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Eripmav (Mirror Game Jam)View game page

Jump from reality to reflection, reach your victim, and quench your thirst for blood.
Submitted by Never Rest Studio (@NeverRestStudio) — 5 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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Entertaining, briefly. The controls took me a bit to figure out on keyboard and it seemed to end after one level, despite the presence of other levels implied in the screenshots. The art is pretty good, I didn't hear any music when playing so I may have, yep it was an older version, which may explain a bit.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! If you do have the time (and motivation) I'd love if you could try the final submission as I did sneak in quite a bit of improvement in the final day. The 2nd level was only added in the final release (selectable directly from the main menu or automatically loaded after completing) the first level. It is definitely brief though, yes. In 4 days solo work I'm afraid I simply didn't have time to add any more within the game jam, though I do intend to add more going forward. The music...I wrote a few pieces within those 4 days and wasn't happy that any of them fit the game. I've since composed this piece which I'm a bit more happy with but I won't be updating the game until the jam is completely finished. I don't know how it works in terms of the submission, but I don't want to inadvertently cheat by making changes after the jam finished but whilst the voting is still active.

(P.S. The keyboard controls are listed on the game's page. Again, I'm afraid I simply ran out of time to create graphics for both keyboard and gamepad inputs.)


Good pixel art.


This was really good! Loved the pixel art and the animations, yes was confused by the controls for a moment. Can't imagine this was done in a short 4 days, well done!


Thanks very much! It's my first real go at pixel art and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Yep, those 4 days went quick! I spent a few hours writing out a prioritised to-do list and I think that was invaluable to getting the most important parts done in time rather than completely "winging it" or just keeping a track mentally.

Sorry about the controls confusion - if I'd had time I would've got the tutorial messages for keyboard done as well. I'm afraid I suffer from RSI and a gamepad is much more comfortable for me than a keyboard and mouse so that is the control scheme I put initial focus on.


Absolutely loved it! But I think some atmospheric music would be a good addition.


Thanks! I absolutely agree. The stupid thing is that, in recent times at least, I've done so much more composition than game development. I figured it would be the part I'd find easiest and I could just slot it in at the end but inevitably I ran out of time. I actually wrote two pieces for it but ended up deciding that neither quite worked with the game and preferred it without over being paired with some "for the sake of it" music. I'll certainly give it another try though.


I've had another go at a main theme for the game. I've aimed for a period-drama style with just a touch of unease. I'd love to know what you think! :)

eripmav (main theme)


It sounds really good, and I think it fits the atmosphere of the game well. And good luck on making this a into a full game :)


Third time's a charm! Not a style I'm overly practiced at so good to know it fits. Thanks for taking the time to listen and I'll take all the luck I can get!


Great Job !

 Everything about this game is perfect for me at least. It feels solid. Hopefully, you will turn this into a full game.


Thanks so much - that's absolutely made my day! I fully plan to. I ended up really liking what was supposed to just be a bit of fun for a jam and put some time into making sure it was a good base to build on. Unfortunately, that left less time to build more content within the jam time frame, but it should also make it much easier to extend on going forward.


Really nice looking game! The on-screen controls are for gamepads, so I was a bit confused at first.


Thanks, both for the kind words and taking the time to play and comment! Yes, due to time constraints, I didn't get around to creating graphics for keyboard inputs yet. I have listed the keyboard controls on the game's page to hopefully help with any confusion, but I'll certainly be looking to address that in a future version.