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I think i just removed my submission again it's my bad.

Shit I am sorry how do i remove my submission it was my bad 

Yeah ! i know i should further work on more AI states i do have pre ready scripts from other games and i am not going to lie cause i have a few more things going on we Did get a little lazy. I was thinking of adding more AI and some music or something just to you know make it more crowded and challenging . 

Furthermore i actually wanted this to be an infinite runner but ... i was not able to make a run time navmesh with infinatly loading the plains. so yeah .. i am not still that good with unity but working on it ^_^ 

Yeah seems like people are still having problems  with my game maybe based on this mechanic i will just make a better version of something 

Also sorry the game was loud i will be updating the game in 24hours with proper UI and a instructions you should be able to play it on the web soon enough :D so if you wanna give it a shot 

there is a platfrom under you that will rise and fall based on the average of all the bands of the music that will finally kill you :P 

Yeah ! i  see where you are coming from. 

The platform represent the "Bands of the song" there are 8 bands like bass, treble,... so on 

About the shadows as this game was made on a Light weight render pipeline so the platforms may not be able to have a shadow. 

Yeah ! i  see where you are coming from. 

The platform represent the "Bands of the song" there are 8 bands like bass, treble,... so on 

About the shadows as this game was made on a Light weight render pipeline so the platforms may not be able to have a shadow. 

Thanks for the feed back ! 

yeah! i did get a few complaints on that i will be working on a mass to foce ratio to make the jumps a bit less "Airey " a system to just know your score for now and a a more further TP Cam so you can see more of the level.

Hey :D
i will be adding a bit more soon like a few more song options from NCS. 

and an actual menu system with a bit tighter controls and a more flexible TPS cam (Its just a few settings) 

And a small local scoring system hopefully. 

Any input seems good :D 

just tell me what will make it better 

What do you think should i change to make it better i have another month before i submit it for uni stuff as well :D 

so do tell me 

Hey that was kinda on purpose to give people a chance to you know. In the words of star trek"Klingon" (cling on ) so that the game does not get too hard also it was easier to code in a short time XD

Hey ! yeah Sorry as it was made in the lightweight render Pipeline i could not put in Real-time lighting in. 

But ! i will look into making sure that there should be another way for you to see sooner or later where you are landing. 

if i get enough complaints like this:D 

Again thank you for the input 

Hey i made a Mac Build I would like it if you test it out and make sure everything is working :D 

thank you :)

Hahah XD yes ! 
thank god for easy stuff!
anyway i should be making 1-2 games a month with my friends with varying categories so it would be nice if you could follow me :P you know check out more.  

Thank you :P
Basically the point of this game was to keep it under 13kb YES Kb i barely made the mark XD so could not add more  code to round it up and all as it was a uni project 

Thanks mate :D 


So basically it's based on the planets gravity you have to click on the planets to move :D basically 

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Hey ! 

sadly as the team is not comfortable in sending the project file to you might have to wait for the game jam to end so we can update it. 

We did get access to a iMac and we will be building it as well :D 

Just give us a little time Follow me and Surya.  when the gameJam voting is done. We shall update the game to have a Mac Lunix and Android version up. Maybe IOS as well :D. 

0_0!! ?

Wait really ? I could I sworn I playtested that to make sure that does not happen 🙈. 

I'll check it again if it happens we will find a fix and make sure 

Thanks mate ! Cheers 

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hey Crawlspace 

We do not have a Mac at the moment to try it on and make sure it works but surly we shall look into it 

hey Fumeijoe !

Yeah I understand we have got a few inputs on the controls being a little off . 

We will probably be adding the option of assigning buttons or maybe just a better control scheam soon enough . 

We will also be adding a few levels and other stuff if you could stick around for the updates it would be cool :D 

Hey :D
do share a screenshot of the error if possible we will work to fix it. 

and again we will be hopefully expanding the game a bit more so yeah :P 

Keep up with us and enjoy yourself 


Thank you Jonataurus  

Really cool name firstly don't know why i like it i just do.

We did want it to be initially difficult for people to understand it but i do think that the learning curve can be difficult to get into the game but thanks for staying through it and trying the levels out. 

We will be adding more levels to it and take the feedback to adjust the difficulty and progression. 

and also we will look into the bug as well and fix it soon :D 

all i will say is keep up with us and hopefully the game will be a part of your mobile and casual play library to enjoy. 

Thank you for the feedback :D 

Again if there is anything you wish for us to add to the game or dislike please do tell us we will try keep updating the game so it grows. 

Thank you. 


We will consider having it move in the Main menu as well initially it did not make sense initially in the design but sure its a quick fix if enough people have a problem with it i will make sure to implement it 

Also thank you for the positive feed back i hope when we do implement new levels you would consider updating the game and enjoying it further ^_^ we shall be adding a mobile port as well again i hope you follow the dev logs and keep up with us :) 

Hello @Mika La Grand

We are working on the bugs. 

just a few updates your way do check out the dev logs we will fix the issues as required 

Do tell us if you would like to see more of the game like more levels or other modes as well and if you would be interested in a version of this on the play or the app store as well. 

Really appreciate the feedback as well. 

Thank you.

Hello weedybuffbois 

I am happy you liked the game :D 

If we keep getting the support and feed back like we are getting now we will surely expand the game and if we can even take it to mobile or steam :) 

Do give us constructive feedback on it and tell us if you would be interested in having that.