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I don't get it? Not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Got to the 1st boss and couldn't do anything against him.

Cool game, but unfortunately, the camera makes it completely unplayable. It's mainly just focused to stare at the ground so I can't see where I'm going, and trying to control it just leads to insanity with the way it moves.

 Also, is there some special context to boost? 90% of the time I hit B I jump instead of boost.

The PC download doesn't work.

Great music and visuals. Kind of a pain to play though.

Vivo community · Created a new topic Incredible!

Holy shit, this game is amazing! I hope it's development is still continuing.

I love that, even though there is a morphing animation, you don't have to wait for it to finish for it to count as letting you through the hole.

Is it supposed to feel like I'm playing a NES game with the frame limiter off? I move half way across the screen with just a quick, single tap of left or right.

Hey, thanks for trying to play but yes, you do need a VR headset to play. Preferably a Vive. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for playing. Did you a still have lag issues when you lowered the graphics settings?

After seeing your tweet of the gameplay, I see what the issue was. The arrow and wave it rides on, don't render in chrome for me. So there is nothing for me to sync the ? block to.

Yea, I would have liked to have some kind of auto-correcting ability but ran out of time.

Love Just Shapes and Beats! Where's my dash tho!?

It bugged out on me a few times, but really amazing job doing this in just a weekend.

Very fun, though I would have preferred it if the levels weren't randomly generated. I think I ended up getting an unbeatable config since I got a really wide gap that I couldn't even come close to clearing.

Unskippable cut scenes... Why would you do this!?

Maybe update the tutorial? I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing to play this.

It was hard to tell what the beat was and if I was hitting it when I jumped.

Very nice. I love the concept of bullet hell rhythm games. Only issue I had was, I'm not sure if my system was lagging or the audio was really supposed to be playing as slow as it was for me. It kept speeding up and slowing down and sounded like it wasn't intentional.

This is it. The peak of human achievement! We can can only go down from here.

Can we get a key for a reset button though? Having to constantly reach for the mouse gets frustrating.

Fun game and cool mechanic, but some of those opening feel like they are only a frame wide. Level 8 was particularly difficult.

Pretty cool idea, though very confusing to initially figure out. Didn't realize I had to manually start new waves or even build speakers (I thought placing my instruments was enough).

Interesting game, but not really sure how it ties into music. The SFX were a bit harsh on the ears. Especially the one when your square gets its color.

Wow! Great job. That was really fun. Even managed to beat the level after many deaths.

FYI, in level 2, I also had the game completely freeze after taking damage at one point.

I fell off the bottom of the screen is v.12 as well. Happened in stage 1 while doing a lock on attack. It's a pretty fun game though.

This is really cool! Saw its on hiatus but would love to see its dev continued. I can't imagine how this could not have gotten a stellar reception though.

Cool game but the timing is absurdly strict to the point of even feeling off. It seems like there is only a 1 frame window to hit the beat and only getting it dead on counts.

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Took some liberties with the idea of mirror. In Fireworks Maestro you create your own fireworks show where the fireworks mirror the beat of the music. It's also in VR since I've been wanting to do a VR jam game.