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3D BLAST: In The GrooveView game page

Can you make it to the Universe Tour?
Submitted by Iseeicy (@Iseeicy) — 36 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline

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3D BLAST: In The Groove's page


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Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Check him out if you haven't heard of him, he's a cool guy.

NAudio - Midi Parser
Mesh Deformer - Spline based mesh deformation - Nice free textures
Water Effect - Default Unity Asset
iTween - Excellent tweening plugin
Unity-toolbox (CRT SHADER) - demonixis
CRT sound effects - kklab5050
Box crash noise - animationIsaac
Cars -
Nebula skybox - amethyst7

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Fantastic game!


Sick game with a story and progression, but also super solid core mechanics for all levels! You struck the perfect balance in my opinion, which is super impressive for a jam!

I love the music of course (spotted a George Benson sample in the first tune haha!) and how well the game reflects what's being heard. Made me think of the video clip for Star Guitar with the filters variations showing up in the floor textures etc. Vaporwave was a good choice for that gameplay, and vice versa.

A player impatient to get to the song like me would like to skip through dialogue even faster (is faster text a v0.2 thing? Is there any other way to skip?)
The story is interesting but honestly after seeing some gameplay it's hard not to skip it :P I don't know how to remedy that except maybe have the story happen in a corner during the game, in a sort of transition course where the challenge is lessened to focus on the story but the player still feels like he's running?

I like the mechanics in play, and the extra challenges of punching things sideways etc. which add difficulty without being punitive.

Since you're using Unity is there any reason why you're not hiding the cursor? It is somewhat distracting.

Overall this was super solid gameplay done right, and great content for a 72h project! Thanks also for adding these feature updates!

Hope to see you in the next one! Until then take care!


Neat game! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

"Boy, I sure do love listening to some good ol' vaporwave!"

What a trip! Not only did I enjoy the rhythm aspects of the game, with every elements timed perfectly with the music, but I also loved the universe it depicts. It's a nice improvization around 3D Blast music (which I discover with this game, and it's pretty cool). Each levels themselves achieve to be creative, and surprise with their interactions with the music.

I had a lot of fun playing it. Congratulation!


Was all the music written for this jam? Did he make all of this in 3 days???

I gotta say this was one of the most fun music jam games I played though


No, the music was not made specifically for the jam, I just picked out a few of my favorite tracks :)


This was a lot of fun! And not nearly as bad on a touchpad as IamGroot claimed :P The cassette tapes are so perfectly timed with the music it's crazy.


This was pretty awesome, and a surprising amount of content for a jam!


Thanks! I planned everything out so that my last day would be an entire day to create content, then I accidentally stayed up for over 24 hours doing it and just barely hit the deadline.


This game is wwiiiiiiiild :D  Good humor, game play works with the music very well!  the cutscenes remind me of sega cd era (in a good way) xD  Great level variety here too -awesome work!


Unskippable cut scenes... Why would you do this!?


LOL, you don't like the cheesy story? Working on a patch right now that lets you speed through them, should be out in the next few days along with a few other fixes :)


Okay! A patch is out that 'fixes' cutscenes. Enjoy?


Despite not using unique music, I suggest that the sound effects of this game actually qualify it for a spot in the music genre due to that perfect placement of collectibles that add to the music SO WELL. Amazing game, would recommend to others.


This was huge fun.  Touch pad on laptop sucks. (as you would expect)  Play with a mouse.  Loved Level 3!