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i really like this! well, the game is fine and all but it looks amazing! i wish it got harder as you go on or something to make me want to keep playing. as it is right now i have no goal in my mind, just score a number that's heigher than the last rather than overcome a challange or obstacle. but i think this could be alot of fun if it got harder as i said, you could even push the style by making it increasingly more surreal. but yeah, that's all. keep making stuff and i look forward to see more games from you in the future :D

woah, thanks! I really appreciate your kind words. I plan to work a bit more on this game in the near future so hopefully it will feel alot better, maybe I'll add some new attacks to the boss when he lose X amount of health. Also gotta fix the sound thing but yeah I really appreciate your involvement with the wgj and love your streams. Hope to hear from you in the future :D

thank you!

very uniqe! i like

i feel like bosses might be a bit to hard to kill, what i mean by that is they have to much health or the player doesn't deal enough damage. would be cool to see some kind of alternative attack like a bomb that forces me to get up close and personal. right now it's very easy to cheese the fire boss by just standing in the starting area and shooting at the middle of the arena. anyways, the art was good. I especially liked the player character alot :D

I can't afford to use data on video atm but I would love to know the theme. Somebody want to be kind and write it? Thanks

alright then, i'll have a look at the download as well

i really enjoyed until i klicked the back button accidentally. i think i got the idea tho and my only issue is the slow jumping

thats a great idea, I will try that if I have time when I come home. Im confident there is an issue with the project because my friend was nice enough to stay up late to download it and he couldnt package it either. 

that is something i have thought about and thank you for suggesting it, i have however decided to make something brand new and with a partner this time. will probably flop but it'll be fun

i have that actually, anyway thanks for all the help and i love your game

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i belive it's excactly the same but i don't understand half of it

this happens when i load the project tho

LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object 'Class None.'

not sure if it has anything to do with the error tho

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i am installing it now, will report back

still doesn't work but thanks anyway

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thank's everyone for replying, i posted a youtube video showing what happens when i try to package. i probably messed up somewhere but i don't know where

EDIT: here is the log..

EDIT2: so i think i should mention that this is an issue with the project and not the engine, i was able to package a blank project when i tried that

EDIT3: so the log is here now

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sadly, ue4 doesn't want to package my game. I'm getting an unknown error. Help would be greatly appreciated ofcourse but i'm prepared for the worst. I put my hearth into this project and it has been the hardest I have worked the whole year, it might not be the best game but its my game and i'm proud of that, even if nobody but me will ever play it. perhaps that's for the best, nobody would beat my highscore anyway. I just want to say thank you Matthew Palaje for hosting this jam, I have learned alot and I do not regret the time I have spent on this... But for real tho, anyone knows what's up with my project?



well done!

woah, i wish i had the same mindset as you.. right now i'm sitting here with a pretty image with no idea what to do with it