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Thank you for this kind and deep feedback.

I really appreciate that you (and other people) took time to build the cubes and test my game. I'm aware how it was unusually complicated to try it and demanded effort without even knowing so clearly in advance what to expect with it. So thanks a lot!

That's interesting what you said about the difficulty. I was actually making sure to match the tempo for the songs (for both classical and rock) to make it more subtle because I thought it would be too quick to solve if the mismatch was too obvious. Maybe I was too much trained myself while preparing those songs to be aware that it would have been enough difficult without doing that. I should at least add different difficulty levels with the songs prepared in a different way.

And yep, sorry for the small cubes. I made the final pdf at the last moment, and didn't try enough with the final size. I should make them bigger definitely.



Thank you :)
Well, I have been experimenting with augmented reality for a while . So yes it takes some time to figure out what is the right method to make this kind of system work, but for making this game itself, I didn't spend so much time solving technical issues (mostly designing the cubes for optimising the recognition, coding itself was really quick using Vuforia). At the end, I spent more time in the weekend making the content than programming.

I still have to try yours, it looks great! Cheers!

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I will at least try to add support for Iphone and UWP soon!

If you are wondering how it looks like in game, I just posted some videos on Youtube.

I was able to kill few persons with my knife, and even found a sword later ^^

I was thinking same with gameovertures thought: as it is there is not so much space theme in it.
It would have been cool if at least the game was introducing some story about where we are.
This way you could have use space theme, and it will even help for feeling more like role-playing if there was a reason for the player to be there and killing people.

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I just tried the android version and it works particularly well with touch input!
Even you made it harder by changing the rule to match-3, it felt easier (maybe also because it speed up at slower rate? not sure). Anyway this version is quite well balance, good job.

I'm not sure if I can consider thoses changes for rating the game, but anyway I wanted to give you feedback at least!

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This is very fun to play!
Good job making quite polished and stable physics system and stealth mechanisms in one month.
Animations are pretty cool too!

Only one (very small) point: the alarm sound will not stop after the game starts again. And this sound is quite annoying! But maybe this is on purpose :)

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Good job on the visuals and level design!
It's pretty cool for a game made in one month.

I had just little bit hard time with mouse picking: sometimes if I clicked slightly out of a tile (which happens often because of the perspective) the character will start to move to the other side instead of interacting.

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It was fun to play! It's getting difficult very quickly, and I had some adrenaline trying to go the planet before the enemies catch me :)

I like how the light participate to the game mechanisms: the enemies will emit red light around, and this way it gives information to the player when they come around, nice!

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The story you wrote for your game is pretty cool!
It would be good to integrate it someway in the game, I almost missed it if I didn't check the webpage.

The puzzles are fun to solve too. Well done!

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I didn't succeed to get metal, just trying to slowing down the meteor until I was out of fuel :)
Anyway it was still fun to play, the simulation is pretty well done, and the ship easy to control.

It would be good if I can skip the intro cut scene when I play a second time.

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Wow, for a game made in one month this is very polished and have quite a lot of contents.
This is fun to play!

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I like how the strength balance with enemies scales quickly: the big unbeatable slimes become easy loot and I started to ignore the small ones. but the battle are maybe a little bit easy. Very quickly I didn't have to care about my HP bar because it will never go down.

I beat all the water slimes but I didn't find my way to the other species yet (I killed just a few ones, and then I was blocked everywhere, I didn't find a way to them).

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Wow, the difficulty increase very fast! I didn't success Level3 ^^
Nice concept, would be good to have it release on Android too!

Someway I feel like the laser doesn't fire straight when the ship is spinning.
It seems it's because the laser starts from the ship center, so at the time it appears (when it's not hidden by the ship) the ship already have rotated to another direction.
Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be more comfortable if the laser starts already from the front of the ship.

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The controls are very interesting. I was surprised at first but it works very well with this game mechanisms!

It's very hard but once you are into it, the fast peaced action is quite enjoyable :)

I thought I could use some infiltration strategy but it seems the enemies always see you coming, I think it could be a good addition if you want to continue on this concept!

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Nice exploration game!
I like how you have to be careful your resources and use a little bit strategy regarding it to be able to go forward your quest.
It would be even better if the controls were more intuitive. I was a little bit struggle at the beginning to find the right key to press for each action.

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@Arthur Scott:

I like your formulation "Oddly charming", someway it defines very well the spirit we wanted to put in this game, thanks :)

At first, our main focus for the mechanisms was more about interacting directly with the planets you explore and interfering with their equilibrium, and at the same time it turned out to be pretty fun (and a good base for puzzles) to try to collect things and to find a way to chain or combine their use, so it's definitely one direction we have to explore further for designing future puzzles.

The gameplay mechanisms and controls are unusual and surprising for a RTS. I was a little bit lost about what I have to do, but once I got it it was really fun!
Maybe you should think about giving more information at start for the player, like a small tutorial.

About the flag system, I feel it's very promising if it was more polished. For example, it didn't work so well to drag the flags (often considered just like a click), so I ended up not using this feature at all.

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It's very interesting how the visuals are decoupled with gameplay/storytelling.
There is something in common with paper role-playing games someway. Nice!

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Both art style and game mechanisms are very unique!
It's pretty well polished considering how much it's stable when gameplay so much depends on physics.

Well done!

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I like the retro style when moving on Mars ^^
I wish I could be sure how much water I had left when I'm moving, it took a while before I figured out how fast I could be deshydrated, but maybe it's on purpose?
I reloaded the page by mistake while playing and I was happily surprised that my water, ressources and charges didn't reset, but unfortunately all constructions disappeared.

Anyway I had fun playing it!

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Nice tower defense!
The radial layout is even well chosen for the theme: it was little bit disorienting during the first minutes of playing, which gives even more space-ish sensation :)

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Nice shooter :)

I tried it on my Android phone, which is not so recent one (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.2) and it was working well!
(I say that because I saw from your devlog you encountered performance issues on Android).

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One of my favorite in this jam so far!
The mechanisms are more complex than it looks at first, and gives some interesting management/tactics to handle.
And don't listen to them, I think it's a good point to have turning taking 1 turn :)

Only one thing I have to mention. I played on Android, and I felt not so much accurate with the controls: sometimes the character would move 2 squares in a row, or perform a rotation I didn't intend to do.
But it's just a detail anyway, and didn't affect so much the experience!

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The ending is awesome :)
Quite a unique experience. Good job!

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The concept is nice, but someway the game will not allow me to control the character untilall text messages are finished to be shown, and during this time the timer keeps going so it will not leave so much time to do anything.

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Works well on Android.
I tried with maximum difficulty too and it's like impossible to beat :)

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Indeed, very good concept!
And the execution is neat too. Good job!

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The atmosphere is amazing! Really good job.

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That's a very interesting puzzle mechanism!
It would be perfect if there was a little bit more information in-game (I understood better after visiting the game page).

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Fun and addictive :)
My best score: 15

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Very fun! Good combination of arcade and tactics mechanisms.
My best score: 291 :)

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Thanks for your comments!

@mmachida: actually we were definitely thinking about phones and tablets too while designing the gameplay, and it was late to release on Android platform only because we had a serious bug at the last moment. But now it's fixed and available!

Like it! Minimalist but powerful storytelling!

Fun to play! Even without a VR kit it works still, but I wish I have one to experience it better :)

Nice visuals and sound! I was fascinated by the trees growing and was keeping planting them :)
And well done with the UI too, easy to use and robust.

That's a brilliant idea!
Unfortunately I don't have MotionBuilder to try and give you feedback on it, but good job for the concept itself!

I know it would require a lot of work, but it would be awesome if there was a blender plugin :)

Thanks for trying and commenting my game!
And this is good advice for the text. I didn't know about the outline component, I will have a look. Thanks for this too!

You made a good point about the sandbox mode. I want to let the user plays freely the drums, but from what I tried, a plain sandbox mode is somehow not so fun since it feels a little bit aimless. I have in mind several features I have to make first, but they are too much big for the scope of this jam.

Since I will continue this project beyond the 3D Jam, this feature (together with a VR mode) are definetely my next big milestone goals. Stay tuned on my twitter if you are interested, I will probably start to talk about my progress on those subjects soon!

Haha, nice. I cannot wait to try this!