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Search for sound amid pixels
Submitted by DrJedd (@doctorjedd), Thomas Lean (@ThomasLean), Tom Ciccone (@amerivanamusic) — 6 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
3 sound effects from

Unity's very own PostProcessing Stack:!/content/83912

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Wow this is pretty hard for me, but seeing a mosaic complete is amazingly rewarding. Neat interpretation of the theme, and a unique and peaceful experience. Well done to all of you!

Interesting game. I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


I must say, pretty much everything is impressive in this game. The concept is clever, the music is well used and pleasant, the art is nice… What I like the most is that it's full of polishing, like the tiles slightly tilted, the use of the light, or even the sounds effects.

The level 2 feels more difficult than the others, maybe because of an instrument playing between long intervals, making it easy to miss. But overall, it's a really great puzzle. Amazing job!


Thank you very much :) Yes level 2 has been tricky for most people because there are two electric piano samples that sound very similar. Balance is still something we need to work on! We will try to release a better version of the game with more levels and variations soon.


I'm terrible at trusting my ears - lol. Neat concept


That's the point! Think of this as a training! Haha :) Hope you were able to enjoy it nevertheless!


Pretty cool lil game here -took a minute to figure it out, subtle (in a good way)  -also, gotta say I like the way the logo breaks into tiles at the beginning :D  -nice work!


Thanks! A minute to figure it out places you pretty high in our playtest "highscores" heh! A much much more polished version is underway :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

You got some witty, fail messages there haha. I liked the idea of this game. You search around a region for a music part together with your ears, and navigating/hovering around with the cursor. Although it's hard to find the rest of the sounds (I can only find the tiles that switch on the kick drums and the guitar). I guess, using headphones while playing this game is suitable. A good execution all in all.

The clicking of a tile is kinda buggy (or slow in processing, probably a delayed function), because I can click more than the maximum amount of clicks before losing the level. And while spamming, the click amount decrease as fast as I spam in few seconds.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey! Thanks for playing and what a wonderful game you have submitted yourself :)

Yes there is a voluntary delay after each click, it is meant to be. The idea behind it was to create a bit of suspense after each click instead of having instant knowledge if you were right or wrong. To hold the player in the unknown for a tad bit longer. That's why the delay is so long :P

However I didn't have the time to implement visual feedback (a loading cursor maybe) and prevent additional clicking / accidental double clicks, so I understand it can be offputting!

I'm curious to see if more work will make this feature better or if I have to drop it out.

Thanks for this precise feedback!


Great job! Music is great, and the concept is very cool! I had trouble detecting what some of the audio changes were in level 2, which left me a little flustered. Overall a good game with a great concept.


Thanks for giving it a try! Yep level 2 is not very popular among our playtesters right now :P Trust me it's even more infuriating from the dev side!


I love this, why don't you build for webgl?


Hello! And thanks :) There is a WebGL version but I've chosen not to link it. Reasons are:

- unoptimised assets make it very slow to load and fairly laggy
- the UI doesn't scale well in fullscreen mode

We want people to play fast, lag-free and in fullscreen to feel the immersion :)

However if you must (use at your own risk)

Yep, why don't upload webgl on, we can play the game jam on there ;D


PHENOMENAL game, game play was interesting, it had a really nice difficulty curve as through each level the music building made it harder to listen for those small audio queues, the visuals were really nice, and despite having no tutorial whatsoever, the you knew exactly how to play.


Thanks! Yeah! *AHEM* that difficulty curves was totally planned from the start! *AHEM AHEM*


I love this one


Thanks! It's sort of my first game jam so it means a lot! :)


Dang  I'd say you did a real good job!


This game was fun as heck! I liked those fail messages. Also, that last level made me laugh xD


Thanks! I'm amazed you made it this far! And yes that last one was silly stuff that we used for early development. #placeholdergalore