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bruh moment! 

fixed! Didn't expect this to go live at midnight haha!

good shit!!!! so much delicious art yeeeeeeeeeeeah!!!! 

these comments make me laff 

disabled the FNF forum thingie since it went completely unmoderated and was offtopic for it's full existence, hopefully these comment sections are at least less strange. 

sorry to the 7 of u that this affects and who used those forums !!!

this place is a desolate wasteland.... I never really meant for this place to be any sort of hub, if I'm being honest, I sorta accidentally left this feature of on when we published the newgrounds (week 2 update) of the game. I can count on my hand how many times I've checked out these funny little community forums, I haven't dedicated any time to them whatsoever, and I sorta don't plan on doing so anytime soon. I hate forums!! I'm not in any FNF related discords, or anything like that. I like the discourse to run a bit wild, let people manage and moderate themselves. Do people actually care about these FNF forums? Just curious what everyone's takes on this are. If people want this to stay up, it will remain the wild west, because right now our focus is purely on game development, rather than managing community or anything like that, hopefully u all understand 🙇‍♂️

doing good, prod on main game is going pretty damn swell lately 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

It's not generally simple


idk people r weird

why does this have so many replies wtf lmao

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eventually I'll have a pseado cross-save system, but I'll have to wait until Newgrounds implements a cloud save system before I can get that.

One of the short term things I'll do is make it so you can log in on the desktop versions, and then it'd get your highscores off the leaderboard instead of local save data.


OOPS this was put in by my boy Brandy, i guess he snuck it in and i didnt even notice. I'm takin it out since its not officially a part of the game!

what lemon guy

this one a biiiit of an iffy one to fix, because its like so hit or miss and I DON'T experience it on the PC's I work on. BUT I have gotten a good chunk of reports or whatever saying the same thing as u, so its not only an issue on your end.

I think it might be something more deeper in some of the backend code, so I'll have to dig into some of that nitty gritty of the rendering code.

theres def a few tweaks thatd be made to make game easier. Better/alternate keybinds (WASD might not be as intuitive as ASDF), balance changes to how much health you lose and gain, all stuff like that. I gotchu gangsta ur boy out here keepin an eye on his lil gamers

AY thanke thanke

button remapping, as well as controller support def high up on the list. The backbone is there, I just need to get other parts of the game in, like OPTIONS menu stuff in general. Same thing for controller support. I actually thought that the game had support for controllers for a while, but I guess I accidentally took that out when I was migrating some of the controller code to the new backbone.

High res stuff is a bit more tricky, and I don't have a solid answer or path. Right now everything is rendered for 720p, since this was origianlly just gonna be a humble little web game for Newgrounds as everyone knows the backstory by now. But makin it full res definitely we gonna aim for while we're still in early stages of the game.

more weeks 100% incoming

more characters 100% incoming in some shape or form

custom UI for different opponents a cool idea that we will probably steal lolol

in general more options and tweaks will be incoming

god bless u i appreciate u hehe

I've heard similar things with the game on hard mode, I'll PEEP and dig into it thanke thanke thanke

well its notso much DISTANCE based, its based purely off TIMING and SYNC with the song. I think it's moreso an issue with audio offsets or whatever I think. In any case it's somethin i'll peep i gotchu

for a long time I actually thought there WAS controller support, but actually there wasnt lol. Not too crazy to add, so it def on the list and would come sooner rather than later!

ok thats it forum is cancelled!

custom keybinds been on the list for a good smidge, i jus gotta get a bunch of UI stuff sorted out so its all nice and pleasant to change!

Hmmmm, I don't personally have a high refresh rate monitor, so I'll have to do some digging and testing with some people I know that do. I'll peep thru hehe

aight i gotchu, i been neglecting mac/linux builds because on Mac, I NEED to own one myself, which I don't so I have to go thru one of my pals who has one.

And for linux, I need to boot up my busted ass laptop that I have Manjaro booted onto, and then install all the libraries and whatnot, BUT I can get it done for u gotchu.

ninja_muffin99 loves you too!


ay theres an updated version!

the hard part would be making it all designed all elegantly. To get it running and compiled for mobile it's essentially a few lines of code that I switch, and it runs fine, but it's all a matter of making it play nicely there in germs of controls/mobile design aspects in mind

gods plan thanku very much gangsta

welcome back

god bless we really out here

the 'jumps', or double notes, are kinda weird definitely. I didn't specifically code for them or anything, they sorta just kinda worked with the system I had for the note hit logic or whatever. BUT of course it doesn't work as nicely as it can or should, so over the next little while stuff like that I'll definitely look into to make feel better

This is definitely a known issue, not only with this game, but another game or two of mine here and there. It's been inconsistent, so I'll definitely have to spend some research time digging into it.

thanku teehee

remappable controls will come, but id have to put some work and thought into it since its  decent amount of code reworking id have to do


Added a mac build, GOTCHU

tell me if the game is busted or not

Oops, all the code is actually poorly commented, that's actually the DEBUG stage

i gotchu