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2D game with 3D control
Submitted by suryavamsikk, Tarun.b, bustingjam, jaibeer72 — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline
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(1 edit) (+1)

Note : so far i played levels 1 to 4

Ok i have a lot suggestions! But first somethings i liked

Very Positive:

-> The concept

-> Puzzles are pretty good!


-> I like that you guys teach via gameplay rather than just tell

-> Good variety in level design


-> Why are the exit and back buttons different? It would nice if every option would be chosen by the same way

-> Personally felt that the difficulty curve went up too sharply. Maybe make them a little bit easier?


-> The color of the two types of tiles are too similar. Perhaps you can make the shadow tile turn green when correct amount of shadow is on it and make the light tile turn red when there is too much shadow on it

-> I solved levels 2 and 4 by accident when moving around the lights. So i still don't know the correct solution for them. Why not add a button to verify solution instead of automatically accepting solution? 

Very Negative:

-> The most annoying thing  is when the level restarts. I heard from you're gameplay designer that there is a problem when the light goes inside a cube. If you can make it collide and stop instead of restarting it would be really nice.  If you cant do much about the restarting then at least make it a little more clear the boundary of the light. I rage quitted in level 5 cause i kept restarting :P

Really looking forward to see where this game goes! Good job, i see great potential!



- yeah we are working on the level restart to just colliding 

- we are working on the learning curve but letting the player play more levels with no scroll but plain moving and then later introduction to scroll and then moving and sizing cubes as well and yeah we already did few major changes but we are not able to upload it because the jam has to end but we will be deploying all the updates we made as soon as the jam finishes 

-> level might have different solutions as well its about the shadows and lights and the game entirely is based on the correcting angling there might be an easy spot or a tough spot in a level player must identify those spots.. there is no correct solution there just might be many or sometimes only one. 

->well coming to color ... there is going to be a short reasoning about a clock as shown in the menu (Sundial) in the levels as well its just the jam that we couldn't include it in time but yeah.

-> there are things to be changed in UI as well like having the legend of the components in the levels in a separate menu rather than about.

we are constantly observing everything and slowly changing things one by one as we are very small in team and colleges yeah thanks again for a detailed feed back .. !!!


Any chance of a Mac version? I'd love to try this out. 

Developer (1 edit)

hey Crawlspace 

We do not have a Mac at the moment to try it on and make sure it works but surly we shall look into it 


If you wanted to send me a build I'd be more than happy to playtest the Mac version and let you know if it works!

Developer (1 edit)

Hey ! 

sadly as the team is not comfortable in sending the project file to you might have to wait for the game jam to end so we can update it. 

We did get access to a iMac and we will be building it as well :D 

Just give us a little time Follow me and Surya.  when the gameJam voting is done. We shall update the game to have a Mac Lunix and Android version up. Maybe IOS as well :D. 


No worries, I completely understand. And I'm excited to play the Mac version when it finally comes out!


Hey i made a Mac Build I would like it if you test it out and make sure everything is working :D 

thank you :)

Developer (1 edit)

well the only things is we are sealed for this competition and we will definitely update the game based on all the players reviews

and we are gonna deploy all the updates at once as soon as the competition is done ..... 

and do check out the gameplay video as well because that is the updated version we have and we might constantly change it as well according to the players reviews and deploy it all at once as said.


Really cool idea, like others have said the way of teaching the mechanic on the menu was a very good idea. The gameplay was solid, I did get confused whenever the level reset itself though, I also managed to knock my light off the bottom of the stage on the first level by pushing it with another light by accident


0_0!! ?

Wait really ? I could I sworn I playtested that to make sure that does not happen 🙈. 

I'll check it again if it happens we will find a fix and make sure 

Thanks mate ! Cheers 


Well there was DevLog that we didn't publish last time please check that out for the change log for the last update we have given before the submission closed ... There is another update ready informing players enough about everything in the game and might as well have the controls changed as many people said it was off so yeah .... !! feel free to point out more bugs or issues you have with the game 


Really cool concept! There was some moments where it wasn't clear to me why something wasn't working though... Also having to use LMB and the scroll at the same time felt quite uncomfortable.


hey Fumeijoe !

Yeah I understand we have got a few inputs on the controls being a little off . 

We will probably be adding the option of assigning buttons or maybe just a better control scheam soon enough . 

We will also be adding a few levels and other stuff if you could stick around for the updates it would be cool :D 


Neat premise to try to wrap my brain around. Looks and sounds good. Consider having the move light in/out (scroll wheel) feature work in the menu.



We will consider having it move in the Main menu as well initially it did not make sense initially in the design but sure its a quick fix if enough people have a problem with it i will make sure to implement it 

Also thank you for the positive feed back i hope when we do implement new levels you would consider updating the game and enjoying it further ^_^ we shall be adding a mobile port as well again i hope you follow the dev logs and keep up with us :) 


Love the menu system, starts teaching the mechanics before you even start playing.


Thank you for the feedback :D 

Again if there is anything you wish for us to add to the game or dislike please do tell us we will try keep updating the game so it grows. 

Thank you. 

(1 edit)

I'm not sure about Level 8. I either need more feedback from the game that I've failed the level or the nature of the puzzle could be clearer OR Level 8 isn't working. 

P.S. Level 4 was fine

Developer (2 edits)

We made only 7 levels from 8 to 12 work in progress .... we apologize for not mentioning it in the game ...  

Pretty good up until level 4 where i had no idea what was going on.


So Basically how the light source moves up and down with the scroll the objects are moving up and down .....


This game had some mind fuck levels. In a good way.

Took me a while for me to even understand the goal of level one though. Level 4 was also a huge difficulty spike in my experience. And I could get into level eight, trying to select the level brought me back to the menu.

I really enjoyed the game overal, great sound design and a very cool concept.


Thank you Jonataurus  

Really cool name firstly don't know why i like it i just do.

We did want it to be initially difficult for people to understand it but i do think that the learning curve can be difficult to get into the game but thanks for staying through it and trying the levels out. 

We will be adding more levels to it and take the feedback to adjust the difficulty and progression. 

and also we will look into the bug as well and fix it soon :D 

all i will say is keep up with us and hopefully the game will be a part of your mobile and casual play library to enjoy. 


Super interesting concept! Really enjoying it :)


Do tell us the flaws as well any things where we have to improve .. pretty much many but do tell us any thing that can be improved or changed.


Very neat program so far! I only played through the first couple levels, but I really enjoyed the game! A diny bit more advice on the menu screen would be nice, as it took me about a minute to figure out what I even need to do to click on a button... but regardless, good luck in the Jam!


well we placed a small start screen with 2 line instructions now and we have fixed few bugs as well ... please check out our changed game and read the devlog for the change Log


Ah, thanks! That helps, although for some reason when I fullscreen the game it cuts of the first bit of the text on the left. It's fine though.


Hey :D
do share a screenshot of the error if possible we will work to fix it. 

and again we will be hopefully expanding the game a bit more so yeah :P 

Keep up with us and enjoy yourself