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It's working now! Great atmosphere, so creepy D:

Really cool post mortem, well detailed. It looks like you did a great job at planning everything before you started coding. I know that's a good practice and still I generally tend to skip it. But It seems it does help a lot :)

Left you a review on Twitter. The game experience was great, good job!

Thank you so much for playing and making this glorious video! We were laughing the whole time :)

We came up with the same realization that it's all just about feeding soosh to the ducks. We had a hunch that it's what people would enjoy, and we sent a Twitter poll to confirm. So that's where we are going with the next updates. Making friends with ducks through the love of sushi!

Want an update when the next iteration is ready?

Thank you, it means a lot to us! We're planning to do more. We'll let you know when there's an update :)

Thanks! I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it :)

Hi, I've been working on the code for this game.

@Wolod: You're right! We didn't have enough time for this jam but this is definitely on our todo list for next iterations. There's support for two players on the same keyboard though (WASD and arrows) so you just have to find another person for a few minutes and kick their ass! :)

The two game mechanics are really working well together! I feel like some controls with mouse only (left/right click) might be easier to handle though, but maybe it's difficult on purpose?

Also I'm pretty sure this concept could make an extraordinary fun local multiplayer game with 2 stations fighting each other :D

Well done! I like the minimalist art style, all in contrast! That and the mini-map make it very pleasant to play.

I'd like so much doing something with the collected animals though, they look a bit sad :)

Thanks for all the feedback, it's very helpful and motivating :)

@roaringcatgames: You have to be quick, and a little strategy can help too ;)

@Merijn: I agree, most assets need polishing, and animation too. Lack of time! We focused on functional gameplay and general art style. I'm thinking of using a proper bone animation system later (right now it's hardcoded).
After you send the animal into the grass: that allows you to grow new trees in case you're out. And well... that's pretty much it for the narrative part for now :) This prototype is more like a sandbox, with a few bits of story and puzzles. We aim at adding more of that in future versions!

Amazing idea!

The setting and mechanics are very promising, looking forward to visit more worlds and do new things!

You might want to display controls right away when you start the game, dumb people like me struggle on this kind of stuff :)

Great game! It's challenging, takes some time to understand how the different aspects work. But I like the different layers of gameplay to explore. And the pixel art too!

You play as Ullich, a teenager boy living in space and wandering from planet to planet.

This is a prototype for a survival game with point & click interactions.

Right now it's a sandbox where you can explore around, grab things, find out how to combine them and hear the main character complain about his day.

Stay tuned! What we're currently working on are:
- Improvements on the monologue system
- More solid gameplay based on puzzles
- Narrative events, aliens, rockets

Android build coming soon!

Don't hesitate to leave us comments for feedback or let us know about stuff you would like to see in the game.

CarniBlood (@CarniBlood)
pouleyKetchoupp (@PouleyKetchoup)

Update on art side:
I've been mostly working on choosing colors for different things, working with Gimp this time for faster iteration when playing with layers and color masks.

First I've made some variants for the planet, just so we can try different things in game with placeholder visuals:

I've also made some very rough tests for the character's color to try combining different things and draw on top of planets in-game:

And for the character's skin color as well:

Now I'm almost ready for next phase: start painting some new assets closer to final version :)


I've made some new sketches for the main character's outfit.

On a side note, some details about what I use for drawing:
- Hardware: Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2''
It's small, but I like being able to draw directly on the screen, compared to using a graphic tablet on pc.
- Software: Art Flow
Best app I've found for Android, it's simple to use and does lots of stuff. Although Autodesk apps are a bit similar and not bad at all either.

3. I ended up with a candidate for the space teenager

4. Family time:
We might actually keep this idea that you only see the parents' legs all along. It makes art simpler and make you feel rather small than big, which could be nice to emphasize the difference in scale later.

2. Possible direction for the main characters, kind of humanoid pig-like aliens.

1. A few ugly things first, I had to start with something :)


I'm going to work as an artist on this project!

Let's start with a few words about our current progress in term of narration.

The main idea is to have the player move freely in a (pretty small) world and interact with the environment for survival. They will have to understand how these interactions work by experience and observation. Then some external forces are going to come and disturb existing systems and the player will have to adapt their strategies.

About these intruders:
Let's go into more details even if it spoils the main plot :)
This is a major element for both gameplay and story, and it was the first idea that lead to this game concept. These are actually human explorers coming to your quiet place. The most important thing about them is they live in a completely different space-time scale: they are very tiny and much faster, so you're a giant alien in slow motion for them and they look like high-tech insects to you. That means there will be no possible communication (at least at first) and direct interactions are going to be very limited. You can imagine them building stuff very quickly, and when you try to destroy it they will have time to just remove it and build it again a little further away.

A few other key things about the game world:
- The environment will be a bunch of very small planets, you can walk all around easily and jump from each other
- The initial setting is a regular everyday life as you know it, except it's in space
- You play a space teenager who suddenly gets a lot of responsibility when parents are away although he's pretty lazy
- The main character feels like he's the hero of an epic adventure, he will comment on his own doings
- Listening to music (headphones or something) takes an important part in the story (motivational role, potential communication device)

In the next posts I will share a few sketches I've made when doing some research on alien characters.

Just to provide a short answer:

The main reason is because he mostly writes code while standing in the subway :)

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I'm a game developer from France, currently working as a programmer on a AAA game in the US.

I'm going to join CarniBlood (a few posts above) for this game jam, and I'll mostly work on the art. I like drawing but I'm not a professional artist so we'll see how it goes :) A lot to learn in a very short time but I think it will be lots of fun too :D

Good luck everybody!