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you should use .zip in the future. the itch app doesn't like .rar files it seems :)

this was super super fun ! !!! !

the whole way baby ^^

this was really fun! I especially liked the writing a lot :3

yo I'm getting an error!! "RPGVX RTP is not found."

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really fun game! I just wish it was a bit more difficult to make second runs more interesting. Other than that, I love it :)

wow, this was really frigging good

that was fun, I liked it

I'm getting a loading error: "failed to load img/pictures/mouse_3.png" and "audio/se/Cursor1.ogg" It seems I can't play the game without it because the loading error message interrupts the game :(

this is sooo good

wow, this is so poggers

ayy,, thank you! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

this was really hard becaseu the controlls was exactly the oposite of what I'm used too. It looks good thought, too bad I can't play it correctly because of the controlls :(

that's nice. I realy like the art :) I just wish my guy was more in the middle of the screen. 

I'm confused, I seem to die regardless of what I do. looks cool though, the sprites are a bit blurry is all

ay, this was fun! I didn't get to see the end though. There are some really dificult jumps and you have to start from the beginning if you fail. I wish there were checkpoints for this reason, or just more fogiving platforming

thank you (✿◡‿◡)

hehe thank

don't tell anyone but this is my favorite. super cute( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

this was really hard, I almost died IRL..

Very well polished gameplay, It's super satisfying to murder drones. I would have liked to see some kind of health pickups maybe, or a different enemy type. The sprites and sounds are all really good, and there's a nice contrast between different gameplay elements. I like.

There is not much story but the short introduction tells me all I need to know.. I managed to keep the ____ safe for 690 points.

as for the theme, the premise is certainly a scary one.. I dunno what I would do without ____- although I wasn't very scared while playing it, I was just having a great time killing robots..

gameplay: 22x 🤖 and 5x 🔥

presentation: 9x ✨

horror: 5x 😱

thick: 3x 🐑

use these emojis wisely, emoji access expires in 14 days

this was quite hard but I did manage to make it to the end after a while. At one point when I fell it started me back at the beginning rather than the checkpoint which was pretty *oof* tbh.  I think the jumpy jumps was fun and a lot of the jumps was hard but not impossible and I liked that you can kinda skip platforms if you're feeling confident and are good at video games like myself. Near the end when the game turns into wipeout the obstacles/traps doesn't really feel dangerous, they look dangerous but you can kinda just run through them and they don't push you half of the time.  Overall It's a fun jumpy jump game that you can finsih in a few minutes.

Ok so that was the gameplay. Now for the other stuff..

The game needs some sounds. The rule is at least ONE sound per game(not a real rule) but this game has no sounds at all :( .. I think those kids that are sitting everywhere on the map and sometime walking in the air in the distance for some reason really ads a lot to the experience. Especially my man in the prison who escaped thank god. Hope he's doing alright. I think I enjoyed the presence of these tiny thick friends untill one of them started birthing hundreds of dead babies to make me a dead baby bridge just so I could reach the afterlife. I mean yeah, I escaped purgatory.. but at what cost??? 

gameplay: 10 :)

sound: 999999 :( 

visual: 15 :)

thickness: 10 :)

horror: 1000 :)

that's 1035 smileys and 999999 frowneys that you can use however you want, take care

this IS it chief.

honestly don't know what happened but I peed

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oh wow, I must have missed it - I was playing on my iPad so that's probably why I didn't hear the music :) I'll try again when I'm on my computer (which is now, I'm saying I will try it now)

edit: yes I hear it now, It works, can confirm. It's very simple(the music) but it does a lot to set the mood for the game. I'm looking forward to your future projects <3

This is such a nice little game ^-^ I love the art and the message. I wish there were some sounds or music to go along, especially at the end to make it even more impactful like a spark or something magical yanowaimean? Yeah, so, game good, make more please uwu

This was a very relatable experience. A facinating journey through the neverending labyrinth of life. Equipped only with the power of our imagination we are tasked with the impossible goal to paint the plane walls surrounding us with positivity and happy thoughs. Our efforts is however futile because we are all alone in this maze and what is the point of happiness if we have no others to share it with?

A nice start for a future game. I would do some work on the player controller as he was kind of bouncing off walls and shiz which weirded me out. Also the bullet physics was super strange. Did you have a wind system in place? If so, that could actually be cool if you demonstrated visually which way the wind was blowing in. With like tiny wind particles or something. I'm glad you submitted this despite it not being finished, hopefully you will know better how to organize your time in the next one. Good luck with your future games! :)

Come to think of it, I belive there was an explainer at some point that I missed(Because I jumped down before reading D:) that probably said that. So most people probably won't feel as lost as me :)

Amazingly chill game with beautiful pixels! HOWEVER, THE QUIT BUTTON DOESN'T WORK!!!!! But that's okay because I love this music and I don't want it to stop. I did get a bit confused because the jump height seemed to be just barely not enough to reach some places. So I had to like time the perfect jump or do some weird parkouring on the wall to get to the next platform. Maybe I missed something(I'm aware of the double jump)? Other than that, there isn't much to complain about. The sound effects when I reach a new checkpoint is the best and along with the music it made it feel like I was playing one of those super chill mobile games that are pretty simple but perfectly polished. I only wish it was longer :(

Thanks for playing my game! Regarding your feedback. I have been debating what would be the best way of fixing these issues. (By unresponsive, you mean the low change in speed when you move with wasd, right). The first build of the game(You can test it if you have the itch app) has a lot less kickback from the guns but I felt it took away from the (n)icyness of the game. It was also a lot harder(I feel) because you can't use the guns to move super fast away from the enemies. So in the current version you kinda have to use your guns to project yourself around the map. I guess having played it so much myself, I never realized that using guns to move around is not exactly natural. I think you fixed the game though with your simple trick. If I make the map bigger and thus give the player more freedom to fail. It may still work. An additional solution would be to add a progression system that encourages players to keep playing untill they git gud and finally beat the game. I think I'll start with making the map bigger. It will only take a minute(If you want to test it). Anyways, thanks for the feedback NoobException! Loved your paper plane game. Are you participating in this weeks jam?

hey, thanks! Do you mean the one at the end of the second level? You are actually supposed to run on the side of it and it will rotate you on to the top, It's a bit weird :)

did I win? 

It was not what I expected but it was very enjoyable and it gave me an idea for another game! (what I originaly thought this game would be)

well it wouldn't be real time if it's a replay :) 

I couldn't stop myself, sorry

good job with the game! Here comes some cirticism :D

I think the controlls need to be a bit less "smooth" if you know what I mean, there seems to be some mouse smoothing and when you start and stop moving there is a delay. Other than that, shooting the robots were very fun. I actually enjoyed the unprecise gunplay. I just wish the level were a bit less linear, It seemed to be only be one way to traverse the map with big collissions blocking me from going a different way.(these collisions also blocked bullet fire which was a bit anoying). 

I really liked the opening when you are at the train and the train is actually moving. Good voice acting too!

I loved it! the visuals are very stylish and varied. The cave part with the shadows were very interesting. The combat became very easy when I figured I could just spam the jump attack to not take any damage lol.

Also, the platforming bits or when you have to walk over a bridge or something was a bit anoying on mouse and keyboard because I have to press both down and right at the same time. I assume it's better with a gamepad.

anyways, congrats on the great game!

i really like this! well, the game is fine and all but it looks amazing! i wish it got harder as you go on or something to make me want to keep playing. as it is right now i have no goal in my mind, just score a number that's heigher than the last rather than overcome a challange or obstacle. but i think this could be alot of fun if it got harder as i said, you could even push the style by making it increasingly more surreal. but yeah, that's all. keep making stuff and i look forward to see more games from you in the future :D

woah, thanks! I really appreciate your kind words. I plan to work a bit more on this game in the near future so hopefully it will feel alot better, maybe I'll add some new attacks to the boss when he lose X amount of health. Also gotta fix the sound thing but yeah I really appreciate your involvement with the wgj and love your streams. Hope to hear from you in the future :D