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This game wasn't made for WGJ, don't add it again please.

Cool! Welcome to the jam :)

I'm going to disable the forum here though, we're using discord for our community.

Thank you so much for your comments. That means a lot to us :)

We're going to release a longer version of this game one day, and you can register on our website to get updated when it happens:

No you're not an idiot :) The game is pretty vague on purpose. More will be explained with the longer version one day!

Thanks for the video, it was awesome. Explaining what you're confused about helps us a lot for both story telling and gameplay.

Hi, could you stop adding this game to Weekly Game Jam 60? It was obviously not made for this jam.

Could you stop re-adding your game to our game jam? It was obviously made a long time ago and it's unrelated to the theme, that's why it was removed.

It's nice!

I like the ideas you got about features to add to such a classic game.

I have a few comments and suggestions:

- You could increase the levels faster, so the players would have more chance to see more of the new stuff. I played for a few minutes and was still stuck in level 1. Or maybe an option to start at a higher level would be nice.

- I think you need a repeat on the 'down' control so you can move the pieces down faster without having to tap your keyboard multiple times :)

- Extra sound effects would be a plus to the experience!

It's nice to play, so I guess it's not an unfinished prototype anymore :)

I didn't finish the game (I was blocked on the jump one) but I think the game mechanics are pretty strong.

The only thing that bothered me was the switch that automatically triggered the portal placement, in some cases it was stopping me from testing my portals properly. Maybe that could be solved by first deleting a previous portal before being able to place new ones? Might be just a personal preference anyway, you'll see what other players tell you.

Anyway, I think this concept is worth pushing further!

Thanks! We've been busy on other game projects so far, but I promise next update will come with a mac version :)

Thank you so much! It means a lot to us to read nice comments like yours.

We're actually working on an extension for this game right now, with more levels to explore and more characters to meet. You can join our fan list in order to get an update when it's released:

No, it's not :) Sorry for the confusion, I've added a build now.

Sorry, our release wasn't ready yet. Now you can download and play it!

Nice little game with a promising story.

Unfortunately I got stuck in the first village, after going into all the houses and killing enemies. I didn't know where to go next, so I'm not sure if some explanation is missing from the dialogues or if I'm just not good at exploring :)

Another thing I would like to point out is that, even if it makes sense in the story, the village is a little dark and it's difficult to go around without seeing obstacles. If it's important to keep it that dark, maybe you could put less stuff that block the path so it's easier to walk around?

Anyway, thanks for making this game!

Torri thought she just won against me, but she learned a lesson today.

That's pretty cool! I like the concept a lot :)

You should keep going with this idea. With just a little bit more work on the ai to make Sonic avoid your weapons by jumping at the right time, it would be really interesting to play.

The editor itself is well done, the instructions are clear enough (maybe just a little small to read) and the controls are simple and efficient.

Good job on this entry!

It was tough. Loved it, beat it!

Pretty nice game, it's promising!

The controls could be improved, but overall I enjoyed the experience.

The visuals, music and general atmosphere were really good.

Once I understood the game mechanics it was interesting to play. I think it would help to have a little more feedback about the consequences of the tiles you choose, like points you lose because there's an existing building. For example you can show something like '-10 pts' on the path when you destroy a building (I'm sure there are better options for visual feedback though).

Nice concept!

Amazing game! Do you intend to make a coop mode too? That would be awesome :)

Cute game! Congrats :)

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey! Looks like a nice game but I have to remove it from the Weekly Game Jam because it doesn't seem you made it for the jam. 

But you should join our community, we'd be glad to have you participate to future game jams and discuss on our discord ;)

Sorry for the confusion! The start menu is really fine :) Wanted to point it out because it was well done, for the choice of controls and the way to explain.

Glad you're going to keep improving this game, it's a great project!

This is @latorril (too lazy to log into my own account since we're reviewing games together)
This was a great memory maze game. I played with my eyes closed from start to finish. The pay-off for completing each level was very much worth it. After repeating and failing each level many times, the reward for reaching the end felt really, well, rewarding!

One piece of feedback is that the error sound is pretty harsh, I got a bit angry after hearing it so much (or maybe it simply brought me back to the harsh reality of my perpetual failure to remember where to go).

@pouleyketchoup suggests that the F & J controls (which one you press) could be dependent on whether the next note is going up or down (or staying the same). That way, the music notes give you a hint about which way to go. If you remember the notes in the song, or recognize the pattern, you can then make it through the maze with less guess-work.

With the changes above I would definitely play 100 levels since the game is over-all relaxing - and as mentioned before - each midi was a pleasure.

Well done!

Oh, and the start menu worked perfectly - no troubles there :d

Another fantastic multiplayer game!

We had lots of fun. And the main screen / tutorial was a really nice touch.

Some ideas for possible improvements:
It was pretty difficult to aim. It seemed the bullet was a bit off to the side, it would be easier if it was shot from the middle of the character.
The truck was a fun addition, although they are a little dangerous and difficult to use as a game mechanic because it's too fast to follow and too easy to be squashed. I would love being able to hide behind :)
Also it would be cool to have a layer of strategy. Maybe something like winning by coloring the entire map, or scoring when your color is the dominant one (in this case each player could only be one color) while still keeping the combat aspect.

Anyway, congrats on your entry!

@latorril says she loves the clean and simple art!

Have some rest! You deserve it for sure :)

Let us know when you update later, either here or on WGJ discord server.

We had so much fun! Thanks for this great entry.

The concept is cool, and the art is amazing :)

We only had a small issue with screen switching when we got closer to each other. It was difficult to switch back to split screen, and one of us could get stuck outside of the screen.

We'd love to see more, hope you plan to keep working on this game idea ;)

I started with Satan and lost 30 karma right away :D

Great game! This choice of black and white is nice, you have good taste.

Cool game!

I enjoyed the fart dash a lot, and saved the wooooorld! :)

Cool concept and very well executed! We had lots of fun :)

Really interesting strategically, to choose the right moment to revive. Tanks are a bit too slow and expensive to be useful though, so we were mostly spamming archers and melee.

So epic! I liked it a lot.

Congrats on your entry! Really good job.

Thanks for your kind comment!

Cool! We're thinking about how to improve this part of the game. For sure it needs tweaking the controls and giving more hints to the player somehow.

Horrible, however cool take on the theme!

I must admit I had lots of fun playing. Until I got punched to death by angry tall people.

As a suggestion, I think giving a feeling of progression to the player, maybe like spawning more and more difficult waves of enemies would be great.

This is so adorable! I really like the cat pajamas and slippers, nice touch.

And the concept is great. I overlooked the description at first and got a little bit confused (I thought it was a classic platformer and I started to go without the cat in my first run). Then I got it and enjoyed helping my kitty.