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A jam entry

Alien ArkView game page »

explore planets, collect artifacts and craft aliens
Submitted by Nuke The Moon (@NTM_Games) with 19 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline


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Jupiter_Hadley · 1 year ago

Lovely graphics! I included it in my LibGDX Jam compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)

@pangri Thank you :) We are working on a simplified but polished mobile version of the game. If you people want to get information about that follow us! As a small indie studio we can not have enough supporter ;)

pangri · 1 year ago

AAA. I think this should go to production very soon. I hope they get investment

This game is a beauty! Reminded me a bit of collecting artifacts in mass effect

@spacecat We are working on a mobile game based on Alien Ark. Due too the limitations of smartphone / tablet controls we are focusing on the race part of the game. It is a lot refactoring work to do and also some new stuff to add. We will try to sell it for some coins.. Hopefully some people are interested in this type of mobile game. Spread it to the world :)

spacecat · 1 year ago

Lovely work with the different planets. Very striking use of color. I think this has a lot of potential. Would be awesome if you guys polish and expand it after the game jam.

@Handmade Games Thank you! Note that the code was made under time pressure.. :) If you are interested in the procedural planet generation take a look at our open source library for that. It contains a litte editor to create infinite worlds. Unfortunately we had no time for documentation until now. Just follow @NTM_Games for updates.

Very impressive. Can't wait to have a look at the code.

@Nuke The Moon The mac/win jars only have shared libraries for their platforms (unsurprisingly) so they don't work on linux, but don't worry about it. Looks like lots of people are enjoying your game!

@apricotjam If we got time we bild a linux version as well. But the jar-file from the mac/win version should run on linux as well. If you are interested in the world gen code take a look at: https://github.com/aphex-/opusproto This is the library we wrote and used. It will be documented as fast as possible.

Nice job with the color palettes. I think that really helped nail the aesthetic.

No linux version :(. The screenshots look very pretty though, will be interesting to poke around in the world gen code.

Alien Ark is a really neat and polished game, looks very professional! At the beginning I was struggling a bit with controls but after inverting the controls the game worked perfect for me. Really a fine game!

@mmachide We relay appreciate your nice feedback! The fly / land mechanic is not perfect. We tried to make it less frustrating by make the ship indestructible for some seconds on launch.

The art of this game is very professional, the choose of colors, the UI and even the font used looks like match perfectly with the game. The artefact idea is very cool (artefact, '+-' and the value) and the graphics is awesome!

I always died trying to fly again after landing. So I noticed that I was dying because I checked 'inverted control' and after landing (orthogonally to the ground), I press space to fly again, but the controls are weird, I think it just reset to normal state. So I unchecked 'inverted' and now I can fly properly.

BTW, the effect when you goaway/arrive on the planet is 10/10, well done!

@Grayt Apps Thank you. I wish we had enough time to implement the save function to make the progress persistent. This is missing for a complete game.

Wow. its a complete game. Very impressed.

@Radnap Glad to hear that you like the game. This is very motivating to try even harder. We choose the music to get a mystical retro-scifi mood. Maybe this is not the right mood for everybody. Unfortunately the "impression that the ship is really slow" is not just an impression :) The ship attributes need more balancing. Currently it is a bit frustrating slow at the beginning.

Beautiful graphics with a really nice UI, it's an impressive work !

I found the music was not really appropriate. It has a low tempo which give the impression that the ship is really slow and kind of annoying. Despite that your work with planets is amazing ! They look all so different and it's nice to fly over to discover how they look like.

@agmcleod Luckily we had the chance to work on it every day.

Very impressive game for only a month of work :)

Thank you David! Reminding of No Man's Sky was not intended but we noticed that while we developed the game :)

Beautiful graphics and quite a lot of mechanics implemented. Reminded me of No Man's Sky, I guess that was the intent! I found it a bit hard to land near the artefact though.

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