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A jam entry

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AR music game
Submitted by CarniBlood (@CarniBlood) with 10 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
two songs from Brad Sucks (, license CC BY-SA:
- "There is something wrong" (from "Out of It" album 2008)
- "Out of It" (from "Out of It" album 2008)

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Very neat idea! I mentioned it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


I built the ugliest cubes but it was very fun!

This is the most original entry in my opinion. Both in terms of tech and in terms of what you had us do to be able to play the game (it wasn't easy explaining to my flatmates what I was doing with paper and scissor on a Sunday afternoon).

The concept is very cool and would be nice to present to children (including the building part which is fun in itself!) I think you had a great idea and I can't add much to it, so I'll just talk about the execution.

I like that the app itself leaves most of the screen real estate to the camera, and therefore the cube, and that you've incorporated feedback straight onto the "virtual overlay". Regarding feedback, it would have helped to set a different color for each cube because the shapes are not the easiest to remember (they're pretty though!) and I got confused with which one does what sometimes.

The songs themselves are nice, but maybe too hard in the sense that sometimes the clashes were not obvious. Picking extracts from songs with different tempi and avoiding neighbour keys would have helped make the clashes more obvious (I am a musician myself I should mention).

I like that you gave us a backup virtual version of the cubes. It would have been fun to have physics applied to those but I'm aware of the complex camera work that would be required in order to make that usable.

The printed cubes seemed very small to me. They are cute, especially with the graphics, which fits the name. But my fat fingers would have liked to put together and manipulate something bigger, maybe multiply the side length by two. (my printer is calibrated yes :P) But hey, you're saving paper so thanks for that!

Overall, it was a nice little concept and my first AR experience I believe! So thanks for letting me in your world for a bit!

I look forward to seeing more games from you! Until then, take care!



Thank you for this kind and deep feedback.

I really appreciate that you (and other people) took time to build the cubes and test my game. I'm aware how it was unusually complicated to try it and demanded effort without even knowing so clearly in advance what to expect with it. So thanks a lot!

That's interesting what you said about the difficulty. I was actually making sure to match the tempo for the songs (for both classical and rock) to make it more subtle because I thought it would be too quick to solve if the mismatch was too obvious. Maybe I was too much trained myself while preparing those songs to be aware that it would have been enough difficult without doing that. I should at least add different difficulty levels with the songs prepared in a different way.

And yep, sorry for the small cubes. I made the final pdf at the last moment, and didn't try enough with the final size. I should make them bigger definitely.




This is brilliant!  Wow this had to be really difficult to make, wouldn't even know where to begin -awesome work!


Thank you :)
Well, I have been experimenting with augmented reality for a while . So yes it takes some time to figure out what is the right method to make this kind of system work, but for making this game itself, I didn't spend so much time solving technical issues (mostly designing the cubes for optimising the recognition, coding itself was really quick using Vuforia). At the end, I spent more time in the weekend making the content than programming.

I still have to try yours, it looks great! Cheers!


Ok, I love this concept and it looks like a ton of fun... but I don't have an Android device unpacked to test it out on. I'll have to dig one out though because this looks awesome, and deserves more attention than it's getting.


Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I will at least try to add support for Iphone and UWP soon!

If you are wondering how it looks like in game, I just posted some videos on Youtube.