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Absolutely loved it! But I think some atmospheric music would be a good addition.


Thanks! I absolutely agree. The stupid thing is that, in recent times at least, I've done so much more composition than game development. I figured it would be the part I'd find easiest and I could just slot it in at the end but inevitably I ran out of time. I actually wrote two pieces for it but ended up deciding that neither quite worked with the game and preferred it without over being paired with some "for the sake of it" music. I'll certainly give it another try though.

I've had another go at a main theme for the game. I've aimed for a period-drama style with just a touch of unease. I'd love to know what you think! :)

eripmav (main theme)


It sounds really good, and I think it fits the atmosphere of the game well. And good luck on making this a into a full game :)

Third time's a charm! Not a style I'm overly practiced at so good to know it fits. Thanks for taking the time to listen and I'll take all the luck I can get!