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You have succeeded to create a very interesting atmosphere. The sounds and the graphics match perfectly, and that's great. It's possibly not my cup of tea as a game, but congratulations for a great job!

Thanks for playing guys!

I'll be soon uploading an APK in case you want to test and some physics fixes.

I'd like to publish the game on Google Play soon, and I'm taking your feedback very seriously. I will surely attach these problems that you all have noticed:

  • The controls are not easy to understand and are not very well programmed. I guess after programming the multitouch controls for an Android device everything will be easier to handle
  • Some actions miss interesting feedback, like when digging
  • The game currently doesn't have an ending. It would be interesting to show something, at least a popup saying thanks for playing
  • This one is a must: it is very frustrating to be playing for 20 minutes a level and die at the very end. I will try to make a system for autosaving every some seconds so that there's always a fast-respawn available for playing
  • Maybe it is a nice idea to have some simplistic music

Thanks! It's true that controls are a bit tricky. I recommend you using the keyboard for moving (use A - W - D or the LEFT - UP - RIGHT) and the mouse for the actions.

Also I'm ending the Android port and it allows multitouch, so maybe the steam controller issues get fixed with that :S (honestly, I have no idea ;D)

Summary of the game:

Emil is a robot that works as a star feeder. His role is to explore the stars finding energy that he can eventually use for feeding the stars.

The mechanics are very simple: Emil has 4 possible actions: moving left or right, jumping, digging and shooting. The stars have different materials in the ground, some can be dig and stored. Whenever Emil digs a material he is able to shoot it to construct platforms that he will be able to use for accessing to initially inaccessible places. The goal of every level is find the feeding hole in the star and shoot the energy material through it.

Hi! I'm going to use this post as kind of retrospective of my development.

I spent the first week of the jam just trying to come up with a nice idea. Although at the beginning it was a bit unrealistic considering the development time that it would have needed, the basis was set up: the game would be mainly about the idea of a main character whose role would be to feed the stars so that they would light up. It was inspired by "The Little Prince" in the mind of the main character, who would need to have an alternative idea of what life is like. Also, following the inspiration of the topic of the jam, it made sense also to make this "feeding stars" as a job for the character. This way its daily life would be in the space.

During the second week the main objective was to have something playable. I succeeded to have a black box moving on the screen and being able to jump over a terrain. The main character had to be able to dig into this terrain and also to shoot whatever it had got from the ground.

The third week was about simplifying the controls and making everything be understandable. I prepared a HUD and a basic UI system for navigating through the menus. Also I crafted a system for loading the level designs from a texture.

This week has been the hardest because everything needed to be finished and that included being creative with the art (which I am not). I came up with a common approach for everything in the game: do pixels as big as possible so that everything seems more abstract and my lack of ability as an artist can be hidden. Also some bug-fixing and trying to narrate the story in the most efficient way.

I have to confess that I'm happy with the final result, but I think it will be hard for the players to pass the tutorial.

Thanks for your attention :)

Hi guys,

I'm Jairo from Spain and I've never used LibGDX for a complete project. Anyhow I'll be doing my best on the next jam.

I have no idea of what tools I will be using, and I hope to trick an artist friend into joining me, because you'd cry blood in case I try to draw anything myself.

Good luck to everyone ^^