!

    I bet it will be really cool when its finished

    Looking good, I am looking forward to playing this. : ^)

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    Progress Post 2:

    So... I changed my concept up a bit, basically:

    • Now there are 2 characters (blue, and yellow), which of course, are mirrored! Their goal is to meet up and get back to being green...
    • I made a story where one green character was split into 2 different colors, by a... Color Wizard??? And so their (his) journey through levels is to get back to being whole.

    I might add some special effects based on the character. Im still early in developement and i dont have time to 24/7 work on this project.  Please give me feedback on what you think, it iwll be really appreciated!! Oh, and the level will be complete once both colors combine. Character sprites are just temporary.

    Click here to view image...

    Edit: I added a better picture here...

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    Basically i made a pixel platformer where there is a mirrored version of the player on the other side, currently i only have this one prototyped level >_<

    Edit: I tried to make this game in 4 colors, cause i wanted to try something like that. (Original Gameboyish color palette)