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Don't have a video this time around as I'm going to bed now but I'll leave this update log here. 

Created a shield system with two different types of shield, shield can be materialized by using a defensive skill and last for a few seconds only, normally they stay on the left side of the player but they can be moved in front which also disables shooting, increases the time the shield stays active and destroys the shield at the end. The laser shield reflects all laser attacks but is weak against physical attacks and breaks easily and the physical one is the reverse of that. 

Added some little extra "animation" (example: when you switch to top down mode the weapon which is normally on the right side of the player smoothly moves to the top and becomes like a head) and added an experimental sidescroller game mode which might not make it to the finished version but I have some cool level ideas so I'll try pushing it. 

The weapon has also gotten a new attack type other than a simple laser, you can now throw it at enemies (that will come in handy against enemies that can't be damaged using lasers, however you lose your weapon until it comes back to you which takes a varying amount of time depending on the distance it traveled). 

Tomorrow I'm planning on implementing some melee hits with the weapon and starting work on the AI.

This one's really nice looking! I can imagine it looking even better with effects :D

Not sure if that will work but try to use RotateVectorAroundAxis on the player velocity and for angle use the number you get when you compare the two Z rotations of the portals. If you are also rotating some portals in X/Y you would also have to do the same for them.

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Some of the progress of my first day making my game. Not much finished yet but I do have the "base" player model and a few others done even if it's a really simple one (I'm a really bad artist, I can't even draw a straight line with the line tool).

Trying to make it a shooter with puzzle elements based around mirrors and reflection with dynamically changing game modes (similarly to how it's done in Nier: Automata).

(The breakable mirrors in the video will most likely not make it to the finished game, I just made them for fun since it was pretty much 2 clicks away, but I might use them in some puzzle where you have to destroy mirrors or you'll get shot at with reflected lasers). There's still a lot to be done and I don't really have a lot of time outside of weekends but I'm having fun so I'll try finishing it even if I miss the deadline.