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Beautiful and haunting. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks much! We tried to keep it as close to the old arcade games as possible, but maybe since there is no joystick/button panel it would have been smart to cheat and put controls in game. Thanks for the feedback!

Glad to hear it! Good to know about the music. I also get super frustrated with the falling enemies. It's a strange bug I've never seen with Unity's collision system. There is no gap in the colliders, so I am pretty confused. With a bit more time I'm sure I could have figured it out :P

I love it so much.

Yes! This is excellent :D

What a beautiful game <3

Looking really great!

Probably the best advice I can give is to keep your code modular. For example, if you're working in Unity limit your scripts to specific behaviors; ie: individual scripts for moving, aiming, inventory, and whatever other abilities a character might have. This way you can quickly add or remove features, and edit mechanics individually rather than risk breaking your one character controller.

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Sooooo, I'm thinking I'm going to start over on a different concept. Made some decent progress but I'm just not feeling super excited about the gameplay. A month is a long time to spend on something I don't feel excited about! I'd like to come up with something really out of the box this time :3 Wish me luck!

Here's one of the puzzles from the current game.

Looks really awesome!

Very cool idea.

Really digging the architectural style.

I also couldn't get it to work at first. What ended up working for me was to hover over the image and click the drop down arrow next to the link that pops up. It will give you an option for "shareable links" or something like that. Click it, then select the link next to blogs. Post that and it should work.

Mine sounds like it's very much along the lines of @10d22's. Currently you control two players at once who have opposite gravitational directions, but they can become disjointed along the global x-axis as well as cross each other's local y-axis. I'm thinking I'll try to incorporate puzzle elements into the game, but it might also be interesting to have some metroidvania-esque business as well. I can imagine a certain level of difficulty would emerge from having to make rapid decisions for two characters that are not locked to the same x position. Anyway, we'll see! Let the fun begin :D