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Great concept! You took the theme really well. 

I know everybody said it. But environment and music feels really solid. I hope we can see more of it in future. 

Definitely a win deserving game. 

I would have added some sound effects but I am not good with sound / music in general. So, it takes lot of time when I try to do it.

I agree with you, the crate sound was bit annoying.

Really enjoyed the game. Great music and art.

I am glad that you liked it. 

As far as levels are concerned time didn't allowed me to make them challenging. But I will surely try to improve.

Thanks for your review !

Great Job !

 Everything about this game is perfect for me at least. It feels solid. Hopefully, you will turn this into a full game.

Hey Jonataurus, I agree with you.

But It was taking me too long to create levels so, I had to cut down my vision for levels.

Finally,  I finished '2 Ballz'.  Hopefully you guy's like it.

Check out game -

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Hey guys,
I am looking for team member. I have an idea for the jam but I need some help. I am using unity. 

I can do programming and a little bit of rest.