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Darker Than Space - A survival horror game!
Submitted by mmachida — 16 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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I also included it in my article of favorites from this jam here!

I like the graphics, found the game to be pretty cool too! I included it in my LibGDX Jam compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


Sharing some known issues, feedback and a secret (may have spoilers).

Known Issues:

  • The second key is yellow but the sprite in the room is red.
  • The collision with creatures sometimes doesn't work as it should, because of the 'hit' time and the 'invincible' time.
  • There is an 'Alpha Color' bug in some rooms, because when the bomb time is on the screen, the fade effect doesn't work properly.
  • In some computers the fade effect in the main menu screen is not working properly.
  • In some computers, the player can see a weird "black line" in some rooms when the camera moves, this is a tileset issue.
  • Sometimes the "paths" of the enemies in the room before the central command are reversed.
  • Creature collision doesn't work if you open the Menu.
  • There is a back door that should be a front door.


  • Some rooms look the same, need more tile variety.
  • The gun shoots very slow.
  • The Save Point song is very loud.
  • Need more information about "what should I do now?". (damn crowbar).
  • The command keys are hard to understand for some people.


If you finished the game, do you remember the notes close to the bomb room? Do you remember who wrote? So try to read his name starting from the last letter to the first letter.

Thank you so much for playing!


I enjoyed the atmosphere, sounds and lights are masterful, and really I felt cold while playing this game.


Thank you all for playing, comment and feedback!


There is a save point, is the 'computer' in Neila room (a different song is played in this place), It is in the next room where you found a map.


Very atmospheric, but either I was being stupid (highly likely) or there weren't any checkpoints. I like the use of lighting and sound to create mood - very well done. Also, the game was not at all what I was expecting so it came as a pleasant surprise to play it.


You have succeeded to create a very interesting atmosphere. The sounds and the graphics match perfectly, and that's great. It's possibly not my cup of tea as a game, but congratulations for a great job!


Game seems really polished! Just why I have to wait so long and freeze myself to shoot ;) Other than that it's pretty cool!


great game man :) going to keep my eye on this one.


@SemperHilaris Thanks for playing and feedback!

Lone Survivor is one of my favorite games of the same style (platform survival horror), but the only thing that is similar is the first screen (tutorial). All the other elements of the game are very different. The weapon system, how to deal with enemies, how item works, the original story, there is no flashlight limit, no pills, no hunger, no ammunition.

Beyond the Lone Survivor other games of the same style that may have some influence: Claire, Uncanny Valley and Home.

And of course, the best Point and Click Adventure of all time: Day of The Tentacle.


I just realize there are some small things that remember the game (like the character complaining about the head), It was not much of a purpose.


Great sense of immersion, really great use of sound. Okay, it's a bit like Lone Survivor, but it's really well done considering the time frame. Totally enjoyed it.


Very nice game!

pros: Graphics and sounds are really polished, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. Controls are simple and effective.

cons: I think the game borrows way too much from "Lone Survivor"... I would have liked to see more innovation here.


Sound effects really bring everything together, very nice.


This is my favorite entry so far. Everything was polished, the beginning gives you just enough to frustrate you to try again. I'm glad you added a save feature, as this would have been a painful "rougue-like" puzzle adventure. I really wanted to use the bomb on the big alien though...Neila is a jerk.

eae Grande M sou o Ender PLays cara adorei o jogo mt top esse grafico dele me lembra os jogos antigos que eu gostava mt e nois


Nice immersion in this one! Great polishing!

Very very like it

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