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Sharing some known issues, feedback and a secret (may have spoilers).

Known Issues:

  • The second key is yellow but the sprite in the room is red.
  • The collision with creatures sometimes doesn't work as it should, because of the 'hit' time and the 'invincible' time.
  • There is an 'Alpha Color' bug in some rooms, because when the bomb time is on the screen, the fade effect doesn't work properly.
  • In some computers the fade effect in the main menu screen is not working properly.
  • In some computers, the player can see a weird "black line" in some rooms when the camera moves, this is a tileset issue.
  • Sometimes the "paths" of the enemies in the room before the central command are reversed.
  • Creature collision doesn't work if you open the Menu.
  • There is a back door that should be a front door.