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Progress Post 2:

So... I changed my concept up a bit, basically:

  • Now there are 2 characters (blue, and yellow), which of course, are mirrored! Their goal is to meet up and get back to being green...
  • I made a story where one green character was split into 2 different colors, by a... Color Wizard??? And so their (his) journey through levels is to get back to being whole.

I might add some special effects based on the character. Im still early in developement and i dont have time to 24/7 work on this project.  Please give me feedback on what you think, it iwll be really appreciated!! Oh, and the level will be complete once both colors combine. Character sprites are just temporary.

Click here to view image...

Edit: I added a better picture here...

The art style is nice :)

I agree, the style is really nice, simple yet striking!

Im liking the style you're going for :)