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This little project took wayyy long then i thought (because trying to make it prefect in my head) but i'm happy with it!

Looks amazing!

But u mentioned it took too long, so i got a little tip for you (you can use it or not, depens on what u wanan focus on and what u want to create in terms of game mechanics), which u already at least partially got yourself.

Keep the artwork level of items that do not have an actual function, like just standing around, low and put the time u gain into the  important artwork (game chars, enemys, items u can actually use), because changing these later on can be much more work, than just changing some assets that have no function in terms of gamemechanics.

I will take that to heart, The more i work on the assets i find my time ticking away when i could be using else where. But at the same token i have made a lot of assets by hand so far and am way better at using Voxel because of it. :)