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The rejection gameplay element does seem to be a recurring issue.

Well made, camera was a bit annoying,

Seems simple enough, and I see no bugs or anything though, it was just to easy to be fun.

The heads only graphics was a nice touch.

I could not remotely figure this out even with instructions. Ultimately I got stuck in second level when the whole thing seemed to bug out beyond description. But hey keep trying, use your creative mind.

Weird, slow, really slow, but full of mirrors that come into play. So max theme points for you.

Not bad, first or third person options would have been fun, and the loss of the effects when the stairs came in was disappointing, but overall a fun experience.

I'm gonna say... entertaining. the reflective surfaces were nice and I could probably use a vr converter on this which would be fun (so I will keep it on my hard drive). But I also did not get the limited range thing.

Another simple entry, this earned some stars for the graphics but overall I'm gonna say not good, I don't really consider this a game.

Simple, well made and briefly enjoyable.

Disturbing and weird, but oddly predictable. I don't have much else to say for this.

Oh... I get it now. It's the fact that he can't see his reflection that triggers him. Got it, explanations don't always get through to me if they aren't worded perfectly.

Getting Palin not to hit to the walls is supposed to be a challenge at some points, keep in mind that the exact position of the sym line can make a big difference and you can hold up or down to make a horizontal sym line. Some of the wall jumping segments in the second level can be very challenging when trying to stop Palin from colliding, but it can be done, I've double tested every mirajewel and glinting shard and they are all reachable, though they can be challenging. I noticed you commented on the wall jumps but I take it you have not reached a monkey bar section yet? Now that was the real challenge to pull off.

If you send me a screen shot of the exact place your stuck I can probably explain how it's done.

I still see no problem with the controls on my end beyond the game pad not working, but that's something I can easily fix in the next update.

Don't work for me, you haven't given any answers either, I can only say boo to this.

Couldn't play it, but the graphics look good so I'll give you a good rating on that anyway.

Simple and boring. Interesting idea, though traditionally vampires have no reflection, so kind of spoiled it for me.

It took me 3 attempts to figure out how to get through the intro, and while I am curious about what's up with the one he's chasing the game itself was not very entertaining.

Also the "mirrors" seem like they're just called that, aside from being easily smashed, they seem very un-mirror-like.

Still I never figured out isometric movement in clickteam fusion so... thumbs up for that.

Entertaining, briefly. The controls took me a bit to figure out on keyboard and it seemed to end after one level, despite the presence of other levels implied in the screenshots. The art is pretty good, I didn't hear any music when playing so I may have, yep it was an older version, which may explain a bit.

Could you elaborate on the controls and camera? Jewelbeat's music loops aren't very long, but they're free and the large variety means I can easily find something suited for everything. The rejection is there for a reason though the words to describe it are not coming to me at present. I never really considered this a serious game, it was more so I could try out platformer levels and collection goals, but I still put a lot of effort into it.

In the tutorial you can see an "i" key in that room right after you can "mirrormake" if you press the "i" key while Palin is present the camera switches focus between Hannah and Palin, of course the controls still focus on Hannah, so don't get turned around. I put every key symbol in the tutorial so people would think, hmm, maybe I should press that. I could probably add in a small carving to show what the key actually does or add in an extra info mirror when I do some more work on this.

I was always told if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.



That is all.

I must say the unusual controls made this interesting.

simple and mildly entertaining

seems simple enough, though not very entertaining.

Personally I think the mouse controls were a bad idea

Real original

You overaimed, but you aimed at something good.

Fun, difficult, retro, well designed, the gameplay felt a bit too familiar though.

A fun puzzle platformer and one of the few good games in Weirder Stuff, the first level is a bit hard to start with though.

Terrible graphics and sound, but gameplay was entertaining. Tricking your enemies into destroying each other is an interesting gameplay choice.

I have nothing good to say about this game, sorry.

It looks bad.

I can't figure out how to play.

And seriously Slender jump scare?

I can't deny this game is original, but the gameplay is not very good

An interesting take on the S4 (side scrolling space shooter) but otherwise average.

The game has a terrible platform system and I don't see anything supernatural about it, still it had an entertaining atmosphere and definitely seemed original.

This is a pre existing IP, pretty sure that disqualifies it