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I'm sorry to hear that! Testing on a different OS X machine works on my end, so I'm not immediately sure what happened. What version of OS X are you running? I compiled this on 10.12.1.

Hey good job on this game! I loved that extra touch of the cursor coins after you win.

Would it be possible to have the flames extinguish one at a time instead of all at once? That would extend gameplay, and might be especially interesting if the gamer could choose which flames go first.

I liked your game idea! This was fun to play through. I especially enjoyed that the game doesn't end when tariffs falls below 0%, because it encourages me to keep an eye on the tariff growth while also maximizing potato production.

Hey this game looks interesting, but I can't test it on my Mac. You've got it labeled as Win/OSX/Linux but the ZIP file only has the Windows build.

It looks like it might be Unity... if so, you'll need to include separate builds for each platform. Looks great, hope to test it soon!

I also like the RPG clicker idea, this was fun! Everything was going fine until I found a coyote before healing up from the tree monster... treev... something... anyway poor Itchy died.

Does where I click affect the random generated events? I choose to believe it does. Good things happen when I click on the sky.

Hmm, more likely it's my game's fault. In testing, I knew its frame rate wasn't great in certain circumstances (depends on screen resolution as it has to scale image assets on the fly), which I should be coding around but haven't.

First of all, congrats on publishing code into the wild! It's terrifying, I know. I'm old to programming, but new to publishing games on my own, and felt the same way publishing my first jam entry. Note: it was this same jam!

I tested your functionality, and saving/loading seemed to work in every edge case I could think of.

A heads up: your store page entry says it supports Win, OSX, and Linux when in actuality it only supports Windows. This is super easy to change. Just click "edit game" in your dashboard, then uncheck the boxes on the game download.

Congrats again! Keep having fun and publishing!