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Sharing some known issues, feedback and a secret (may have spoilers).

Known Issues:

  • The second key is yellow but the sprite in the room is red.
  • The collision with creatures sometimes doesn't work as it should, because of the 'hit' time and the 'invincible' time.
  • There is an 'Alpha Color' bug in some rooms, because when the bomb time is on the screen, the fade effect doesn't work properly.
  • In some computers the fade effect in the main menu screen is not working properly.
  • In some computers, the player can see a weird "black line" in some rooms when the camera moves, this is a tileset issue.
  • Sometimes the "paths" of the enemies in the room before the central command are reversed.
  • Creature collision doesn't work if you open the Menu.
  • There is a back door that should be a front door.


  • Some rooms look the same, need more tile variety.
  • The gun shoots very slow.
  • The Save Point song is very loud.
  • Need more information about "what should I do now?". (damn crowbar).
  • The command keys are hard to understand for some people.


If you finished the game, do you remember the notes close to the bomb room? Do you remember who wrote? So try to read his name starting from the last letter to the first letter.

Thank you so much for playing!

This game reminds me some 90's old games, great choice of font and sounds.

I did 40k score in the first try. I think I should die if I touch the ground, you can 'cheat' just running underground and avoid everything.

Great Game!

There are many things to explore in this game, very cool! Very complete too, logs, music, combats, exploration, achievements.

Great use of motion in the user interface, great game!

Good job with the characters and text. They are always doing some stuff, slepping, running, drinking, very cool. To be honest, I was answering the questions considering destroy everything and I liked the answers of the NPCs, haha.

Great Game!

Good job! The boss fight is very fun, battle of positioning. "You can now close the game", haha.

I found the Earth and the moon, I would like to destroy them. =(

Great Game!

Beautiful game with nice 3D and UI (running at 60FPS), I liked how you need do the missions and avoid planets and rocks at same time, the "orbit circle" helps to understand the gravity and where are some planets.

Great Game!

Very fun game, when maxed firerate and projectile count = 999999 bullets in the screen, haha. I think I could keep the upgrade when changing level or at least not lose everything. I am surprised that the sound sfx (when shoot) still working perfectly with that amount of bullets, haha.

Very nice RTS. It is hard to understand how the game works (Ai Test help me to understand), and some mechanics are weird (camera moving), but the game is fun and it becomes harder as time goes on, millions of enemies in everywhere, haha. I don't know what is the green objects that travels between planets.

Very fun puzzle game, beautiful graphics, I liked how you need to use both characters together to solve the puzzle and the mechanics to press a button, open doors and use the elevator. Great game!

Thank you all for playing, comment and feedback!


There is a save point, is the 'computer' in Neila room (a different song is played in this place), It is in the next room where you found a map.

Great game, mutiplayer is very fun! I liked how you did the tutorial on the menu screen, well explained and synchronized.

I finished now!

I followed the tip of the @Fivemedia and 'rush' to the planets around, I think the infrastructure takes a long time to upgrade and the level 3 don't spawn Fighters fast enough (I finished with 0 upgrades). It is very fun when you attack with 10+ planets at same time, haha.

Nice job with the upgrade system, I like when I play a game and I feel stronger and stronger, each upgrade give me a very powerful change. I really would like to play on keyboard instead of mouse.

Great game!

Very nice game, I'm ranked Son of the Sun too, haha.

I dont understand exactly how the weapon works (sometimes it shoot a red ball, it looks more stronger). Very cool 3D monster and character. And the song matches perfectly with the game. Well done!

Nice idea of returning to the starting point, it is hard and even strategic (improve the score and get back). The character animation is very cool, well done!

My best score so far 104: Score

Great RTS game, still trying to finish, I was good in the game when it appears a group of purple that were dominating my planets one by one.

I liked how you did the background in two different layers, nice effect when you move the camera.

Great game, I liked the animations (I don't know if was on purpose, but sometimes some animations are working in the music rhythm). Fun game, need more levels!

Great job with the text and characters, very cool to see how each survivor reacts every day. Great Game, still trying to finish it.

I liked how the robot can shoot and create new platforms. You can literally change the landscape, good job!

I did level 110+ in classic mode (the game over screen doesn't show the level, so I don't know exactly): Score

Great game, I like the music and the art, and how the Tribbles logic works after you destroy some color. And thank you for allowing us to destroy colors while they are grouping, it helps a lot when it gets fast

I think the level 10 could be the level 20 speed, because it takes a long time to get there and maybe a super very fast speed at lvl 50+ (just for no infinite progression).

It opens offscreen for me too, I just move my mouse to the right corner and drag and drop the "invisible" game window.

Nice game, kill aliens and earn money, very cool (I like the controls, easy to move and shoot at same time), well done!

Great, excelent, awesome.

The criativity to create each enemy, each description and each specific level for each enemy is amazing. I died in the level4 in the first and second try, but I realized how to avoid the enemy, so in the next try I did (and I upgraded speed first for this level). Every single level is challenging, nice mechanics (I like the 'safe place' and 'Danger' idea) and nice upgrades.

I only think the cost of the upgrades is low, in the level6-7 you are full maxed.

Simple, but amazing game. Good job!

Level 6 is almost impossible, frustrating.

I like the idea, nice use of box2d and excelent dev log.

In the level 2 or 3 I was out of fuel, but I managed the character to "kick" on walls to reach the end, and I got, haha.

I like bullet hell games! need only more levels and weapon/enemies variety! Nice game and awesome music!

Nice concept, good way to play on mobile, great game! The spaceship is a strawberry? haha, very cool.

I was thinking "wow I'm godlike in this game" but I can't die.

Beaultiful pixel art, very cool "old game" style. IMO, turning costing 1turn is better because you can't escape, without the cost you can just run. But only playing to see how it goes.

Very nice idea (especially listening the original recorded sound), I didn't know about the Voyager Golden Record, very cool stuff. Manipulate the speed of the sound to identify it is also an excellent idea.

Great game!

@SemperHilaris Thanks for playing and feedback!

Lone Survivor is one of my favorite games of the same style (platform survival horror), but the only thing that is similar is the first screen (tutorial). All the other elements of the game are very different. The weapon system, how to deal with enemies, how item works, the original story, there is no flashlight limit, no pills, no hunger, no ammunition.

Beyond the Lone Survivor other games of the same style that may have some influence: Claire, Uncanny Valley and Home.

And of course, the best Point and Click Adventure of all time: Day of The Tentacle.


I just realize there are some small things that remember the game (like the character complaining about the head), It was not much of a purpose.

Nice graphics and songs (love the character, high level pixel art animation). Space Hunter reminds me a few games I played as a child, without battles or action, only text and attributes. Well done!

Noooooo, I was in the level where a 'giant rock' is coming and I lost all clones. The last one (before this level) is very very hard, you need to manipulate time, bridges, the car, the stones, bombs, everything. I got all the 3 clones in all levels until the giant rock.

I'll try again, amazing puzzle game, good job with level design!

The animation of the character is pretty good, good job! need more levels!

Great puzzle game! Some parts when the gravity changes confuses my mind, well done!

"We will make a full game out of this idea and mechanics", please add an online highscore in the full version! this game has the potential to be very competitive for speed runs.

Very nice variety of lights, great game! My score: Score

Training to beat your 17k score.

I'm trying to create a strategy to prevent as much damage as possible and use the wheels in the right times (trying to cause damage in more than one enemy at a time, this happened a few times). Great game, the effect on the spaceship is pretty cool.

My score: 22, I think is possible to do 50+ playing a solid match.

Frustrating when you die with zero orbits. Challenging, fun and very hard game, very nice graphics and audio, I'll try the android version later. I'm sending you a tweet, please check it.

My Score: Score

Very cool idea and effects!

The reality of the lost astronaut in space is very sad and desperate. The Music, effects and the blurry helmet work very well to keep the emotion, good job!

I survived for 16min (Score) great game!

I like challenging games! this one is great and the art is pretty cool too. Very frustrating when you die for some spikes and thanks for the restart button (escape), helps a lot for fast restart.