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Thanks for the comment. I didnt want to limit myself with the mirrors. The original concept was 'mirror what you eat'. I need to improve myself alot but im so happy peopel play it and give feedback. Thanks ;)

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Thank for the reply and feedback, gameplay is something i definitely need to work on if i continue  the project. I already have some tweaks that could make i feel much better but the time wasnt there. It was the first game ever and maybe a bit ambiteus :)

Today it finally happend, i finished a project (Well its playable and i may be expanding it in the future). I want to thank Matthew Palaje and all people participating in this jam. Because of you all i could manage to enter this game jam and work my ass of in between work and social time :)

P.S. First time posting on a forum :p

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Keeping Gameplay a secret for now but i made this model, My first non humanoid :)