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Neat game. Made it all the way in and realized I forgot my keys in my car!!!

Just kidding, never broke 200.

Beat him! Nice battle.

Yeah, definitely has some bugs. I never stopped player from picking up multiple grannies or created a way to get rid of them so they just have to fade out.     

Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate it.

Interesting game.

Crash when generating level.

Killed my astronaut...

Couldn't find any slimes. Oh well. Nice looking game.

Thanks for reuploading. Working on mac. got thru last level. Controlling the size/gravity on planets is an interesting mechanic.

Son of the Sun also!

Nice mobile game

Got to 2nd level. Tough game.

Ah, ok. I apologize. One of my favorite games in the jam btw.

Lots of fun just flying around.

Its tough being a one man team, nice work.

Berserkers, Arggghhh!

Challenging dog fights in space

Nice animations.

Couldn't get it to work on mac or pc. Does it need uploaded again? reskin?

Had some trouble moving around the map. But pretty cool.

Love the character builder

Neat game. Had a hard time keeping the bros in orbit, most of the time I ended up throwing them into the sun.

I like where you were heading with this.

Thanks. I've been wanting to do the radial layout for awhile.

I escaped :D

Nice. He was asking for it.

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Good game. Sound was a little rough tho. Check out Chiptune for making your own sound effects.

wave 133

Nice game. My wrist was so happy to build a solar panel.

Its submitted but I have a list of TODOs the length of my leg. :p

Just submitted my game. Check it out

Getting down to the wire. Had some problems with the screen sizing in browser but got it sorted. Trying to do some finishing touches.

Got Particles, screen shake, and red flashing working. Check it out here.

Wow time is flying by. I've been learning alot, definitely the biggest and most detailed game I have made so far. Have most of the basics done. Need to fix the booster tower, add more enemy types, add a boss, and create spawn waves for the levels.

Life in space Game Progress

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Did a little art and wrote some really ugly code but almost playable.

Life in space Game Progress