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Week 231

Here's the forum thread:

Yes, we have a forum thread for late submissions. Just post your game link there and we'll add it.

Yes, it's still fine! Here's your link:

Week 229

We don't have a specific deadline for late submissions, but a few days from now is definitely fine!

No worries! Here's your link:

Ah sorry, I didn't understand that it was just copy/paste that didn't work on itch.

In any case, if it works with an external link it's all good :)

It's fine, don't worry!

HTML5 games should be supported on itch though, see here:

So if you're able to make it work at some point, you can update your page with a new HTML5 build (you're allowed to modify your game even after the deadline). But if it's easier for you it's ok to keep the external link.

We don't have plans for porting Punch Pong to Android or iOS at the moment, sorry!


Thank you for playing, we're glad you enjoyed all the previous content!

I've already answered on Twitter, but I'm posting here too in case someone else is wondering:

We don't have plans for another content update at the moment, but we'll post an update on the itch page if we do in the future.

The reason is we're making room for making new games, and we have exciting projects in the works at the moment!

The theme is "Protect It!".

For info, when the jam starts and the page hasn't updated yet, there's a link you can click to get the theme.

Week 227

The most standard screen resolutions are either 1280×720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p), so if your game is full screen you can pick one of these.

But then it really depends on your game's style and performance, as a larger resolution will fit more items and will be also more expensive for the GPU to render, while at a lower resolution things will appear bigger.

Week 224

Week 223

Here's your link:

week 222

Week 221


Sorry for the late answer.

We don't have a definite deadline for late submissions, but usually a few days late is fine.
What I would suggest is that you try and put together a very simple version of your game, even unfinished so we can add it to the jam entries. Then there's no limit in time to update your game if you want to keep improving it.

Yes, there's no restriction on uploading a new version of your game.

Week 219

Week 217

This is ok, as long as you match the theme and add some significant things during the jam (feature or art).

Week 216

The new jam has just started:

Week 215

Week 214

Week 213

Sorry I didn't notify you before! If you missed it and want to participate, you can still make a late entry.

Hey! Here you go:

Sorry about that, it happens when the jam page is not updated yet when the jam has just started. I'll see if I can make the text more clear.

For now there's not much to do about it, unfortunately. Discord servers are subject to attacks from scammers. It has been increasing over the past few years, and Discord hasn't provided anything to solve the problem, even just very simple settings users have been asking for repeatedly.

Most functionalities are still available in the itch forums, and you can link your profile to social media for direct interactions with other participants.

Week 212

Hi! Here's your link:

Week 211

Hi! We allow participation to other jams, so it's alright as long as you follow the rules for each jam (theme, constraints etc.) and other jams allow multiple participation as well.

Week 209

Week 208

This thread is for discussing the current theme, I've just renamed the title to be more clear.

Please put your suggestion in this thread so we keep it:

I assume it's for week 107. Here's your link: <>