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The concept is brilliant! I could imagine a full game with this idea, in first person or even vr?

Execution could have been better though. The camera isn't zoomed out that far so I got shot from of screen a couple times. And the game over screen takes too long. Also I searched every room and I couldn't find the teleporter.

I really liked the game overal :)

This game had some mind fuck levels. In a good way.

Took me a while for me to even understand the goal of level one though. Level 4 was also a huge difficulty spike in my experience. And I could get into level eight, trying to select the level brought me back to the menu.

I really enjoyed the game overal, great sound design and a very cool concept.

I can't find the .exe file in the download. Make sure it's uploaded correctly.

It's so slippery!

Would have a played better if the car had traction.

I don't think removing the character made it more interesting in any way :/

But the music is nice :D

Thank you for playing my game man! I've heard from more people that's its quite hard so I'll definitely make it a little easier. I really enjoyed the video. 

Well, I was just  finishing up my game tonight, but time went faster than expected so I didn't get to submit it.

I know it's my own fault for poorly managing my time, but here is the link if you're interested

Thanks to anyone who checked it out. I can't wait to see what other people have done with the theme.

I'm still in the planning stage, but I already know the title of my game: "Interdimensional Super Incredible Santa, is coming for you!" (Read the acronym)

Unfortunately I encountered a bug where the red spheres just wouldn't turn green after the one in the tutorial room.

Really nice! I did experience a bug where the mirrors would sometimes just disappear.

Nothing is as uneasing as inverted music. And that ending kind was brilliant!

When the level mirrors it felt a bit jarring and I lost reference for a second, maybe it would be better to just invert gravity? Other than that I really enjoyed it. I liked the bright colors and the level was well designed.

It sounds really good, and I think it fits the atmosphere of the game well. And good luck on making this a into a full game :)

I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for the gameplay suggestion :)

It often happens that developers find their own games to easy, but that's obviously because they spent a lot of time playing it. Which is why playtesters are so important :)

Those punchy sounds is so satisfying! 

Absolutely loved it! But I think some atmospheric music would be a good addition.

The aurora lighting in the background is gorgeous! The sounds and the music is very atmospheric too. My only criticism is that the levels don't get very challenging.

Wonderful art style with very fitting music. I did find an unintended buggy solution to the last puzzle though; I placed one of the mirrors underneath an open red gate, so when the gate shut the mirror was inside of it and the light beam wasn't blocked. Other than that I have nothing to complain about :)

We can't play your game because only the exe file is uploaded. I had the same problem initially, what you need to do is archive all the gamedata using winrar and then upload the whole thing. I hope you get it to work :)

Voice acting was hilarious! Loved the gameplay too.

Please tell me what you think of it :D