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A jam entry

Playing A Piano Is My CallingView game page »

Music Game Jam Entry, Keyboard Rhythm Game + Bar Simulator
Submitted by RyanArmstrong, DaoustJoshua with 1 hour, 49 seconds before the deadline


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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Sound from freesound.org

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Pretty fun idea and presentation! It gives a good multi-tasking challenge. The rhythm aspect felt a bit out of sync sometimes, and the game isn't really forgiving. But for what it offers, it's a really good experience! Congrats!


Challenging, clever idea! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thanks for playing! Our game certainly requires a different kind of skill over usual rhythm games!


Added a gameplay video the the main page, if you wanted to know what the win screen looks like: 


This is quite a humorous project, and well done for a weekend jam too. I'm really glad the bar patrons don't stick around to tell me all their problems because then I'd never play any piano. Like some other players said, two things I'd recommend are slow n steady increase in difficulty and a "3 strikes and you're out" policy instead of messing just one up. Very cool stuff though!


This is funny on several levels and really well done!  Difficult and yet beneath the humor it carries a deeper philosophical message about trying to balance day to day work life while not giving up on your dream... of playing the piano -because that is the protagonist's calling.  Trying to do both isn't easy, and yet all day he thinks about the piano.   Makes ya wonder if the piano you are playing is really even there or is he just thinking about the piano tapping his fingers on the bar top while serving drinks. O_o  Maybe I read too far into it.  Crap, I'm not a 'deep' person!  No really!  I'm not!   It....it was an accidental introspection!  Ahem...  Anyway, awesome game man! xD


You nailed it! It was unintentional planned at first, but I didn't want to change it. Games made with passion really do reflect their dev in the end.

Ha!  I knew it!!!!  :D  errrr I mean, it ummm was a lucky guess... (slowly hides my own piano)


Very creative concept. Also very tricky for me on my laptop touchpad. Possibly could use a "ramp up", and start a bit slower to let players get the hang of it before really throwing them in there. Definitely love the idea though.


Creative idea! It's really hard at first, but once you get the hang of things it becomes a really fun game. The models were also well done! Good work guys! :)


I've updated the game so hopefully it runs better on lower end machines who have trouble with note timing, as well as enabling an option to view instructions for the game in case anyone was confused the first time around.


This was amazing! This is the type of game that needs vr or you bring to parties cause it is too hilarious! If you make this 2 player and added like a strikes system not a one hit death I would see this selling like crazy on steam!


Thank you for the comment, I'm happy you like my game so much! I'll consider working on a better version of the game!

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This is both ridiculously hard and hilariously cool.

I'm a drummer with good coordination and also very accustomed to my mechanical keyboard and yet I really struggled to hit those keys in time, let alone carry one with the task of my other hand! Felt like I was drunk which I suspect is the case in this universe of yours.  So maybe tune the difficulty down a bit, even if it's what makes it fun! (e.g. adding lives, even if not shown on screen. some kind of "3 strikes and you're out")

Music-wise, I am not convinced you needed to use synthesis when a simple sample of a piano note would have given better results :) I tend to think the result is what matters but if you learned something about synthesis in the process then it's for the best! When it comes to the choice of notes, a better combination would have been C, F, G for example. Also, look up pentatonic scales, they're super useful when you're making music games.

Visual are perfect. Nice memes btw haHAA

This should win the  humour special award for sure. I can only guess you had a ton of fun making it :P

Hope this helps, take care!



Thanks for the feedback. I guess it was in the nature of testing it so many times, we kinda got used to the difficulty after a while. I'll take note of your music theory advice; I definitely need it! 

It was a ton of fun to make, there was a moment where all I could do was facepalm and question what we made.

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main menu gave a laugh, good idea too :)


Thanks! I tried to do something that fit my level of musical knowledge/ experience.