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Space Exploration & Survival
Submitted by Kyperbelt Games (@_kyperbelt_) — 7 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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Well made game! I included it in my LibGDX Jam compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


There are many things to explore in this game, very cool! Very complete too, logs, music, combats, exploration, achievements.

Great use of motion in the user interface, great game!


Excellent game! Feels really polished, and very ambicious. Sort of hard to get into at first, but it really motivates to continue playing since it doesn't take that much to restart.
UI is clean and not hard at all to understand. The audio fits the atmosphere incredibly. Achievements and statistics are very helpful to see what you can do.


Reminded me of the trading aspects of Elite, without the real-time combat.


@Darren - Thanks man , really appreciate your comment :) Yeah there is still lots that i meant to add but just didnt get the time to do so. Like secret secluded areas in space that can only be reached via warp engines(unimplemented module). Also had plans for an over all end goal aside from all the different ways the game could currently end based on your decisions.

Ill write a dev log post on it lol again thanks :)


Wow at the amount of content. Reminded me a bit of Choose Your Own Adventure books from when I was a kid, because there are endings you can get by just making decisions and not even getting into trade. Awesome job!


Berserkers, Arggghhh!


@pnktrepwood - yeah i initially planned to add more event types and pace the game accordingly but unfortunately i ran out of time . Glad you liked it :)


FTL slow-pace mode! Enjoyed the dialogs.


Thanks :)

Neat game was fun to play through, really enjoyed the concept as well.



@Broken Shotgun - yeah i meant to give players the choice to either receive a mining module and engine boosters(which is what you currently start out with) and a rail gun and some energy shields. Module hunting is a but hard at the start i agree. I was also told this by my tester.

@Sea of Goblets - i actually have a current build in my local directory that marks places that you left loot at. So if you over mined a node and didn't have enough capacity to carry it all you could come back later. But idk if we are allowed to change the download jars now that the submission period has ended.

Thank you both for your compliments :) you are very kind.


Great job with the UI! Also I love achievement hunting, that was a nice touch. I keep getting killed by Berserkers, trying to find them weapons! I wish you at least started with some form of attack to defend yourself


Very nice game and interesting concept!

It would be great to mark the event nodes that have already been visited by the player.


yeah if you visit the game page there is a small how to play written to help get you started. I couldnt fit it in the game

Kinda hard to understand at first o .o