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I miss those old playstation portable classics.😅

Patapon is that you?

Same here couldn't see any download :3

yeah I actually just worked  a little less than 1 day on the project XD

Wow this is pretty awesome. The setting is super cool ^

hahaha I knew I should've spent more time on the respawn logic XD

Thanks ^^. Well it was the first time that I did 3D Level Design so the design is probably not the best XD

Had a lot of fun with this one. 😁

I really like the concept. At first, I was a bit confused because I didn't recognize that I am also on the playfield with the other evil emojis. I find the concept of taking cover super cool. 😁 

Really cool game I am amazed how much content you made for a game jam game 😱. I am also kinda amazed that tho you did not add a minimap I never got lost. How much playtesting did you do for the levels? The only thing that I did not enjoy as much were the passages where you need to jump up a platform by passing it to the left/right. I think having platforms where you can jump through is a bit better. 

And I love the character design of the big guy he is just so cute 😍

It would have been nice to have some more hints for the controls. I really liked the soundtrack. It would have been cool to have some additional ability like a dash or some enemies.

Very nice concept. I think it would have been nice to have some hints where some of the platforms are since I thought the game  ended on level 3 but it didnt XD

The theme was super nice implemented and the game looked super polished. Sadly enemies could not be beaten. But the concept is really nice 

I liked it but the controls where kinda sluggish. I really liked the combination of the colors really nice way of interpreting the theme

Super Duper cool Game. Had a lot of fun. It feels very satisfying

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Thanks for the fast reply ^^ and as far as I tried it out it just works setting assets from above. Could it be that some of the functionality does not work, because I am working with the URP Renderer of Unity? 

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It would be nice to be able to set tiles from underneath the placement grid . E.g. for a  roof of a dungeon. Right now you have to get rid of level elements which are above to set such elements.  This makes the whole process a bit fiddly which could be improved with this small feature. (Probably this is already possible and I am just too dumb to use it properly ^^)

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Bananaz! is a 3D-platformer I made as an school exercise and it turned out pretty well for a time constraint of 3 days, so I thought I would share it here on itch. The goal is to collect all the Bananaz as fast as possible! If you like what you see you can play it over here. Feel free to give me some feedback I want to improve as a dev!

the green palette is really pleasing^^

The game is really good but the standard palette should be a different one ^^

The  game is pretty good I like the graphicstyle and the polish of the game,  you hit the theme well.

Very nice Graphics. But it would be better if the bird was easier to control but all in all its a good game ^^

Cool Game i like the old style but its a little too hard.

First Movement ^^ yay.  And made a test Sprite for the Player

Pixeled some  basic groundtiles for the jam game. 

The game is going to be a metroid like game. with mirror tools as gameplay elements.

Don't even have a Gamedesign or something but. I worked on a main menu^^. I know that I want to make the game in a 2D Pixelart style. I will use this menu for more little projects in Future.

Good luck to everyone and have fun on development ;)

Great Game !

I had a lot of fun playing the demo.
The Pixelart ist amazing und the soundtrack is gorgeous.
It's a really great game it is a must play for every coop fan ^^.

Graphics are good but the Gameplay needed more deepth. And i should not be able as player to fall of this is not so funny

Great Game what Framework or Engine did you use?