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Sea of Goblets

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@Grayt Apps Thanks a lot!

Totally crazy but very cool! Excellent music and great comic intro!

Loos very good, very original game idea! For some reason I could only write in the first line of the command window.

Really nice with fine graphics but handling the ship is really tricky!

Very nice parallax background :-)

Nice game, looks very complete and I like your art style!

Very innovative game idea, really interesting and hooking to play the role of a destructive alien virus that takes over a ship.

Finally took over the whole ship :-)

I escaped, too :-) Very nice game with a very atmospheric music that fits perfect to the dramatic situation.

@Arthur Scott Thanks a lot!

Yes, the controls need certainly some more tweaking to work flawless.

@badlydrawnrod Thanks a lot for your kind words!

We will certainly add a fullscreen option but we had some troubles with resizing the window and mouse picking shortly before submitting the game to the gamejam so we decided to support only window mode and only one resolution for the jam version.

Really nice game idea, especially the attraction force but very difficult!

Wow, that was cool! Nice graphics and effects!

Really fine game with nice iso graphics!

The controls were sometimes rather cumbersome, especially at moving boxes.

@JestDotty Thank you for your feedback, I am very glad that you like GalaxyConflict!

The controls certainly need some more tweaking, especially the mouse picking which can really be tricky sometimes and keyboard controls. In my opinion controlling the camera with the mouse is a lot more convenient than with the keyboard.

Really nice game idea with very impressive voice acting! One thing I did find difficult was controlling the ship as soon as I picked up an item.

Very nice game idea with fine graphics and animations!

Nice game with a perfect retro look and retro sound, worked perfect for me.

Very cute graphics and animation and really nice puzzles.

Very nice, I really love your graphics style and the UI! The music is very atmospheric, fits perfect!

Some tutorial would be hepful as I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning.

@mmachida Very good, congratulations!

I think you are right, infrastructure takes too long in relation to the output. We will do more balancing after the jam.

@SemperHilaris Great to hear!

@mmachida Thank you very much! We want to continue developing the game after the Jam and one of the tasks on our list is to improve the notifications of such sneaky attacks.

@Fivemedia: Thank you very much, I am very glad you like the game!

Your tactics sound very good and promising! I have to try that. Most time I try to conquer the big planets as fast as possible to avoid that the enemies become to strong but most time I still get defeated.

This one is really hard! Nice graphics and music!

A bit short but nice.

Awesome music!

@Darren Thanks a lot! Yes, the game is really thrilling sometimes :-)

The sound concept is really nice, especially the voice acting!

Difficult but very hooking! The music is really catchy!

Alien Ark is a really neat and polished game, looks very professional! At the beginning I was struggling a bit with controls but after inverting the controls the game worked perfect for me. Really a fine game!

Nice game, i like the retro look!

@pnkthrepwood Thank you very much!

Very neat graphics and smooth animations!

Very neat and innovative game! I like the sound concept, very nice!

I like your graphics style and game idea is very nice! The music fits perfect!

@kyperbelt: Thanks a lot for your kind words and thanks for the idea with the minimap! It is possible to zoom out to get a better overview but a minimap would certainly be helpful. We want to improve the game after the jam and we will add a minimap.

Very nice game and interesting concept!

It would be great to mark the event nodes that have already been visited by the player.

Very nice and motivating game with cool graphic effects. Your devlog is really excellent!

Nice game, the user interface is really great!

Finally we submitted Galaxy Conflict and this jam was really great fun!!

Hopefully there will be many more annual libGDX gamjams and we promise to care more for our dev log next time which we really neglected this time. I am really looking forward to play all the other entries!

I have been quite busy coding in the last days and I am really content with my progress. A one-month-game jam is really a nice thing, one has got enough time to try new things and tweak a bit but not enough time to polish everything to death. Additionally minor code smells are acceptable. I changed some points of the game mechanics as they seemed to be too cumbersome and impede fast gameplay. So I dropped defense and ballistic and added infrastructure instead. The player can decide whether to produce fighters or improve the infrastructure instead. With an improved infrastructure, fighters will be produced more quickly if the player switches back to fighter production. The screenshots already shows some fighters (pixels) orbiting around the planets. Image and video hosting by TinyPic In the next days I will post the link to my repo if someone is interested.