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wait a minute yo are you one of the devs??? BRO i love ur game

Yeah I just read some stuff, it's understandable that it's closed off, even if it's for minor stuff like adding support for other platforms. Ah well, at least after the jam I'll upload all the fancy new builds and whatnot (if i dont get lazy)

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woops, I just did that because Flash was the quickest and simplest export option in the framework. However as of right now, uploading new builds is disabled due to the jam voting, I'll try to get in contact with Mark Brown to see if I'm allowed to upload an HTML5 version!

the all time high score (on Newgrounds version) is 113,201 lol ezpz

goofy little text writer thats fun to toy around with nice nice nice

Ok I got a download link in! It actually has a WIP of the latest update though!

Sure, I'll do that later today! The game is a flash game, so Chrome might be auto-blocking it or something. You can probably check settings or something, but if you really want to play it in the browser, you can check out the version on Newgrounds, where you can either play it in flash, OR HTML5 (also works with mobile!) 

I can only upload a Windows version for now (Linux and Mac would be possible though if you need one of those)

whatuup yeah HaxeFlixel is great!

What's up yall, I just released my game Whites Only here on itch ayyy

The game is a platform shooter where you kill black people. The game takes a minute or two to finish so I'll only leave a few screenshots and let the game speak for itself once you play it (Note: you should probably play the game before making any judgments heheh I shouldn't have to say this but I've been around the block)

Here's some screenshots whasup

hey thanks for the feedback/tips and whatnot! Sometime tonight or so we'll be updating the game with stuff like palette swaps, balancing/tweaks, and also a new monster gf!

LMAO oh shit ur right

What up yall I go by NinjaMuffin99 all over the internet and I like OpenSOurce stuff. Im going in solo for this one, and I'll be using HaxeFlixel for code, OgmoEditor for level editor, OpenToonz for graphics, and possibly LMMS for music and sound. Good stuff!

Dang  I'd say you did a real good job!

I love this one

Neat. I've been looking forward to new Superhotline levels for a while, so this is good