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This game had some mind fuck levels. In a good way.

Took me a while for me to even understand the goal of level one though. Level 4 was also a huge difficulty spike in my experience. And I could get into level eight, trying to select the level brought me back to the menu.

I really enjoyed the game overal, great sound design and a very cool concept.

Thank you Jonataurus  

Really cool name firstly don't know why i like it i just do.

We did want it to be initially difficult for people to understand it but i do think that the learning curve can be difficult to get into the game but thanks for staying through it and trying the levels out. 

We will be adding more levels to it and take the feedback to adjust the difficulty and progression. 

and also we will look into the bug as well and fix it soon :D 

all i will say is keep up with us and hopefully the game will be a part of your mobile and casual play library to enjoy.