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UllichView game page

Exploration and survival point & click
Submitted by PouleyKetchoup, CarniBlood (@CarniBlood) — 17 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Good Start! I included it in my LibGDX Jam compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


The monologues of the player add a lot of charm, really clever adventure game, love the planet based mechanics.


I love the almost surreal nature of this game and how smoothly he walks around the planet.


I think I can see where you are going with it and it has the potential to be something interesting. The graphics are very original.


@Arthur Scott:

I like your formulation "Oddly charming", someway it defines very well the spirit we wanted to put in this game, thanks :)

At first, our main focus for the mechanisms was more about interacting directly with the planets you explore and interfering with their equilibrium, and at the same time it turned out to be pretty fun (and a good base for puzzles) to try to collect things and to find a way to chain or combine their use, so it's definitely one direction we have to explore further for designing future puzzles.


Oddly charming, I think with a bit more work this could turn into something pretty fun.

I like the idea of exploring different planets and bringing things back home to see how they interact.


Thanks for all the feedback, it's very helpful and motivating :)

@roaringcatgames: You have to be quick, and a little strategy can help too ;)

@Merijn: I agree, most assets need polishing, and animation too. Lack of time! We focused on functional gameplay and general art style. I'm thinking of using a proper bone animation system later (right now it's hardcoded).
After you send the animal into the grass: that allows you to grow new trees in case you're out. And well... that's pretty much it for the narrative part for now :) This prototype is more like a sandbox, with a few bits of story and puzzles. We aim at adding more of that in future versions!


Nicely done. I really like the colourful planets and sky and the sense of exploration that comes from wandering the worlds. The main character could be a bit more detailed and I am not too keen on how he picks up those rocks. Also I am still at a loss to what I am doing. I brought a rat to the other planet and got it running through the grass. Then what happens?


I like the fact that you made alot of different types of things he says, it makes it feel more realistic. Additonally I like the way you made the controls. Well done.


Fun concept. I really like the typewriter effect on the text. I never caught a rat. I guess I wasn't quick enough.


Thanks for your comments!

@mmachida: actually we were definitely thinking about phones and tablets too while designing the gameplay, and it was late to release on Android platform only because we had a serious bug at the last moment. But now it's fixed and available!


The narrative is very cool and you did in a way that will work perfectly on mobile. I like this type of puzzle (point and click) and mechanics that can work with multiple options (the rats with fruits or running into the grass). Good Job!

Looks promising!


You play as Ullich, a teenager boy living in space and wandering from planet to planet.

This is a prototype for a survival game with point & click interactions.

Right now it's a sandbox where you can explore around, grab things, find out how to combine them and hear the main character complain about his day.

Stay tuned! What we're currently working on are:
- Improvements on the monologue system
- More solid gameplay based on puzzles
- Narrative events, aliens, rockets

Android build coming soon!

Don't hesitate to leave us comments for feedback or let us know about stuff you would like to see in the game.

CarniBlood (@CarniBlood)
pouleyKetchoupp (@PouleyKetchoup)