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Does DLL count ?

A topic by Coldragon created Sep 12, 2017 Views: 231 Replies: 7
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Hello, Even for simple Text and Sound decoding the dll are big, does they count or it's only the binary+res ?

Thank's :)


Yes, DLLs count, if they are in package with game. If it's a part of OS (like DirectX, .NET Framework etc.), then it doesn't count.
Please take a look at 96 kB games made for breakpoint parties: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Maybe 96kb breakpoint games are not the best examples: klamrisk (2010): 69kb binary + 821kb of dlls; spidr (2009): 96kb binary + 314kb dll; beaniefight (2008): 96kb binary + ~250kb other files; subzero (2005) 252kb of assets.

Yeah I use the SDL2 and with the vorbis, PNG, typefont dll it start to be big without even my own binary 

I'm going with HTML+JS for this reason. Never done that medium before, but it allows for a ton of things to be carried by the browser on your behalf.


Vedor - Yes, you're right, my mistake. That was a bad example. Still I think that it can be done in 64 kB including DLLs.

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" DirectX, .NET Framework " are not "part of OS", you have to install them. 

SDL2 or SDL is shipped with some Linux Distro or Used by a lot of software (that would auto install those package).

So I don't really understand how you limit the library :/ 


Coldragon - No, DirectX and .NET Framework are really part of Windows, you can read it here: