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Ah that makes sense. Too bad, now I definitely want to see how it goes and ends :(

Hey the intro was a good hook, but now I have no idea how to play it once it pans to the crowds of people on the street, though I found the toggle fullscreen button mashing the keyboard lol.

I tried compiling the client for Win/macOS per usual with PyInstaller, but... when I did, the client randomly quits with no error message. So this is the only way it works.

This is a fantastic game prototype! All of the bugs I encountered you have called out, so I'm optimistic about this project's future. I thoroughly enjoy procedural generation for replay-ability, and this game nails that on the head. Easy to figure out, but never gets boring. Well done!

This is well put together as an audio exploration experience! I loved your explanation on the wall; I need something similar for my entry.

The keyboard on the floor to control the looping audio was a nice touch! Have you ever played The Talos Principle? In it, you control your character as a recording, then hit replay so you can control yourself and a ghost of yourself moves around as recorded. It would be cool to have some player-defined audio loops based on a second character moving as recorded by player control.

This is a neat idea! I enjoyed the under pressure mad lib mechanic. Being able to share the text of a game play lyric set after a playthrough would be fun.

Loved this entry! Great work! Trying to leave the tab long enough to write this. Both fun to get beyond the initial set up before you run out of HP as well as customize the performance with the variety of different lvl1-4 forms. As with other commenters, I look forward to added variety in future releases post jam.

Wave progress indication would be nice, as well as the ability to buy amps without interrupting the game view though I suppose those moments of panic did add to the fun :) I like repetitive music loops, so I have to admit that part didn't bother me. I love the synth mechanic!

This was a fun entry! I'm still humming the song as I type this. The Z control was definitely not intuitive for me (maybe it's a normal thing for this genre to have a control for state change?) I'm also not great with reflex-based games, but I had fun trying to make it through the whole way!

If there were health pickups worth navigating the bullets for, and bullets didn't instakill you but lowered your health, it might solve your "easier by just slowly circling" gameplay feature. I agree with others that the immediate restart is frustrating.

Wow this is pretty hard for me, but seeing a mosaic complete is amazingly rewarding. Neat interpretation of the theme, and a unique and peaceful experience. Well done to all of you!

Thank you! I definitely need to add some kind of tutorial. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

The strategy I used to end up with the high score in the screenshots was to pick cards with a second card in the chord present, but leaving at least one card in each pile to maximize choices as the game continues. There's definitely luck involved in the initial shuffle. All four chord types have either 3 or 4 half steps between each note, so once you get one chord, your best bet is to keep chaining chords of varying types so you don't use up all the same notes, breaking the chain.

I chose Comic Sans specifically for this reaction, and I was getting worried nobody was going to say anything. Thanks ;)

Thank you for your feedback! Adding some other dimension of difficulty would be awesome. The reset button would be nice now that you mention it, I just always played through it when testing.

You're welcome! Cross plat building is part of why I'm doing jams: to ;make it a smoother process for the same code base.

Thank you for reviewing! The lack of instructions has definitely been my biggest mistake on this project, an oversight I'll have corrected as soon as the jam grading is over.

You're not alone on that. It will definitely be one of the first things I add as soon as judging is over. In the mean time, a "triad" is a chord with three notes. Each of the four types mentioned in the game have a particular structure about how many half steps are between each note. Check out the table here for augmented triads.

Thank you! I appreciate it :) had a lot of fun with this one. It will definitely get more TLC after the jam officially ends.

Oh snap! Really?

Runs off to call in sick. 

Thank you! :) the play the card's note idea is great, I'll note it down for the next version with the resounding feedback of in-game music theory 101.

Yeah... I'm not great at polish, but all I needed was an excuse to step it up a notch I guess. And here I thought I'd spend my next few weekends reading, haha.

Yeah others have given that feedback too. I definitely need to add some kind of training functionality

Ok, I love this concept and it looks like a ton of fun... but I don't have an Android device unpacked to test it out on. I'll have to dig one out though because this looks awesome, and deserves more attention than it's getting.

Beautiful graphics, pleasant and rich audio. Well done!

I found the corner bug on the stars quite frustrating, but I know how those thing are in jams so no hard feelings :) Saw on your game page you composed the score? Props on that as well, you have many talents.

Hmm, that's a good point. I will plan out an educational feature of some kind, tutorial or documentation. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! :)

You're absolutely right, I take it you're playing on Windows. I developed and tested mostly on OS X, then compiled on Windows at the end and play tested for completeness. I also noticed the resolution resetting, which is a terrible feature, but I didn't care enough to stay up late with work in the morning.

This is my first pygame/fullscreen combination, so I don't know right away how I'll solve this, but I will. Thanks for reminding me about this, I probably would have forgotten!

Had a lot of fun with this! Definitely wasn't a YouTube star the first few times through :) I loved your custom art/audio!

As noted elsewhere, the snare seemed to be much harder to hit on time than everything else, even when I totally ignored the other keys and just focused on it. Something's going on there.

That's basically me too. I've never developed a game using JavaScript before, so if nothing else it will be a good learning opportunity slash huge pain 😂

I think given the extreme limitation of this jam, we should share any tiny dependencies anyone discovers as useful so we can all learn new ways to develop tiny games.

Personally, I can't find any binary dependencies for video or sound within the size limit, so I'm using HTML5's Canvas for drawing and plain JavaScript to do game logic and sound. This way I can have one .html file with inline scripts alongside small .mp3 files for a browser playable game.

I'm going with HTML+JS for this reason. Never done that medium before, but it allows for a ton of things to be carried by the browser on your behalf.

Awesome! Yeah I saw this on Twitter :)

Your feedback is essentially the same as what other have said: needs to offer a challenge to forward progression. I ran out of time in the jam to add difficulty, then got lost in my day job. I think this was just the push I needed to add more to this. Thanks for downloading, trying, and YouTube-ing!

Thank you! The pressure is definitely lacking so far; the enforced running is a good idea! I will definitely do something about that, but not for a few weeks.

Yeah, they're just mud puddles. It was a first attempt at an obstacle rather than open space and food.

Thank you! Those tiles were the first real game art I've drawn entirely myself, and as a programmer that's high praise :) thank goodness for the 64x64 limitation to make it easier!

I really enjoyed your game! A great concept for a 64x64 game. Informative UI without being too distracting, which is good given our limited screen real estate.

For feedback, I would be interested in either the movement being keyboard, or listening to mouse position while left mouse button is held down. The rapid clicking wasn't working for me to get fast movement and

No worries, I'd rather know than not :) if I had an older mac I'd rebuild it for you. Don't worry though you're not missing out on much, just a half baked attempt at pygame. No sound or anything.

I'm sorry to hear that! Testing on a different OS X machine works on my end, so I'm not immediately sure what happened. What version of OS X are you running? I compiled this on 10.12.1.

Hey good job on this game! I loved that extra touch of the cursor coins after you win.

Would it be possible to have the flames extinguish one at a time instead of all at once? That would extend gameplay, and might be especially interesting if the gamer could choose which flames go first.

I liked your game idea! This was fun to play through. I especially enjoyed that the game doesn't end when tariffs falls below 0%, because it encourages me to keep an eye on the tariff growth while also maximizing potato production.

Hey this game looks interesting, but I can't test it on my Mac. You've got it labeled as Win/OSX/Linux but the ZIP file only has the Windows build.

It looks like it might be Unity... if so, you'll need to include separate builds for each platform. Looks great, hope to test it soon!

I also like the RPG clicker idea, this was fun! Everything was going fine until I found a coyote before healing up from the tree monster... treev... something... anyway poor Itchy died.

Does where I click affect the random generated events? I choose to believe it does. Good things happen when I click on the sky.

Hmm, more likely it's my game's fault. In testing, I knew its frame rate wasn't great in certain circumstances (depends on screen resolution as it has to scale image assets on the fly), which I should be coding around but haven't.

First of all, congrats on publishing code into the wild! It's terrifying, I know. I'm old to programming, but new to publishing games on my own, and felt the same way publishing my first jam entry. Note: it was this same jam!

I tested your functionality, and saving/loading seemed to work in every edge case I could think of.

A heads up: your store page entry says it supports Win, OSX, and Linux when in actuality it only supports Windows. This is super easy to change. Just click "edit game" in your dashboard, then uncheck the boxes on the game download.

Congrats again! Keep having fun and publishing!