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So my game Bereaved (That's what I'm calling it for now) is a Puzzle Platformer with voxel graphics(because I suck at blender) where you control 2 twin brothers(at the same time) that are spiritually connected that has dies, one is sent to the gates of heaven another to the gates of hell, you play as these brothers on their journey to meetup once again.

I've got the 2 screens setup with the ability to swap them around whenever you want

Nice effect! I'm keen to see more. 

That's an awesome effect! So is one of the always active while the other is paused? Or are you effectively making the player try to control both?


Player will control both at the same time.

Cool concept - cant wait to see more :)


Have done some art assets


Really digging the architectural style.

WOW! That looks amazing, keep going man.


I didn't take my time for "granite" today.

Completely loving the style you're going for here with the voxels!